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  • Every month I write a post with my top pick’s and events around town so be on the lookout on the homepage and check out this awesome guide to Florence that a few bloggers and myself collaborated on a few year’s ago.
  • Escape to the countryside for a fabulous lunch overlooking the hills of Tuscany, this place is only 18 km away!
  • What about a coffee overlooking one of the best views of Florence? Check this out.
  • My top budget lunch spot in the center – you have to eat here!
  • This museum is a hidden find in Florence and well worth a bus ride!
  • Winter Blues getting you down? Here are 5 Tips to battling the blues in Florence.
  • Visiting the Vasari Corridor, if possible, is one of the BEST things you can do in Florence. Many locals haven’t been!
  • Florence itineraries under the stars
  • How to stay cool next summer in Florence. tips here.
  • Tour Florence’s gorgeous hidden terraces on top of many really nice hotels. They are open to the public in the warmer months.
  • Visit Florence’s gorgeous Rose garden located underneath Piazzale Michelangelo. The perfect place to get the perfect panoramic view of the city and if your lucky, see beautiful flowers in bloom.
  • Love to Dance? Check out my current list of clubs to shake your booty around the city.
  • If the weather is not cooperating, this post has a great creative store where you can get all sorts of neat gadgets, games and gifts.
  • Check out one of my favorite parks in Florence, Villa Favard (bring a picnic and some friends).
  • Rent a bike (only 3 euros for an entire day for residents, and cheap for non-residents as well). Bike stands are at the train station Santa Maria Novella and Piazza Santa Croce and close around 7pm or when they “feel” like it.
  • Florence has several film-festivals throughout the year, usually during spring and fall and here what was on the big screen this spring.
  • Did you know there is a gorgeous Russian Orthodox church located near the Fortezza di Basso? It’s worth a visit and be sure to visit one of the antique markets on select saturday-sundays in the city.
  • Hide out in one of the cities several library-cafe’s. Bring a book or take the opportunity to catch up with a good friend.
  • If you’re a history nerd like me, get on the bus and visit one of the war cemeteries on the outskirts. Not only are the areas where the cemeteries are located stunning, it’s a chance to learn more about WWII and read the touching inscriptions of family members visiting the cemetery.
  • Visit the (free) gorgeous church of San Miniato al Monte above Piazzale Michelangelo. Best views of the city and 1,000 years of history in one place.
  • Be silly with your friends and take some vintage photos in the photobooth-fotoautomatica located on via agnolo. Warning, it can be addictive.
  • Vintage is pretty popular in Italy, there are many shops in the center with cool items for sale and specific festivals. It is expensive but like me, you can always window shop for free.
  • Step up your Italian-language learning and go to the movies. It’s a great way to beat the heat (or cold) and local cinemas offer special promotional cards to help save more cash.

Outside of the city:

Chiusdino, Tuscany

  • San Galgano’s abbey is rumored to be where the story of King Artur’s “sword in the stone” came about. Indeed there is a medieval sword stuck in the stone in the chapel above the monastery. Highly recommend visiting (they also hold opera’s in the open-air abbey).

Monte Giovi, Rufina, Tuscany

  • Hiking is one of my passions (when I’m not eating) and there is plenty of choice for those who love the art of trekking. My favorite place to go is here, close to my favorite restaurant, coincidence? I think not.
  • A more detailed post about my Sunday escape to Monte Giovi – 30 minutes from Florence.

Venice & Viareggio (locations for Carnivale)

Vallombrosa, Tuscan Apennines
Thermal Springs, Rapolano Terme, Tuscany
Pistoia, Tuscany.
  • Get out of the city and take a day-trip to Pistoia. Great Saturday markets and gorgeous surrounding countryside, who knows you may just meet a donkey like we did.
Malmantile, Lastra a Signa, Tuscany
  • Every year this small pretty town located close to Florence in lastra a signa has a really cute medieval festival. Fun for kids and adults alike. 


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  1. Sammi

    I am absolutely obsessed with your blog! I can’t wait to study in Florence next sprig and will definitely be using you as a resource to get to know the city and culture. I noticed that your links to both the budget ideas (Carnivale) and itinerary link (literature) are broken! :( I thought you may want to know. Thanks for the awesome blog!

  2. Jonice Chuang

    I’m so so so glad that I’ve stumbled upon your blog a week before my trip to Florence ( 3 days ) and onto Slovenia right after in March 2013!
    Didn’t have the time to plan and I really thank my lucky stars for all the insights you’ve provided.

    Do let me know if you’ve found any new places to check out in Forence.



    • ggnitaly84

      March is a pretty awesome month to be in Florence (and Slovenia), Keep an eye out the first days of March for my list of events so you won’t miss anything awesome, and have a great trip!

  3. Suzanne

    I just arrived here with hubby and 3 adult kids, and just found your blog. We came to Florence because our travel agent said a must see!!! I am in charge of this group and not exactly sure what to do 1st, I would love to see rose garden, country side, possibly food tour, we already have a walking tour set up and of coarse in town shopping gucci museum looks interesting, but other 3 days on our own. Thought to go to Venice one day but after reading your blog am convinced that Florence has so much to offer. To get to most of these fabulous places can you walk or is it best to travel by train or taxi?? Enjoyed reading your blog.

    • ggnitaly84

      Hello Susanne! First of all thank you so much for reading my blog and welcome you, and your family to Florence! With the exception of the countryside, you can do all of this by walking or taking the bus as Florence is a very small city. Depending on where you are based, most everything is within walking distance. Some off the beaten path recommendations are the Stibbert Museum (this is a short bus ride away), Fiesole and perhaps even think about getting a taxi one day and go to an agriturismo with a pool to just relax, like this one http://girlinflorence.com/2013/04/15/fattoria-lavacchio-organic-farm-in-tuscany/! Have a great trip!

  4. suzanne

    Thank you so much for your recommendations and again for your blog. One day, we ended up renting a car went to Siena and then traveled the country side to make a short visit to the Fattoria-lavacchio. We would not have seen such beauty if we did not have a destination. We loved Florence and will for sure be back to Relax and enjoy.

  5. lizbert1

    Wow, you’re better than Tourist Info!!! Am coming to Firenze in 3 weeks so finding your blog is perfectly timed and will come in very handy!! If you had to recommend your top 3 things to see or do in Firenze for 2 ladies, what would they be??!
    Keep up the great blogging! Liz X

  6. parelaca

    Oh, so useful source of information that I have found here! I am going to Florence in May. Any tips how to get tickets to visit The Vasari Corridor? According to any tourist guide book, it seems to be very difficult…

  7. parelaca

    Thank you, I am so excited now! I will contact Alexandra and ask her about this cool tour! And what about the price? Is it affordable? :)

    • ggnitaly84

      it ranges but its usually not under 50 or 60 euros (expensive I know but its because the corridor itself isn’t open that often). Alexandra is a fantastic tour guide and I found her very interesting – highly recommend!

    • ggnitaly84

      it ranges but its usually not under 50 or 60 euros (expensive I know but its because the corridor itself isn’t open that often). Alexandra is a fantastic tour guide and I found her very interesting – highly recommend!

    • ggnitaly84

      It is really hard for to tell you exactly what the weather will be like since it varies so much. Normally people swim in the sea starting in late June but depending on the weather, it’s anyones guess!

  8. alli

    I’m studying abroad this upcoming fall in Florence, so ill be studying your blog any tips for me money wise. what would you suggest my weekly budget should be?

    • ggnitaly84

      Hello Alex, first of all congrats on studying abroad – it’s sure to be an experience you will never forget! As for budget, its so hard to tell someone that since it really depends on your life style. Rent will probably range around 400-450 for a room in a rented apartment. Food probably around 50 euro a week (grocery store). Lunch is cheaper then dinner out, and they have something called ‘aperitivo’ which is Italian happy hour. Basically you get a drink and can eat at a buffet for around 7-10 euros, its pretty cool!

  9. John Bui

    Love your blog! Why i cant find your blog early, I really wish get married in Florence. Now, i cant change my plan but maybe make a other plan visit Florence in next year. Thanks you!

  10. Marion

    my painting group is going to Paris, Florence and Rome in January. Do you have any hints on what/where we should go for our 3 days in Florence? Hoping for a wine tasting school or something of the like.

    • GirlInFlorence

      Hello Marion, I would be more than happy to give you some suggestions on what to do in Florence. For wine tasting schools, you have options. There is this one that I have heard good things about as well as the one at Mercato Centrale (there is small section of a wine school that is really quite cool.I I would make a few museums stops, maybe some a little more ‘off the beaten path’ like Bargello & Stefano Bardini house museum. I would stop at ditta artigianale for a cappuccino on via dei neri, then later at Hemingway bar for a really decadent hot chocolate. There is normally a vintage fair in January in Florence, called the ‘vintage selection.Keep an eye out for that http://www.stazione-leopolda.com/. Do you need some Rome suggestions as well, or Paris? I will be in Paris as well in January :)

  11. Gabigal

    Hi! Me and my friend are traveling to Venice and want to come to Florence for a day. What would you say are the highlights that we can fit into one day?

    • GirlInFlorence

      I would definitely read this article because Lisa Condie is so right on ‘do this not that’ , Also head to the oblate library cafe for an awesome view with your coffee and for a really special hot chocolat – Hemingways in piazza carmine can’t be beat. Have a great trip!

  12. Mary Ann

    Hi, my family and I are visiting Florence in June (4-7), where can we go for the best lasagna? Hot chocolate?

    We will be staying at an apartment on VIA SAN ZANOBI 42/a


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