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Nightlife in Florence Part one : Clubs/Discos


I’ve been meaning to write this post for sometime since a lot of people ask me where to go for a fun night out, and unfortunately when you look at the top searches on google for ‘Florence nightlife’, TripAdvisor or the like, they often have places listed that are out of business or have changed names, I just looked again today and saw the same places listed over and over with no regard to ‘quality’ but I also think that some have more active promoters than others.

Being that there is a real need for a decent list updated every year of clubs including the continuous name changes ie: I laugh every time I see places like “andromeda” and “dolce zucchero” which must really confuse those visiting to Florence for the first time since they have long since changed names.

Just some thoughts of the clubbing world in Florence: honestly, but when I studied abroad here in 2005 there just seemed to be better places to dance and generally more of a MIX of people. Now it’s  always the same places and no really good new places IN the city have opened unless I missed something, but if your in town and your feeling like a dance. There are a few options. I will list Top to Bottom my favorites and if I missed anything, let me know! I didn’t include Flog, Viper Club or Glue since those tend to be open for specific events more so than every weekend, but do google them since they do tend to have some really cool events worth venturing out of Florence for.

A note on locations: outside the city are where more Italians tend to go and the clubs tend to be a lot nicer being that they are newer and have more space (the music tends to be more house and techno music.. ). Also remember most clubs operated under a drink card system where you pay at the end so be careful on how much you spend and don’t lose the card itself as the fine is pretty hefty (around 50 euros).

Flò Lounge Bar, Piazzale Michelangelo, 84, Firenze (Italy), Tel. +39 055 650791. My personal favorite place to dance within Florence and since it’s outdoors, they are only open during the summer-fall. They are actually located in Piazzale Michelangelo (great view of Florence) and are open for aperitivo before opening up the dance floor at night. It’s only a few years old and (for now) they don’t charge an entrance fee, rather just for drinks (expensive) and aperitivo/happy hour if you come earlier. I suggest coming earlier since the line to get in can be quite long after 11pm. Dress code: nice , age range : mid 20-s- 50’s, Italian. I love the mix of ages and people, it makes for a great time in a beautiful ambiance. Just share a bottle of wine in the Piazzale before going in and you won’t break the bank, also there is parking in the piazzale. Number 12 and 13 bus arrive pretty much in front.

Rari Firenze: lungarno Ferrucci 24/26 ( near Ferrucci bridge, one bridge over from Ponte alle Grazie) Partnered or owned by Babylon club and Rex, this is a new place open for the summer. I haven’t yet been here but I heard it is really fun and the entry is free. Since many places are closed this August, check this place out and let me know how it is! facebook page

Tenax: Via Pratese 46 , 50145 Firenze, Outside the center and near Florence Peretola airport. This is probably the most famous club in the city. It’s been open for 30 years and has an impressive list of guest DJ’s and events. If your looking for a true European club, this is where you want to go. Music is house and techno. Cover charge.

Habana 500: Lungarno Pecori Giraldi. Lovers of salsa will appreciate this new and lively summer spot along the Lungarno. Not only do they play Cuban music, they also offer cocktails and plates all from the island of color. I have yet to check it out myself but from when I’ve passed nearby, it seems like quite the lively hangout. 

Otel Variete. Viale Generale Dalla Chiesa, 9 Firenze – Firenze Sud. Tel 329.3627079. Outside the center. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the winter season and then they close (partners with Flo). Famous for their dinner show and disco, and a large aperitivo-show on Sunday nights. This is a pretty classy club and mostly Italian, I like it once in awhile. Age Range: older late 20’s + , cover charge. If you want to go to the disco, then plan on going later ie: 11pm or after.

Manduca club, Via San Biagio a Petriolo 2a, Firenze – Rifredi / Le Piagge. .Outside the center. Open only during the summer months Wednesday, Thurs, Fri, and Sat, this years inauguration is on April 27th. A nice club, very Italian with a 10 euro cover charge (with drink), they also offer dinner deals and aperitivo with entrance to the disco included. Age Range, 20’s +. Dress nice!


Pink Street Club, Piazza Brunelleschi 51r (in the historical center – near the Duomo). Check out their facebook fan page here. This is also a restaurant and cocktail lounge. I’ve never been there so if you have, let me know how it was!

La Rotonda, Via Il Prato, 10/16R – 50124 FIRENZE This is actually a restaurant but turns into a live music/bar/club on certain nights. I find it worth mentioning since in Thursday nights they have cuban music and for those who love to samba or salsa, here is your place. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights all have DJ’s and music. Sunday is Brazilian night.

Love club is a cool GLBT club near the Duomo on Via dei servi 28. I have heard good things about this place and you can read more about it here.

Doris Club or whatever it is called now!  (inside historical center) Via De’Pandolfini 36r, Firenze . Small club located in the center featuring two dance floors and a variety of music (think European techno). They also have 80’s nights on Saturdays. Age range: younger, Italian + students. Cover charge.

Blue Velvet. This used to be the old transylvania dance club and is located on a side street off Via dei Neri on Via Castello d’ Altafronte , 14r, Closed until Friday, open all weeked. 11:30 pm – 4:00 am. 10 euros for guys (drink included) and free for women before 1am. Coat check is obligatory for everyone {3 euros – ask for a receipt so they feel obliged to pay their taxes}. Drinks are 10 euros and suck but the place is is ok. Think tacky blue velvet couches, some good music, a smoking room and lots of hooker heels. ;-).

SIDDHARTA alternative club, Via Traversa Pistoiese, 83509100 – Prato , Italy. Outside of Florence, alternative rock. For the younger Italian crowd, this club features rock, electronic, funk and more. Requires a tessera (membership card) for entry. They also have drink deals.

Space Electronic, Address: Via dei Pepi 28, Phone: 320-709-2856 A huge club with a long history in Florence (t-man’s dad used to frequent this place back in the day) not far from the train station, usually they play a mix of house and popular tunes (and hip hop). The students love to go there as well as some creepers, so be warned. I’m not a huge fan but then again perhaps I am getting old and can’t take the masses of ‘youngins’. Age group mostly people in their 20’s. Cover charge includes a drink.

YAB club, via Sassetti, 5 / R Firenze, Open every night but Sunday and Tuesday. Located very close to the famous Odeon Cinema and Piazza della Repubblica, YAB lamely stands for “You are beautiful”. What it should stand for is “you are really young or for some reason think you are really cool”. Every time I have been there it has been full of students and 15-16 year old Italian teenagers. It’s not the cheapest place ever. The only night that would be worth going is hip hop night which is on Mondays. Cover charge includes a drink.

Full Up club  Via della Vigna Vecchia 25r, 50122 – Firenze Around off and on since the 70’s, Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Located in the historical center, small club but actually pretty ok. It’s a decent mix of people, both Italian and foreign, younger think 20’s maximum 30’s. It was closed for a while but looks to be back and open this year, they also have a smoking lounge.

Babylon club, via pandolfini 26r, Firenze. Open Thursday-Saturday. The ex-doris this place is also nestled in the center not far from the Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce. Expect a younger crowd, people in their twnties, cover charge and of course some creepers.   Cover charge.

Blanco Beach bar, Via Generale Dalla Chiesa 11 , 50136 Florence, Italy. I haven’t been here but it is an outdoor club open during the summer months {new}. It does look pretty nice and if you are in the area check it out.

Bamboo Lounge, Via Verdi 57/r – (zona S.Croce) FIRENZE,  It’s a free club in the center so you can imagine the kind of people it attracts, sweaty mostly inebriated people of all ages and men who pretend to be ‘Italian’. Because it’s free to enter, you can always stop in and decide for yourself. Age range: 20’s, students and young Italians. No cover charge. website. 

Private Gallery on via ghibellina 69r (central Florence) touts itself as an art gallery and cultural club. I haven’t been yet but I am intrigued. Facebook page.

Soul Lounge, think cool lounge and live music: Via Porta Rossa 63r (piazza davanzati). Facebook page.

Downstairs Club, piazza strozzi 2 (central Florence). This underground club is near Slowly bar (which I really like for drinks) and has live music, dj and a mixed crowd. Check out  their facebook page.

Life Club, here they offer aperitivo and late-night partying.  (in front of the restaurant Beppe Fioraia in the San Niccolo/piazzale michelangelo neighborhood). Website. Facebook. address:  via dell’Erta Canina 12/r,

Needless to say this blog post will be updated and edited as needed since like I mentioned before, places close down, reopen with a new name, and even get raided by the authorities, You get my drift. I will follow with a post on bars, live music shortly when I get some time 🙂 Happy dancing!


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18 Responses

  1. Central Park isn’t open anymore! It closed down this year due to unfortunate owner-related issues (he’s in jail now, so says the rumor mill).

  2. Does flo open during October. Some sites say it is closed after september .

  3. Hello truth be told there! This is without a doubt my initially comment here so that i just had to give a brief shout over and say Make enjoy looking through your articles or content. Can one recommend all other blogs/websites/forums which will cover the exact same topics? Thanks plenty!

  4. Hi Girls!

    If you are looking for a particular, relaxing and extra-ordinary place to experience, there’s “Mago Merlino Tea House” in via dei Pilastri 31r, Firenze.
    It’s a cultural, oriental-style Tea House since the 70’s! Far from noise, loud music and alcohol, for sure it’s not that kind of places people choose to spend a crazy night, but if you are looking for a magic and quite atmosphere and for the best tea & cakes ever, there you are!
    I tried their Indian Chai…believe me,it is gorgeous!!
    The owner, speaks about five languages, he has travelled all over the World, and gave me interesting information about tea and spices, and he also read my palm!

    Just go and try it!

    1. I’ve been there, its absolutely a find. I really like it and i always get their chai but as it can be a bit pricey, its a treat I only indulge in occasionally. That and it can be confusing to know when its actually open. thank you for reminding me of its presence again!

  5. Hi there
    love your blog it’s been a great resources. We’ve been living on Via Dei Pandolfini since February and it looks like dolce zucchero has re-opened (right next to Doris) about mid-March 2014. Since then there has been a marked increase in car vandalism, littler, noise, and brawls, so I reckon it’s just a matter of time before they get shut down again. Not sure what kind of crowd is inside that club but the crowd outside is kind of off-putting.

    1. I think I saw that, Dolce Zucchero re-opening. Do they not have a doorman or bouncer to move people along or help reduce that sort of vandalism? They should if they don’t want to get shut down..

  6. Great post. I literally get asked all the time which clubs to go and this is the best composite list I’ve found on the grand old internet. I love your blog by the way 🙂

    Also,that old guy you are dancing with in that picture, I literally see him everywhere at all the clubs. I like to pretend he’s some sort of ghost that won’t move on from Florence’s nightlife.

    1. Thank you! I was pretty frustrated when i first started writing this list because I could never find anything updated! ps. that guy seems to have more energy than us all, how does he do it?

  7. I read some shocking reviews of space electronic on Google. For example people getting beaten up by the bouncers after closing that they had to go to the hospital. And some say they were beaten up and then arrested by the police. Now I’m wondering where to go tonight 🙁

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised Andy, it does have a bit of a sketchy reputation. Have you ever been to Tenax? That is an Italian favorite but might require a bus or taxi..

  8. Hi Georgette
    Great blog and very helpful for me … I’m planning my sisters bachelorette party in Florence this year on the 6th of September. She’s requested to go somewhere she can have a good dance. Do all of these clubs play techno dance music? She after some 80’s 90’s music in particular? Can you recommend anywhere for that? Thanks so much!. Oh and also any other recommendations you might have food/drink/activity that is bachelorette party friendly – (nothing crazy we’re an older group of girls), i’d really appreciate it!

    1. Ciao Julia, 80’s and 90’s might be a little difficult to find, Italy loves their house & techno. I would absolutely make Slowly bar one of your stops since it’s a fun bar that serves great drinks and you can dance there (their DJ will likely play some songs you request). I think it might be a great option!!!!

  9. Thanks so much! I only just saw this! Slowly looks very cool!

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