HI! I’M Georgette

Welcome to my personal blog by a curious American girl who has found herself permanently in Europe for over 15+ years after studying abroad here in 2005. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and somehow the city of Renaissance beckoned me to stay for over 15 years. 

This blog is primarily about my life in Florence, Italy and a personal journey through life, loss, motherhood, work, learning new languages, good food, travel and the difficulties of assimilating to a new culture again..and again. 

From me, you’re guaranteed to get honest and thoughtful articles as I love deep discussions and wading through the fluff we often see online about Italy. 

Together with my husband Nico, our toddler Annabelle and Ginger the beagle, we recently returned to Florence in September 2023 after three years in Switzerland and it has been quite an adventure reacclimating as a family to the city where we first met. 

Thanks for the support and enjoy the blog! 

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