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If you've been wondering who to follow in Italy on Instagram, this is the perfect list for you compiled by someone who has lived in the country for 13 years.
who to follow on instagram in italy

The best Instagram accounts in Italy to follow


In a time when we can’t physically be in Italy ourselves, the next best thing is to follow people who are. The ones who can evocatively capture the landscapes, culture, street scenes, food culture and everyday moments we all love and appreciate. Ones that we simply long to experience again once these days are over. 

who to follow on instagram in italy
The baptistery of Florence earlier this February. @girlinflorence

After calling Italy home for 13 years and blogging on since 2012, I have found Instagram to be a very useful portal to connect with people all over the country and even make new friends. Though I will always be a blogger first, the gram is indeed a great way to wind down from work/life with a scroll and catch up with friends around the globe. 

The below suggestions isn’t meant to be a glory show of those with most followers, because honestly who gives a shit right now, this is simply a list of people I enjoy following on Instagram that capture Italy in a myriad of different ways.

Here’s who to follow on Instagram in Italy separated by region and a variety of categories. Anyone I should add? Let me know in the comments! 

Veneto/Lago di Garda

  • @MonicaCesarato – the best way to describe Monica is “Mrs. Venice” because her love for this city is immediate once you see her account. This tour guide knows everything and everyone in town, a must-follow if you want to insider tips.
  • @Neumarc – Marco’s account is best describes as a visual love letter to Venice. I have long been a fan and he seems to capture the most incredible scenes around every picturesque corner of the city dubbed “La Serenissima”. 
  • @MycornerofItaly is the brilliant account of blogger Laura Teso and covers her life in Padova and beyond in both Italian and English. She is refreshing and real, and I always look forward to her posts. 
  • @Venicebybridge – Bridget is a new find on Instagram for me and I am so happy to have discovered her account thanks to our mutual friend Gillian. She offers a true perspective of an American living in Venice, including valuable local updates during this pandemic and diary-like captions.
  • @emmibi420 – Mark’s account captures the beauty of Italy’s Lago di Garda in all of its glory – this is one for lovers of spectacular landscapes. 
who to follow on instagram in italy
Venice under Acqua Alta. Photo credit: @neumarc


  • @DoingItaly – Thea, American-born and now living in Milan, is an excellent blogger, writer and tour planner whose positivity simply radiates with every post. She knows Milan better than most and has led me to appreciate the city in a way I wouldn’t have known without her help. 
  • @MissTiaTaylor_ – Americana Tia has lived for the past 6 years in Italy (Milan) and has a very popular YouTube channel in both Italian and English. She is witty, fun to listen to, and tackles a wide range of topics including finance, racial issues, life in Italy, and beauty tips.
  • @Fraintesa – Francesca is a travel blogger based in Milan who is one of the nicest Italian girls I know. She is currently battling breast cancer and through her account is open about her journey with this disease along with raising 18k for cancer research.
  • Elena Ciprietti – from NYC to Milan, Elena is a business marketing strategist for small businesses and a prime person to follow if you need tips/support for your enterprise. We also happen to have our own “sisterhood of the traveling pants” stort ;-).
  • @ChiaraFerragni – arguably the most popular Italian instagrammer and blogger (maybe even in the world?) – I’m not really into fashion accounts but I find her family posts quite lovely and hilarious. They have earned their top spot.
  • @Anna_Pernice is an Italian instagrammer and blogger from Naples but who now resides in Milan. She offers a manual to becoming a blogger and all sorts of free (great) tips on her account like SEO lessons.
  • @Polylm – Marco isn’t the most active poster but I have met both him and his wife in Milan and they are great people. His street photos in Italy are some of the best I’ve ever seen.
  • @Walkingmilan – A Russian in Milan shares their beautiful perspective of the city.
who to follow on instagram in italy
Thea in Milan, Photo credit:@doingitaly Instagram


  • @itsoriana_ – a beautiful account of life in Bologna by Oriana, a person who simply gets pastel color palattes and how to capture poignant scenes of life in one of my favorite cities in Italy. If you haven’t been to Bologna, you are sorely missing out. 
  • @matteomammato – one to follow if you want to see some of Bologna’s most interesting corners, he also includes songs he’s listening to in his captions which add to the magic and give this girl a reason to increase her playlist! 
who to follow on instagram in italy
Sweet scenes from the city of Bologna. Photo credit: @itsoriana_ Instagram


  • @Firenzeprimaedopo – This account features side-by-side (or swipe by swipe) depictions of the monuments/areas of Florence compared with how they looked once appeared in the past with fascinating descriptions. This is a true labor of love and I for one, appreciate it. 
  • @NelliFirenze – The Fiorentina blogger you should follow also happens to be one of the nicest, most generous people I know who stops at nothing to give her readers regular updates from new restaurants, family-friendly activities and shares events around town. Elena’s account is a love letter to the city in both Italian and English.
  • @SandraPanerai – One of the most beloved instagrammers in Florence and for good reason – Sandra is a beautiful soul captures the city with a truly open and authentic heart. Plus, she likes to eat.
  • @this.Tuscan.Life is run by Lisa Brancatisano, an Australian with Italian roots who also founded an excellent English-language magazine celebrating everything Tuscan. Her daily life updates often feature her two boys, workouts, recipe ideas and general love for life. A breath of fresh air on the daily. 
  • @ItalyAlexandra055 – local guide in Florence, Alexandra is like a soul sister for me and I very much appreciate her captures of the city, spot on quotes and art-historian inspired reflections. When this pandemic is over, you’ll want to book her for a private tour. 
  • @Wikipedro – this account by a local Florentine is everything you want in regards to informative videos with a fair bit of humor covering all sorts of local legends, monuments and traditional dishes. This is an extension of his popular YouTube/Facebook series. 
  • @StoriediFirenze is the Florentine equivalent to “Humans of New York” – a superb project that brings locals into the forefront and shares their stories. You can read my interview with them (in Italian) here. 
  • @AnythingTuscan – Katja is the author of “Across the Big Blue Sea” and has a “view from the grove” series I can never get enough of. 
  • @FrancescoSpighi – Florentine-photographer and friend, his photos are stories within themselves. Make sure to check out his recent captures of an eerily empty Florence during this lockdown. He is also currently offering his prints for sale with a 100% of the proceeds going to our local hospital, Careggi. 
  • @Marcobadiani – Marco is based in Prato and is especially talented at capturing the moment in both his Italy-photos but also his travels abroad. He is the street-scene master at The Florentine
  • @PolaStories – Francesco offers polaroid photos tours in Florence (when there isn’t a lockdown) but he also offers tips and tricks for polaroid enthusiasts on his account.
  • @AlidiFirenze – my lovely friend Alice is a talented French blogger/retreat host (and author!) who offers us a window into her whimsical family-life in the Florentine hills. Make sure to check out her YouTube channel – she has a great sense of humour and I love her parodies featuring her MIL (mother in law). 
  • @Lore2984Shadow, light, mood are all adjectives I would use to describe the captures Lorenzo takes of Florence. His shots are well known locally and he sells many as prints on his online website.
  • @TessaKiros is a very popular cookbook author residing in Tuscany but is part Greek- Finnish. She embodies a relaxed non-fussy but elegant vibe that really resonates. She is a good time and a half and I love her recipes. 
  • @ChiantiCashmere – the account of Nora and her goats in Tuscany is akin to therapy. She often shares videos of the newborns and farm life from her corner of the countryside and it’s a joy to witness. 
  • @DivinaCucina is a true Tuscan food expert who has called this country her home since 1984. She runs tours, provides cooking lessons, life advice and more. Judy is providing so many fun live videos and recipes during this pandemic, well worth a follow. 
  • @Toscanissimi – Ksenia is a Russian tour guide and art expert in Florence. She also founded Tuscany Bloggers and has allowed many of us inside places we normally would never get to see in the city.
  • @Valdirose – B&B owners in Florence, cookbook author and food stylist – there is so much to love about the sweet Irene and her family. She loves the simple life and I adore her.
  • @TooMuchTuscany – Valentina is a true Tuscan writer based in the Mugello area and founded a well-known blog along along with running a digital media agency with her partners. She is literally the first person I met when I went on my first blog tour (we even shared a bed – before I realised that you should probably ask for your own room) and we’ve been friends ever since. 
  • @Grazieateblog – is an account run by Brazilian blogger Denya who captures Florence and local life beautifully with her photos and posts on her blog. She is a bundle of energy who also is one of Muse Firenze’s digital ambassadors so have a look out for her cultural posts. 
  • @TracyRusso – political strategist Tracy is an Italian-American dual citizen and talented photographer based in Florence. She is whip smart, keeps us informed, has a fun attitude and knows how to put on makeup better than 99% of us. Tracy is also the community manager of the Florence Girl’s Gone International branch
  • @BettySoldi – when I think of creativity souls, I think of Betty. She is “positivity” embodied in a person, a creative designer and notable calligrapher based in Florence. Check out her book “Inkspired.”
  • @Eonardo – Leonardo is part of the “weareigersfirenze” team, a wine-lover and is pretty darn good at capturing details in his phoography.
  • @Daphnepalmitessa is a Florentine fashion, family blogger who I have had the pleasure to get to know via Tuscany Bloggers. Her words are beautifully penned in her blog and she motivates me to give hats a chance.
  • @ScottAllenWilson is a Calfornia-based photographer – videographer and one of my closest friends in Florence. What I love about his account is the effort he makes in deep-thought captions that make you reflect on life. He also has the most adorable rescue pup named Banksy.
  • Lauren Mouat – a local tour guide for Rome/Florence and a talented writer, she and her boyfriend have been creating the funniest depictions of artworks using themselves (hey we’re in a lockdown) coupled with things around the house. You’ll appreciate her detailed descriptions for the works matched with a seriously witty repertoire. +
  • @GloriaMottiniExperience offers ideas for experiences cultivated by a true local expert. Check out her stories for family recipe tips.
  • @VivaToscana – lovely account run by Brazilian blogger and guide Babi.
  • @WindowtotheDuomo – a creative retreat space rented by Danella Lucioni that will make you gasp when you see the view. I’ve been there myself and it literally feels like you can touch the Duomo.
  • – an Iphone photographer based in Florence whose captions often offer intriguing food for thought.
  • @SoleYogaHolidays is a local yoga teacher and retreat founder offering the chance to visit beautiful places around the globe and do yoga at the same time. I love her positive daily updates.
  • @coupleinflorence are two local bloggers who are part of the Tuscany Bloggers group and offer interesting insight into local artisans, museums and restaurants.
  • @costanzamenchi is an Florentine university professor (fashion & communication) and style consultant. We recently did a live video together on IG and she is a wonderful person to follow if you love to dive into fashion, art and video speeches/lessons. 
  • @ernythamrinyoga or “Erny” is originally from Indonesia now residing in Tuscany. I met her at Relax Firenze where she taught the best yin yoga class (and this is from a girl who was never into yoga) and her updates offer the kind of positivity that I can stomach. Plus she has the cutest baby girl. 
  • @Manifatturetabacchifi the account of the newly-opened urban space in Florence that will make you think twice before saying this city is stuck in the past.
  • @Madtasting – a food lover from Basilicata (Lucana) now based in Florence, she knows her stuff in regards to finding gourmet treats/producers in Italy.
  • @Adayinflorence – daily captures of Florence compiled in one Instagram account.
  • @beagleinflorence is the account of our beagle Ginger with sassy daily paw-perfect updates. 
who to follow on instagram in italy
An empty Florence during this Covid19 emergency. Capture by @FrancescoSpighi Instagram


  • @AnAmericaninRome is the blog/account run by Natalie Kennedy, one of the kindest and well-informed people I know. Her account is a super resource for the Eternal City and make sure check out her app for your next visit to Rome. 
  • @TheBeehiveRome – the account of the lovely Linda Martinez focuses on her beloved hostel based in Rome. You’ll find plenty of great tips for Rome here too.
  • @EricaFirpo – this Italian/American journalist (BBC, Washington Post) knows everything about Rome and also has a superb podcast “Ciao Bella” supporting Italian creatives. Keep an eye out for her cute puppy too!
  • @LiviaHengel – a luxury travel journalist (Forbes) based in Rome, Livia discovers all sorts of beautiful places you’ll want to bookmark and loves supporting artisan and local producers.
  • @Romewise – Elyssa has the popular website “Romewise” offering tips on everything from the Vatican museums, how to pack and daily musings from the eternal city.
  • @Sara_ – Sara White is a Canadian UX/UI designer, photographer and writer living in Rome, her photos are simply exquisite and can even be purchased via ETSY.
  • @Gmcguireinrome – Gillian’s lists are some of my favorite go-to guides in Italy (especially for the islands). She is based in the Eternal City where she shares daily updates.
  • @Scooteromatours is the fab account of vespa-vita ambassador Annie who is a dear friend and tour operator in Rome that I’m pretty sure all of my friends and family have experienced at least once — more likely twice
  • @HeartRome – Maria is an Italian-Australian writer (CNN – USA today) and radio host with a beautiful blog. She also penned a book of the same name.
  • @TheCatholicTraveler offers a fascinating look at real life in quarantined Catholic Rome.
  • @Tiffanyparksrome is one of the creators of The Bittersweet Life Podcast and has written the book “Midnight in the Piazza” – follow her for updates in Rome.
  • @ArleneAntoinetteGibbs – is an interior designer based in Rome who appreciates aperitivo hour like the best of us.
  • @Abbiestark offers travel, lifestyle and food tips from Rome (and also offers tours).
  • @EleonoraBaldwin – co-creator of Casa Mia Toursand Gambero Rosso veteran, Eleonora knows food and Rome and is currently offering interactive food workshops for those who want to get their hands dirty.
  • @UnderstandingRome – account by Agnes who is a qualified Rome guide for the past 18 years. She also happens to make a lot of delicious meals. I warned you.
  • @AshleyBartner – of La Tavola Marche, Ashley is a person I strive to meet one of these days when we can actually leave our homes. I love her depictions of life on a farm in Marche and their travels.
  • @Maride_ – Marianna is a fashion design/seamstress based in Rome – she also inspires me to dress better ;-).
  • @Testaccina1 – Italy blogger and travel writer, Isobel has covered stories for a long list of respected publications and shares reflective updates from her life in Rome.
  • @ParisianinRome is an account started by French-born Laëtitia Chaillou. Her photos and captions (mostly in Italian) are breath-taking. 
  • @IlCavalloPazzo – Alessandro is an excellent photographer/instagrammer based from Ancona, Marche. I also appreciate how much effort he makes with evocative captions.
  • @ilghiottoneumbro is the account of two “scanditalians” living and cooking in Todi, Umbria – while taking excellent care of all their guests in a charming Guesthouse and Cooking School. Clearly I need to visit! 
  • @ceramichesberna is for all of you lovers of traditional ceramic from Umbria! 
  • @davidpinto_ – a picture-perfect instagrammer’s view of Rome.
who to follow on instagram in italy
The beauty of Rome often lies in these simple scenes. Photo credit @anamericaninrome Instagram


  • @NickiPositano – is my favorite account in Positano (and probably many people around the world) run by the lovely Nicki who has an enviable front porch. She not only takes the most awe-inspiring photos but pens her captions just as wonderfully – she is currently sharing a daily diary of life under lockdown. 
  • @RistoranteMichel’angelo – the account by a wonderful restaurant in the heart of Capri town is run by Australian-born Holly. She allows viewers to see what life is really like year round on this very popular Italian island.
  • @CiroPipoli – The soul of Naples at your doorstep is how I like to think of this account that allows for an insider’s view of street scenes within one of Italy’s most dynamic places.
  • @CiaoAmalfi – Laura Thayer is a guidebook author and true expert in all things Amalfi in fact I want to explore this area because of Laura and all of the effort she puts into highlighting things most people miss.
  • @Thecheekychef is the account of Linda Sarris – personal chef based in Palermo that also helps run retreats. I got to meet her in Rome last year and now Palermo is calling my name.
  • @antoniosparta – A dreamy Sicily captured by local instagrammer Antonio.
who to follow on instagram in italy
Nicki and her pup kayaking off the coast of Positano. Photo credit: @nickipositano

Food & Wine accounts in Italy

  • @Luisannamesseri – Luisanna is a Florentine-born, Tuscany-raised respected icon in the food world in Italy. You might have seen her on “La Prova del Cuoco” on Rai 1. 
  • @CuriousAppetite – Coral Sisk, pasta-whisperer, founded this gourmet food tour company in Florence and it has fast become one of my favorite recommendations in regards to quality tours. She offers a drool-worthy daily account of Tuscan food and interesting insight into Italian food culture. Her personal account can be found here. 
  • @julskitchen – Giulia is not only a friend but a very talented food writer, podcaster and cookbook author based in the Tuscan countryside. Her cooking class is one my favourite recommendations to give people and I love her beautifully-written captions and recipes. 
  • @Labnoon – Saghar has lived in Rome since 2007 and is originally from Tehran. She is a well-recognized food writer, photographer, workshop host that will have you drooling but you’ll also appreciate her real-talk and authenticity as a person.
  • @Filippo.Bartolotta – this affable wine coach and cooking school owner in Florence offers a wealth of knowledge in the wine world and even did a wine tasting with Barack and Michelle Obama.
  • @SiptripItaly offers an exploration of many of Italy’s best wineries and wine regions: the ultimate Italian wine adventure with sommelier Jeff Porter. 
  • @Eminchilli is run by food blogger and cookbook author Elizabeth Minchilli and is one of my favorites accounts to follow in Italy’s dynamic good world, along with her daughter Sophie. She splits her time between Rome and Umbria, runs majestic weekly tours and like me, religiously respects cocktail hour.
  • @rachelaliceroddy is an English cookbook author and Guardian food writer based in Rome. I find her recipes spot on every single time and appreciate her relatable perspective on life. Sometimes Instagram is way too “airbrushed and otherworldly” which makes accounts like hers even more valuable.
  • @alicekiandra.adams – owner of the Latteria Studio in Rome, Alice is a food stylist, cook and activist. 
  • @gtfoodandtravel is run by my friend Gina who is one half of the Casa Mia Food Tour company. Gina is not only a wonderful person who just gets food, she also happens to be a beagle lover.
  • @EmikoDavies – my friend and Australian-born Emiko is the author of three incredible cookbooks (I love them all!) and resides in the Florentine hills (Settignano) – her account features family-life and exquisite cooking all in one.
  • @ValeriaNecchio is one of my favorite accounts lately – she is a travel, food writer whose dishes I rush to recreate, I also highly respect her perspective during this Covid pandemic.
  • @QuercetodiCastellina, a family-run organic winery in Castellina in Chianti, Mary and Jacopo and the whole Querceto family are people I adore and respect. They offer vineyard dinners in the summer and currently offer Instagram live wine-sipping sessions.
  • @Sarah_May_Permaculture – natural wine expert, dog-lover, writer, Sarah is beyond passionate about the country of Georgia (and their wines), living on the land and animal rights.
  • @Casamiatours – a gourmet food and wine company based in Rome run by two fabulous ladies who really know their stuff. Make sure to check out their website with plenty of food-related tips, recipes and interviews.
  • @Suzvanallen – author of “100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go” she focuses on Italy-based women-only adventures.
  • @KatieParla is a food journalist and cookbook author who splits her time between Italy and the states. She also co-hosts a food podcast “Gola” about Italian food and how it connects to history, culture and society.
  • @Toni.brancatismo – Australian born (and twin of This Tuscan Life) Toni is a former registered nurse turned serious foodie. She is based in Rome where she shares her recipes, food tours and has also appeared on Gambero Rosso’s TV series about food.
  • @Annettejosephstyle – runs lovely creative food-oriented workshops in the Tuscan countryside (Lunigiana area) and is the author of quite a few cookbooks, her latest literary adventure is titled “Italy is my Boyfriend”.
  • @Winesavi – I have been following the lovely Anna for years – she is Napa-born and now living in Piedmont where she offers wine tours and a Barolo wine club.
  • @laurelevans is a fellow Texan living in Milan, she runs a very successful food blog in Italy called “Un Americana in Cucina” and you’ll also find her at Food and Wine Italia. 
  • @valeriekq aka Valeria is an Americana wine expert based in the heart of beautiful Piedmont – land of the Barolo! She runs a successful boutique wine tour company and specialises in marketing and planning events. 
  • @Grapetours is a boutique wine tour company based in Florence who share interesting visits to local producers around Tuscany (in addition to wine, olive oil and even Chianti’s favorite butcher). 
  • @Lucianasquadrilli – a food journalist in Rome, you will appreciate her spot-on food tips dedicated to quality local ingredients.
  • @TheDevilsofFlorence – relatively new (to me) in the city, I like their fun and sarcastic approach to wine and life.
  • Skye McAlpine – author of ‘A Table in Venice’, Skye splits her time between London and Venezia and shares a bevy of mouth-watering foodspiration for us all.
  • @enoblogger is run by Emanuele Trono who shares his wine knowledge, cellar tours and video tastings in both Italian and English for a rather large audience. 
  • @LauralaMonaca is an Italian instagrammer you need to follow. A Sicilian who loves to travel her account explored culture through food and travel.
  • @Domenicacooks is a cookbook author offering an array of delicious recipes on her account and blog.
who to follow on instagram in italy
A delicious helping of “Spaghetti alla buttera” – photo credit: @emikodavies Instagram

Accounts to follow if you’re learning Italian

  • @Imitalish – an account run by a teacher in Rome offering daily fun language-learning posts.
  • @TheItalianista – run by Rachel, a good friend, new mom and lover of the Italian language. She offers countless tips and a fun “word of the week” series.
  • @welearnitalian offers easy to digest Italian lessons on the daily. 
  • @lucreziaoddone is an Italian language tutor based in Rome with plenty of video resources (she has a popular youtube account). 
  • @silvia_italearn is an Italian teacher offering many online in-person Italian (creative!) classes. 
  • @italian.toons – a fun account offering scenes from the Simpson’s cartoons with both English and Italian subtitles. 
  • @an_italian_word_a_day is exactly what you would imagine it to be – a word a day with lovely dual-language captions. 
  • @italianwithgrace posts lovely photo lessons in Italian and interactive captions to get you to comment/play. 
  • @allaboutitalian – Elfin Waters has a lovely account in both Italian and English and its worth noting that her newsletter shares info about language learning retreats and tips on learning Italian. 
who to follow on instagram in italy
Word of the week by my friend Rachel aka @theitalianista

Museum and Art-Related Accounts

  • @ArtTrav – run by my good friend Alexandra Korey, she is frankly the best blogger/writer when it comes to celebrating and decoding Italy’s vast cultural art heritage. She often covers her travels, wine finds and even offers local tips that are super useful (like this recent post offering shopping list advice at the supermarket during a pandemic).
  • @dariusaryadigs – Darius Arya, archaeologist, video-maker podcaster, and new youtuber is the guy to follow if you are into learning about ancient Rome and serious deep-dives.
  • @MuseFirenze – an account dedicated to promoting the civic museums of Florence. They offer cultural deep dives of our local museums and activities for kids as well on their official channel.
  • @PalazzoStrozzi – the official account of exhibition space and foundation Palazzo Strozzi – they cover their ongoing exhibitions in Florence.
  • @Citylivesketch – Pietro’s sketches really come to life in this fun Instagram account featuring popular Italian monuments.
  • @CittanascostaFirenze – follow them to find “hidden” Florence and Tuscany.
  • @medicifangirl – an art appreciation account run by Rose Byfleet whose lovely captions describe various museums, artworks around Florence and not only.
  • @Mibact – The official account of the Italian Ministry of culture and tourism.Lately they have shared some impressive videos offering cultural deep dives. 
  • @Uffizigalleries – the official account of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is chock full of videos/photos explaining its wealth of cultural heritage.
who to follow on instagram in italy
Classical astrology as depicted by the @UffiziGalleries.

Italian Travel Accounts

  • @ire.Ferri – Irene is a new friend and a seriously talented photographer. Her photos are stories within themselves and I especially appreciate her series on the Burning Man Festival in California.
  • @Mattiamarasco is an Italian photographer and content creator who focuses mostly on stunning landscapes with a decisive “into the wild” vibe. 
  • @Ruberry or Laura as I like to think of her “a negroni-drinking hilarious Florentine” who doesn’t take life, or herself, too seriously. She is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes (read often) awkward world of instagram influencers. I appreciate that while Laura is a world traveler whose photos impress, she doesn’t forget about her hometown either. 
  • @paolobalsamo89 – Paolo is a content creator/digital marketing expert now based in Bologna but who captures interesting scenes from all Italy and the world.
  • @Italysegreta – an evocative account offering dreamy Italian scenes and founder of the hashtag #Italyfromawindow.
  • @Mysmallbigworld_ – Veronica splits her time between Florence and Hong Kong ans offers a visual diary to her life.
  • @Italy_you_don’t_expect – a new discovery for me, these Italian travel bloggers offer great insight to their travels in both Italian and English
  • @Mybestdolcevita – Nicole is an Italian- American with a passion for travel and sharing her favorite “dolce vita” moments.
  • @Miprendoemiportovia is the account of Elisa and Luca, two Italian travel bloggers who make a seriously awesome team. Make sure to check out Luca’s sketches!
  • @Giuliopugliese – an Italian travel and wedding photographer who is one of the community managers of IgersRoma.
  • @Antoncino – when I think of breath-taking landscape shots of Tuscany (and not only), Antoncino always comes to mind.
  • @Gabdetails account is almost fantasy like – or the very embodiment of what a professional instagrammer looks like. His photos are deamworthy.
  • @Thererumnatura – I love Gianluca’s travel captures and the effort he makes to frame a shot perfectly.
  • @peppe_vas – Giuseppe is from Sicily and a self-confessed pizzaholic (uh.. me too) and has an account of breath-taking captures from his travels along with a deep love for Sicily.
  • @Aivenn – Ivan’s account is ideal for cyclists and sports enthusiasts who love to travel – he is also an official GoPro ambassador.
who to follow on instagram in italy
A Florentine in Florence, photo credit, @ruberry

Italy Tourism Accounts & Magazines

  • @Italiait is the official tourism account of Italy and they tend to share very high-brow professional looking photos of Italy and captions in both Italian and English on their account.
  • @ItalyMagazine – I might be biased because I work there but I find that if you love Italy as much as we do – you’ll find joy in what we share. From feature pieces focusing on businesses in Italy affected by the coronavirus to delicious weekly Italian recipes.
  • @TheFlorentine – the English magazine of Florence is a great account to follow for all things related to Florence and the local community. Must-follow!
  • @BorghidiItalia is an account dedicated to some of Italy’s most beautiful, any many times unknown, villages.
  • @VisitTuscany is the official tourism account of the region of Tuscany. They reshare user’s photos and provide plenty of interesting insight to our dynamic region.
  • @Travelitalianstyle is the travel account of Cassandra – a trip planner whose in-depth captions and unique finds around Italy have captured a loyal online audience. 
  • @CittadiFirenzeUfficiale – this is the city of Florence’s official account where you can get pertinent updates (especially right now during the CoVid19 emeregncy) and interesting descriptions of various monuments/sites.
  • @WeareigersFirenze is run by local instagrammers who share photos of Florence and the province, as well as local events.
  • @BolognaWelcome offers a daily glimpse of Emilia-Romagna’s capital and is the city’s official guide.
  • @BrowsingItaly is a great account offering shots from around the boot curated by Diana in Rome. 
  • @BlogCiaoTutti is the IG account of the biggest Dutch blog covering Italy. Saskia works tirelessly to share interesting discoveries all over the country and is also author of regional guidebooks. 
who to follow on instagram in italy
The streets of Bari: ItalyMagazine

Italian News Accounts

  • @LaRepubblica – my go-to source for Italian news both locally and nationwide.
  • @Ilsole_24ore – another great source of Italian news in business and otherwise – I trust their reporting more than most and they often have articles in English. 
  • @ministerodellasalute – the official account for Italy’s ministry of health which is especially important right now. 
  • @TheLocalItaly – a great news source for Italy in English, they’ve been doing a kickass job with updating us all during this coronavirus pandemic.
News of the day, Photo credit: @larepubblica instagram

Comedic Accounts

  • Tess Masazza is a youtuber/blogger whose web series offers an ironic narration of the pathologies that afflict the female gender.
  • @_emilife aka Emi’s life. If you aren’t following Emanuele, you don’t know what you are missing. His parodies of celebrities are made using pasta as hair, a vacuum as a neck-snake and other everyday household items. We all need more humour these days. 
who to follow on instagram in italy
Vacuum snake meets real snake. I prefer Emanuele’s version ;-). Photo credit: Emi’s Life Instagram
  • @TMLPlanet – they cover humor, current affairs, pearls from the web and occasionally something serious.
who to follow in italy on instagram
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Cover photo credit: Pixaby – Reenablack. I hope you enjoyed this list of who to follow in Italy on instagram and if I missed anyone, do let me know! 

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  1. What an amazing list! Looking forward to pouring myself a glass of wine and checking out some of the new-to-me accounts 🙂

    1. Thanks Abbie! I actually need this list myself because sometimes I don’t see the posts of people I follow (stupid algorithm) and I need to give suggestions to clients etc so this was useful for so many reasons. Enjoy!

  2. What an honor to be included, Georgette!
    I am in good company with so many wonderful IG accounts.
    THANK YOU, thank you!

  3. I’m so glad to have discovered that I’m included on the list!
    There are so many amazing accounts here, I’m honored.
    Thank you so so much,

  4. Thanks a lot for including me in this list. Such a big honor!
    Elena aka Nellifirenze

  5. You must have spent ages curating and writing this amazing piece! I’m thrilled to find so many new accounts to follow and even more thrilled to be among those listed. Thanks for doing this Georgette. We needed this right now! Hugs from Roma, xoxoxo – Elyssa

  6. Grazie Georgette! I’m honored to be included in this fabulous list. Thank you for also mentioning Casa Mia and Gina.
    So many wonderful IG accounts. Can’t wait to discover some new ones. Thank you <3

  7. This is such a fantastic curation. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Wow, thank you! Since I can’t be there this spring, I shall grab my prosecco and dive in to IG. Thanks to all of you that provide such great info and feed my love of your country.

  9. Cara Georgette,

    what an amazing list and lots of new discoveries. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I’m also writing about Italy. I’m the author of one of the most popular blogs in Poland about Italy, Italia poza szlakiem (Italy off the beaten track). I also write guidebooks about Italy, which are published on the Polish market. I would like to recommend my Instagram account @italiapozaszlakiem.

    Best wishes,

  10. Hi there! After 28 years working in tourism in Switzerland, I now, together with my business partner Barbara Kennedy, have set up a fabulous B&B in Lunigiana, Northern Tuscany! Lots of renovation work, of a characterful 17th century Manor House! This stunning historical region is situated between the mountains and the coast, away from the maddening crowds, yet with easy access within an hour to Pisa, Lucca, Parma, The Cinque Terre, Versilia, Carrara etc. Would be honoured to be included!!!

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