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Eat, Drink, & Be Merry: Tips From a Local


“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” – Paul Prudhomme

Of course if you haven’t already guessed, I am a glutton for great food and good drinks. Enjoy!


One of the biggest questions I get on social media or here on the blog is… WHERE TO EAT? And I get it… because quite frankly I am a girl who likes her food. So here you will find my best updated list of restaurants, happy hour aka aperitivo spots, coffee joints, great pizza, fine-dining, options for big groups, budget spots in FlorenceTuscany and or/Italy.

A few things to consider in regards to eating out in Italy

  • Places can often be closed on Monday so make sure to have a list of open places that day as a back up. 
  • Tips are not required in Italy, what we do is often “round up” and if it’s an exceptional experience of course we’re happy to leave a small tip but it’s not the USA where 20%/25% is expected status quo
  • Normally eating before 7pm isn’t really a thing so it can be hard for families to find open places when dinner is usually 6pm (I get it, we eat early too!). I am working in creating a list of places open all day but just keep in mind that the normal eating times are 12-3pm, 7-11pm. 
  • Kids menus aren’t a thing here but it isn’t uncommon to ask for pasta “in bianco” (pasta with oil/butter and with/without cheese) or for a half portion. 
  • Make a reservation as popular places in Florence, Venice, Rome etc often get booked out in advance and if you don’t plan on coming, please take the time to cancel your reservation as those tables are valuable real estate for small, often family-owned restaurants. 
  • When visiting a coffee bar note that many old school places (think Gilli, Rivoire etc) charge a different fee for sitting down and getting table service (tavolo) versus just standing at the bar (banco) and ordering a cappuccino. This is normal but can be frustrating when you’ve never experienced that. 
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New & Noteworthy

In order to spotlight the newest places open in Florence that I adore, I created this section to celebrate innovative new cuisine in the city. Si mangia?!

The perfect date night, friend’s catchup or group dinner in the heart of San Niccolo. The Oltrarno Osteria is the latest venture by the Pitti Gola, Osteria della Enoteca, Enoteca Giusti family and this attractive restaurant is located in one of my favorite areas of town. Chef Luca Marin is well known locally (formally of Santo Bevitore) and the menu includes an eclectic array of Italian deliciousness with a twist from a classic-yet-delicious beef tartare with seed mustard and red cabbage to veal brain to wild-boar-stuffed ravioli and so much more. I’m headed back this week to try the latest menu so will report back. Via di S. Niccolò, 39/r. +39 055 709 7815. 

The perfect date night/friend’s dinner celebrating the best in Chinese cuisine by Xin Ge Liu, Il Gusto di Xinge is on Viale Belfiore and well well worth your while. Xin Ge Liu has been a hot name in the culinary streets thanks to her creative Chinese delights around Florence (with a  foodstand even at the Mercato Centrale’s first floor) and has even been recognized by Gambero Rosso. Nico and I recently went on Valentine’s day and I was delighted with the craft cocktail menu (the Paloma was delightful) and selection of drool-inducing bao buns, dim sum and the prettiest dessert. Viale Belfiore, 2, 50144 Firenze FI, Italy. 


The 25 Hours Hotel in Florence is almost a visual assault on the senses (so much going on) but I really like the location as a meeting point for friends, visitors for drinks, dinner or even simply a coffee. Their The San Paolino restaurant is a lovely, bright space under a large glass cupola. The menu offers a combination of Tuscan and international flavors, think purple potato gnocchi with a seasonal ragu or a Chianti burger made with Tuscan beef. I like that the menu is small, has seasonal touches and that they actually have a website that is easy to understand/offers emails for bookings. There is also a special apero-cinema within the hotel offering on select Wednesday and Thursday nights until May 3rd that looks absolutely fabulous. 

I’m rarely impressed by burgers in Florence but now I have the best place ever located in my neighborhood — Reburger on Via di Camaldoli, 2R is where you want go when that burger craving hits. From the quality of the meat, to the bun, to the quirky artistic interiors. I am increasingly happy that we chose to buy a place where there are so many got damn gems in the vicinity of a place without crowds of people. I’m more of a classic Smashed cheese burger kind of girl but the vegan option is noteworthy as well (and made with chickpeas!), they also offer a variety of spiced french fries including sweet potato fries. Seriously guys, a place that excels at burgers AND offers artists an exhibition space? These are people to support! 

Dalla Lola is the new spot in town (or should I say revamp of historic location) that showcases Tuscan options that aren’t simply what everyone thinks (ie: STEAK) on Via della Chiesa, 16r. Matilde Pettini took over the space and has added really interesting menu options like fried brain, gnocchi, francesina di lingua, stewed chopped beef tongue with thinly sliced caramelized onions. Many of my friends have been and love it so this is high on my list of places to try when we come back to visit this April. 

It feels like there is a revolution of superb eateries along Florence’s busy VIALE and one new pizzeria that I am dying to check out is Tiratissima Firenze on Viale Giovanni Amendola, 14 r which is aiming to elevate the pizza scene with craft cocktails to match and I’m not mad about it. Their signature dish is basically laying out a pizza for up to three meters in length so that you and your friends can enjoy a plethora of options. I’ll take the “Golden dream” cocktail with mezcal because you know that is my love language. 

Wild Buns is the brain child of the young and motivated Robert from Estonia whose positive presence is equally matched by the quality of his superb artisan Scandinavian style bakery offering cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla cream, raisin, lemon poppyseed, almond buns that can be enjoyed at his new location in San Frediano on Via di Camaldoli, 1/c from Wednesday to Sunday. Now he also offers sourdough bread sandwiches and sourdough bread to take home (highly recommend!). The space inside is quite tiny but it gives you a window into the baking magic and offers probably the best flat white in the entire Oltrarno. Parents, I highly recommend stopping here for coffee and a bun before heading to Piazza Tasso’s playground! 

A Fashion Brand Opens a Surprisingly Amazing bar. Gucci Giardino 25 is a true gem on the block in Piazza della Signoria and has already created a buzz for their signature cocktails run by barwoman Martina Bonci and for the eclectic space combining marble tables with peacock blue sofas and mustard yellow panels. Open all day, you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks here with their specialty cocktail: Mémoire by Negroni (Bitter Bianco Luxardo, Martini Riserva Ambrato, Gin Peter in Florence, Yuzu Sake, Bitter Truth Grapefruit, Butterfly Flower). address: Piazza della Signoria, 37r.

Museo Novecento’s Vegan cafe That Makes you Forget Everything’s Vegan. The museum of Novecento itself is sometimes overlooked by tourists (except locals) but my hope is that also changes with the arrival of this cool cafe, Cortese Caffè 900, dedicated to making all of the treats vegan and gluten-free according to the philosophy of raw food chef Vito Cortese who manages the space. The sweet space is small, but intimate, offering coffee, tea, and treats adjacent to the art (you don’t have to visit the museum to visit the cafe, but you should!). Open all day until 11 pm. address: Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 12R.

A wine bar legacy continues on the other (Duomo side) of the river. Enoteca de’Giusti is the newest bar run by the Pitti Gola and Cantina team (who also have the amazing Osteria della Enoteca) and have now claimed a modern spot just a few doors down from the Four Seasons (smart). It’s the perfect spot to enjoy aperitivo or dinner with a friend at the bar (love a good bar you can sit at) with some really interesting wines (also some International options) and delicious nibbles. This is a place that always goes for quality salumi, cheese and simple, delicious combinations plus a fab wine shop in itself. address: Via Giuseppe Giusti 2 Rosso.

Not just cocktails, more like a Cocktail Sensory Experiment at new spot Koob Experience on Borgo Ognissanti. Contemporary art, mixology and curated bites make their home in a modern luxury local that takes drinking to another level. You. can check out their menu here. address: Borgo Ognissanti 24. 

The best new ethnic fare spot in Florence is definitely Atomic Falafel serving up authentic Middle Eastern street food: think perfectly cooked falafel, hummus, tabouleh, baba ganoush, piping hot pita and homemade pistachio baklava. address:  Via Camillo Cavour, 116 rosso.  

A Beloved Florentine Caffe collaborated with Helvetia & Bristol | Cibreo is one of the city’s most iconic and much-loved restaurants for gastronomic goodness in the city’s Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood. Now they have teamed up with Hotel Helvetia & Bristol (really love this place) to bring the cafe’s delicious options and ambiance for those who want to stop for a coffee, lunch or aperitif in this stylish hotel’s dining spaces. address: Via dei Pescioni, 2, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy.

The Lodge Club | Fusion meets views over the city. The Lodge Club is a chic restaurant offering a menu of flavors from Peru and Japan located in the lush greenery of the hill of Piazzale Michelangelo, next to the fountains of the historic Rampe created by the celebrated architect Poggi. There is also a cocktail bar “The Jungle” offers drinks with a view with street food ranging from Peru to Mexico and I even spotted fish tacos! I’m expecting this to be a hit with the young fashionable Florentine crowd.. address: Viale Giuseppe Poggi, 1, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy

A Cinema Icon meets restaurant | Sophia Loren Original Italian Food is a large pizzeria located under the covered arcades of Piazza della Repubblica. The space covers two floors (and has tables outside) with a menu dedicated to the region of Campagnia signed off by notable Neapolitan chef Gennaro Esposito. I like that it is large enough to bring screaming kids and service is friendly and fast. Read more (in Italian) via the food blog Il Forchettiere. address: Via dei Brunelleschi, 11. 

Gastronomia Goodness in Santo Spirito | Gurdulù Gastronomia is actually more of a 2020 arrival that of course has been hit by the pandemic like everything else. Once solely a restaurant, it now has a new gastronomic aspect (where you can buy high quality Italian products from Fattoria le Sodera, a farm in Impruneta) and try excellent wines. address: Gurdulù Gastronomia, via delle Caldaie 12R, Firenze, +39 055 282223.. 

Enoteca Wine Bar Retrogusto | Aperitivo in the neighborhood. A perfect place for an intimate aperitivo and not only in the heart of San Frediano. address: Borgo San Frediano 60/R, 50124, Florence Italy. 

Pizza with Heart | Pizzeria Giovanni Santarpia has finally opened, this new much anticipated location is located in Florence’s Due Strade (address: Via Senese, 155r – just hop on bus 27 that basically drops you off directly in front of the pizzeria). Giovanni Santarpia is an icon in the world of Italian pizza – having won the coveted “3 spicchi” by @gambero_rosso for four consecutive years and a generally positive, gentle soul. I love the modern, casual interiors of his new pizzeria and naturally the pizza. I went for a cherry tomato Regina del Vesuvio version but Nico’s soprassato al limone was deliciously addictive. Make sure to leave space for the mozzarella a carozza with anchovies too. Make a reservation via his website here.

Gunè San Frediano is relatively new on the dining scene in the San Frediano neighbourhood. They have a great new chef – Mirko Margheri who brings the Tuscan to this Lucano/Toscano collaboration. What I like about this place is that it is  beautifully designed (with famous female figures like Margherita Hack adorned on the walls) and offers a more fine dining experience without breaking the bank. Also noteworthy is their cocktail bar run by the lovely Veronica Costantino. She was able to whip me up a refreshing mezcal cocktail before we sat down to eat that really set the tone for the entire evening. Address: Via del Drago D’Oro, 1/3r, 50124 Firenze FI. Open Sunday for lunch otherwise evenings only, closed on Monday. 

Where the local’s go | Sunday Brunch at Manifattura Tabacchi – this industrial-cool space on via delle Cascine 33 offers a lovely brunch from 12-4pm featuring a variety of egg-based options (plus an enormous burger) at B9 Bistrot – Bulli & Balene with a drinks-included buffet and dessert for a cool price of 30€. I tried it recently for the first time and really enjoyed the experience, also because it as non-touristy a place as it gets. Definitely a spot for cool Florentines and a lovely casual vibe that welcomes both hipsters and families. Keep in mind they are open all day for snacks or for dinner (which I have heard great things about). Call 366 3640300 to book a table.

A Welcome Arrival to Sant’Ambrogio | Il Nugolo is a new restaurant mixing traditional flavours with a more contemporary plating in the heart of Sant’Ambrogio on Via Mattonaia. The owners are all Italian transplants who have come back to Florence after working and learning abroad. There is a strong emphasis on using organic, locally-sourced vegetables and while the menu is short, it is very very sweet and mostly seasonal. I loved my jewish artichoke velutata with merluzzo fish, sweet breads “animelle” and tomato-stuffed cappelletti pasta on a bed of pecorino cream. Open everyday for dinner except Tuesdays, this is the perfect place for a romantic dinner, intimate dinner with friends. Prices range around 8€ -18€.

Finally the Brunch Place We Needed | Melaleuca Bistro, Bakery is brand-spanking new and located along the Arno river close to Ponte alle Grazie, Lungarno delle grazie, 18. This bright and airy Aussie bakery is run by a lovely couple, Marco and Chloe, who aim to bring an International brunch menu using locally-sourced ingredients (they make their own sourdough bread, rye, bagels, English muffins).  I spotted Aussie desserts that I am already swooning over: melting moments and lamingtons). Even better is the excellent coffee (think cold brew, flat whites and filtered varieties) all roasted nearby and served in their lovely selection of ceramic mugs. Needless to say, I’m a fan, especially because of their passion for brunch as a quality affair. Bravi davvero!


Cocktails & Steak, A Stone’s Throw from the Duomo | Regina Bistecca is the city’s newest steak joint in a former antiquarian library from 1875 and what a beautiful dream of a restaurant this is, located on Via Ricasoli, close to both the Accademia gallery and the Duomo Cathedral (finally, a decent restaurant in the area). Simone and Matteo have knocked the dining experience off of the charts with a craft cocktail bar and short menu where “steak” is queen together with delicious sides (frites, truffle potato goodness, creamed spinach, anchovies and butter) is the crowning glory (I also spotted pulled pork on the menu), great wine list. Don’t skip dessert. address: Via Ricasoli, 14, 50122 Firenze FI. Tel: 055 269 3772. Open Tues-Sat 12.30-3pm & 7-10.30pm, closed Mondays. $$$

Creativity Steps from the Duomo | Osteria de’ Cicalini is the new kid on the block in the center, a stone’s throw from Brunelleschi’s masterpiece. This intimate, atmosphere space is home to a seasonable and great price-for-quality menu that livens up classic Florentine cuisine. Carpaccio with lemongrass, spaghetti alla chittarra with rabbit and zucchini flowers, slow-cooked anchovies and the best egg truffle dish this girl has ever tried in the city. Equally as impressive is the wine list and desserts.The chef is young and while things aren’t always refined, I have loved everything I have eaten here. Average plate 15-18€, address:  Via Delle Oche 15 rosso, 50122 Firenze FI. $$

Food and Fashion, Part 1 | Floret is a healthy brunch-like kitchen located inside Luisa Via Roma, one of Florence’s foremost fashion hub on the main drag of Via Roma. You have to enter the store to access the restaurant, which is located on the first floor terrace, just steps from faux-fur gucci loafers and colorful accessories. I have the chance to eat here recently and I can say, this place is cool and offers a selection of healthier choices (chia pudding, kale salads, creative savory waffles, cold-pressed juices, energy shots, coffee and more.) Even better, they are open to students or freelancers using their space to co-work, I asked. address:  Via Roma, 19/21/r, 10:30-7:30pm. $$$

Every month, a new region! | Adagio Firenze. I recently had dinner at this new trendy bistro restaurant on Via de’ Macci in the Sant’Amrbrogio neighborhood. You’ll find plenty of pasta and steak items on the regular menu and a regional monthly changing short (5 or 6 items)  menu that is worth a glance (right now they are featured Liguria). Their stand out dish for me was the deliciously simple yet pleasant on the texture “i gigli fiorentini” a type of pasta made using ancient stone-ground grains served with a Tuscan kale pesto and shaved almonds. I also loved their Piedmont sirloin cut with a vin brûlée reduction and delicious turnip greens. Order potatoes on the side.. oh yes and their chocolate dessert is to die for. All in all, a very excellent experience (pasta range around 10-11€, with meat starting from 16€). address: Via dei Macci 79R. Double plus? You can book online. $$

Food and Florence part 2 | Gucci Osteria by Massimo Bottura. This is undoubtably one of the city’s most buzzed-about openings for 2018 and naturally, the inauguration was during Pitti Uomo. Yes my friends, Gucci, the fashion house has decided to add food to the mix with their new 50 seat restaurant in Palazzo della Mercanzia and the menu is designed by none other than Michelin Star chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana in Modena. Apparently reservations are hard to come by so call now if you want to check it out. Dishes include a fancypants burger (€15/$18), a Chianina hot dog (€15), steamed bun with pork belly (€15) and, of course, tortellini in Parmesan sauce (€20) lending to Bottura’s Emilia roots. I have yet to eat there. address: : Piazza della Signoria, 10. Open 12-8:30pm. Tel: 39 055 7592 7038. $$$


“Ristomacelleria” Terrazza MenoniSant’Ambrogio steps it up a notch. Historic butcher shop Luca Menoni (opened in 1921 by Guido Fanfani) in the enclosed market of Sant’Ambrogio has newly inaugurated a self-service terrace restaurant serving up traditional Tuscan meat dishes you with a one-of-a-kind view of our beloved local shopping haunt. Anyone can order from downstairs and enjoy an affordable lunch on the terrace while the market is open from around 11-2:30pm. On the menu are items such as Luca’s famous veal & prosciutto polpette, a delicious “dolceforte” stew, lampredotto on friselle and not only. address: Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti. $

Ararat | An Armenian and Georgian restaurant offering delicious bites. To be honest, I know absolutely nothing about food from either Armenia and Georgia however this restaurant made me want to discover and research more after a really nice experience with friends about a month ago in Florence. Try the spiced meat involtini, PKHALI – traditional pate from Georgia and my favorite dish “KHACHAPURI” like a beautiful flatbread with cheese and egg and everything nice.  address: VIA BORGO LA CROCE 32/R
Florence, Italy 50126. $$

Osteria dell’Enoteca | Bring the countryside Osteria into the city walls. I am hugely excited about this new opening on Via Romana. This new restaurant focuses on Tuscan food with a little flair and a special exclusive grilled meats and steak menu. The owners are from Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina just down the road and this place is set to be one of my favorite go-to Italian restaurants on the other side of the writer. Excellent fresh pasta as well, try the fave bean and pecorino cheese tortelli, baccala on polenta, and of course their signature steak. address: Via Romana, 70/r, 50125 Firenze. $$

Tamero Pizzeria | The perfect neighborhood pizzeria. I’m a girl who loves her pizza and I’m absolutely delighted about Santo Spirito’s Tamerò pizzeria (you’ve probably heard of fresh pasta hotspot Tamerò PastaBar Restaurant, this has a separate entrance on borgo tegolaio). Our pizzas were perfectly cooked (no raw dough middle) and I loved the “flauto” special that was a flute-shaped pizza with Napoli-style fillings. On offer also is a decent selection of craft beer. All in all, a welcome addition to this side of the river. address: borgo tegolaio 18r. Open 12:30-3pm, 6:30-11:45pm. $

La Cova | Tapas Bar Just Steps from Pitti. This popular location in Prato now comes to Florence as of December of last year, the trend of “tapas” has hit Florence especially in the Oltrarno area. What makes this place different is that it exactly showcases Spanish tapas done right, I loved my grilled peppers stuffed with cod and quest, plus try their prosciutto and you won’t be sorry. As for the drinks, I adore their cava by the glass and interesting wine selections. This place is winning. address: Sdrucciolo de’ Pitti, 19. Open 7:30-10:30pm.

Ristorante Tehran | A Taste of Persia in the historical center. Only open since two months, this tiny colorful and cozy space on Via dei Cecchi 25r is already gaining a fast following for those who are looking for an exotic escape. While I am no expert in Iranian food, my lunch here with friends recently was delicious. We got a medley of beef and chicken kebabs, fragrant citrus-infused rice with berries, yogurt and veggie starters and ended with tea (served with saffron rock sugar) done right. Highly recommend.

Cibleo | Japanese & Tuscan Fusion in Sant’Ambrosio | Fabio Picchi is it again, after his continued success at Cibreo he decided to take his passion for Asian cuisine in a new venture combining Tuscan food with Japanese and Korean flair. The new space only has 20 covers so reservations are a must. I went recently and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, ravioli (Japanese style) made with Mugello chicken, pickled greens and so much more, the plates seem endless and you end with a sake finale. Menu 40-50€ a person w/out drinks.   (More on GamberoRosso) address: via Andrea del Verrocchio, 2r |  tel. +39 055 247 7881

Kawaii | The first sake bar in Italy? One of my favorite news openings because of their poke bowls. The idea around the place is based around Japanese sake or izakaya. They are under the Momoyama umbrella and will be serving typical Japanese dishes along with their creative drinks. address: via Borgo San Frediano 8/r

Essenziale | Contemporary flavors in Piazza Cestello. The hottest new opening in Florence is without a doubt this restaurant headed by popular chef Simone Cipriani, formally of Santo Graal. Inside, you’ll find a contemporary, intimate atmosphere. With a small drawer at every table with your “tools” (forks, knives and spoons) to help you along what will certainly be an interesting gastronomic affair. I went with Nico for his birthday dinner and we opted for the five-course tasting menu (55€) which was absolutely phenomenal. The cuisine is inventive and creative, imagine a take on Tuscany’s classic “pappa al pomodoro” called “papa Mary” with bloody mary elements of horseradish gelato and a spritz of vodka.  Address: Piazza di Cestello, 3, 50124 Firenze

Santa Rosa Bistro | Lunch in a secret garden. I am really excited about this new spot hidden behind the walls close to Borgo San Frediano on via pisana (along the lungarno). It’s a new place that has just opened and wants to “cover all basis” as far as aesthetically cool Florentine spots go. Think coffee in the morning, easy lunches and of course the omnipresent aperitivo tucked away in one of my favorite areas of town, hidden but definitely walkable from the center of Florence. The wine list is curated by the fab Enoteca Pitti Gola which already elevates its status in my eyes. address:Lungarno Santa Rosa, Florence, +39 055 2309057

Ristorante Vivo | Seafood in a contemporary ambiance that won’t break the bank. Located in the ever-growing-in-gourmet-popularity piazza annonini is the lovely Vivo, a new addition into the seafood in Florence scene, they have an original location in Capalbio. I have yet to try it myself but I have read a ton about it and I am definitely going to plan a personal visit soon. I like the fact that from antipasti to second courses, the price ranges around 8€-10€ and the menu changes daily based on the fish caught. A definite refreshing trend from articles like this, which have scared me from eating seafood in the USA: My friends who HAVE visited, assured me that it’s worth checking out, though they point out that the open plan seating doesn’t truly allow for a romantic evening. For an honest review (in Italian) check out this post by La Forchiettiere. address: Largo Annigoni 9 A/B – zona sant’Ambrogio – Firenze. Reservations highly recommended. +39 333 1824183.

Il Carduccio | Your new ‘organic’ living room just steps from Palazzo Pitti. New spot Carduccio is located just steps from Palazzo Pitti in a charming space that offers Oltrarno patrons a fresher farm-to-table experience. Open 8-8pm M-Sat (reduced on Sunday) I can already tell this will be my go-to spot for great salads and cold-pressed juices. address: Sdrucciolo dei Pitti, 10, 50125 Florence FI, Italy

Raw! | Via Sant’Agostino, This place just opened a few days ago and is a raw vegan tiny caffe just behind Santo Spirito on via sant’agostino. Owned by a young couple, one half Swedish, one half Florentine on a quest to provide people on a raw diet with options. They offer vegan panini and their own gelato made with coconut water. They also sell whole coconuts to drink and are working on infused juices. I’m intrigued but if you’re still hungry there’s S.Forno nearby ;-).

My Favorite Lunch Spots in Florence

  • Best Lunch Deal | The menu at Trattoria Giovanni at Via Sant’Agostino, 38 is impressively affordable and changes seasonally, for around 11 euros (though they may have raised their prices for 2017). Mon-Saturday (really) you can get this menu which includes a first course, second course, side and water in a pretty ambiance. Also on via del orto you will find two of my personal favorite lunch spots, Il Guscio (the winner) makes wonderful pasta prime and cheese tarts, It’s also a nice little sit-down place so you won’t feel rushed to leave. Trattoria Orto is also a close third for the lunch deals that feature a delicious and traditional Tuscan menu.
  • Best Bakery | Light lunch, S.Forno, Via S. Monaca 3r, 50i24 Florence, Italy. Open 7:30-7:30pm. They are by far the best stop for bread, panini, cakes in a very interestedly high-vaulted ceiling bistro, by the visionaries of Il Santo Bevitore.
  • Best Panino | Semel in Sant’ Ambrogio is an quintessential Florentine spot. Think cubby holes for your tiny wine glasses and small sandwiches with high-quality ingredients like anchovies, fennel and orange eaten standing up. You have to go here. Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti 44/r.

best panino in florence

  • In San Lorenzo, Trattoria Sergio Gozzi (also known as ‘da sergio’)  is one of the best local options serving traditional Tuscan fare since 1915 , as reminded to me by my friend Coral of Curious Appetite. address: Piazza di San Lorenzo, 8R, 50123 Firenze
    Phone: +39 055 281941
  • Teatro del Sale, is where it’s AT! Love this place for a variety of reason including the casual atmosphere served buffet style, abundance of (fantastic food). Cheap and wonderful, just go! address: Via dè Macci, 118.
  • Refined Tuscan cuisine in a cozy, yet contemporary ambiance. There is a lot to love about family-run Zeb in San Niccolo, the seasonal menu, fresh pastas, and great people-watching from the bar, just make sure you make a reservation first. address: Via S. Miniato, 2/r, 50125 Firenze
  • Casa del Vino, light lunch in the san lorenzo neighborhood. highly recommend if you enjoy tasty bruschetta and a cool wine list. Via dell’Ariento, 16/R, 50123 Firenze.
  • Libreria Brac is a local favorite and my go-to for vegetable-packed mixed plates and nice wine.  It does the body good and the ambiance is great too. Via dei Vagellai, 18, 50122 Firenze make a reservation, they are always full. +39 055 094 4877
  • Gluten-Free | Quinoa in  Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore, 1 is a great spot for those who want to eat in a pretty little courtyard and are looking for a healthier option.
  • Gilda’s Bistro in Sant’ambrogio is cozy and cool, with excellent quirky and classy down-home Italian food eatery in an area of town where you can be sure you’ll eat better. address: Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, 50122 Florence, Italy.
  • For organic and local products, try Ristorante San Michele all’Arco for lunch on Via dell’Oriuolo, 3/red, 50122 Firenze. It’s close to ‘Lion’s Fountain’ and Ebys bar under an ancient arch not far from Santa Croce and Sant’Ambrogio. I love sitting here and watching the world go by, I recommend trying the ‘cinta senese’ if you are into pork products, it’s excellent here.

sanmichele (1)


  • Trattoria ‘Da Mario‘,  Via Rosina, 2, 50123 (san lorenzo neighborhood) famous and very crowded. Budget!
  • The ‘Fancy Food Court’ with Tuscan specialties like lampredotto and fresh pasta, Mercato Centrale
  • Trattoria Il Giova (for lunch or dinner) is awesome, fresh food and fun ambiance near one of my favorite piazzas in town.
  • Trattoria Anita – set menu, decent local dishes (great if you are on a budget).
  • For great local food – I really like this restaurant in Piazza Tasso – Al Tranvai (cute & tiny interior but very yummy traditional dishes).

Florence Street Food ‘Eat Like a Local’ 

Eating street food is a local pastime with dishes like ‘lampredotto’ and trippa’ being the stars of the show, don’t be squeamish, it’s good! I recommend trying these tasty panini at least once, don’t forget the ‘green sauce!’ you will thank me later. The best ones are Nerbone located in the ground floor of the central market in San Lorenzo.

Next up is the famous ‘trippaio del porcellino’ by owner Orazio, who owns a stand in Piazza del Mercato Nuovo. I also like the Sergio Pollini Lampredotto truck on via dei macci (sant’ambrogio neighborhood), plus one  located in the San Frediano neighborhood and Aurelio I’ Re Del Lampredotto further down.

Ps. For those who love outside eats, check out the Food Truck serving gourmet burgers along the river, La Toraia, Lungarno Cristoforo Colombo, 11 (Via del Campofiore), 50126 Florence Tuscany. Link here. 

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Where To Go For Dinner in Florence

  • Osteria dell’Enoteca | Bring the countryside Osteria into the city walls. I am hugely excited about this new opening on Via Romana. This new restaurant focuses on Tuscan food with a little flair and a special exclusive grilled meats and steak menu. The owners are from Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina just down the road and this place is set to be one of my favorite go-to Italian restaurants on the other side of the writer. Excellent fresh pasta as well, try the fave bean and pecorino cheese tortelli, baccala on polenta, and of course their signature steak. address: Via Romana, 70/r, 50125 Firenze. Best all around for food and ambiance.
  • My go-to local lately is Il Guscio on via dell’orto on the other side of the river which has been around since 1986. They see Tuscan food, with interesting fish platters as well. I think the ambiance vs. quality is one of the best on this side of the river. When we have out-of-town visitors, we always take them here. Open Mon-Fri 12:30-2pm, 7:30-11pm. Only dinners on Saturday, address: Via dell’Orto, 49a.
  • Thanks to Coral who arranged this place for my bachlorette party, I have discovered the lovely Club Culinario Toscano da Osvaldo located near piazza santa croce, which serves some of the best Italian food I’ve had in a long time. address: Piazza dei Peruzzi, 3R, 50122 Firenze, call for reservations: +39 055 217919.
  • For good, hearty Tuscan food, I love taking people to Del Fagioli which is near piazza santa croce. The ambiance is quite typically Italian with lights that shine too bright but they have an excellent Florentine steak and nice wines. Get the steak. address:  Corso dei Tintori, 47-r, 50122 Firenze. 
  • Il Santo Bevitore, Via di Santo Spirito, 64/66, Firenze. Despite the crowded wait, they provide a creative and interesting menu with, I rate this as quite good when it comes to consistently good food and ambiance. Head next door Il Santino for aperitivo before dinner which is almost even better..
  • Slow Food | Culinaria Bistro is run by an association of people that promote slow food in Florence. You’ll find charcuterie platters and tajines. Piazza Tasso, 13R Florence, Italy (near Santo Spirito) CLOSED TUESDAYS.
  • Refined Tuscan cuisine in a cozy, yet contemporary ambiance. There is a lot to love about family-run Zeb in San Niccolo, the seasonal menu and great people-watching from the bar, just make sure you make a reservation first. address: Via S. Miniato, 2/r, 50125 Firenze
  • If I am looking for a nice steak in the center, I typically head to Buca Lapi. Quite literally ‘down below’ it serves up Tuscan food and its considered to be a real find but it is quite expensive. address: Via del Trebbio, 1r, 50123 Firenze
  • One of the most fun places for Tuscan food without a doubt is I’Brindellone (a true no-frills experience), Piazza Piattellina (piazza carmine) – I adore this place for the rustic atmosphere and hearty food, think fried coccoli (dough), truffle pasta, fried artichokes, traditional platters such as ribollita, ravioli and pappa al pomodoro and of course steak. It’s always full of locals. Call for reservations +39 055 217879.
  • Consider taking a taxi to Trattoria da Burde, one of my favorite places for true Tuscan food in Florence.  Go for the cheese platter and Florentine steak. The Gori brothers are well known around town and always offer a fun, satisfying experience. address: Via Pistoiese, 6/R, 50145 Firenze
  • Teatro del Sale, address: Via dè Macci, 118 is an institution in Florence. Food is served buffet style, screamed from the kitchen as dishes are brought out as soon as the chefs can cook them. Romantic? Probably not. But it is most definitely fun and Florentine, check out what dinner shows they host every week.  see the program and more here.
  • Just steps from the Uffizi is Buca dell’Orafo, which literally translates to “Goldsmith’s cave” which is what dining their sort of feels like. They serve up hearty Tuscan fare, homemade pasta, you know the drill. Reservations recommended. address: Volta dei Girolami 28Florence, Italy. 
  • Arà è Sud | Sicily meets Florence in this restaurant located on via della vigna vecchia. Here you can gorge on a myriad of Southern dishes from Italy’s biggest island which means plenty of fish, cannoli, and yes your arancini. It’s fantastic! — GO!
  • Cocktails at Locale, the hottest spot on via delle seggiole, is a cocktail-connoisseurs dream! I had an excellent dark & stormy (made with Ginger beer) there recently. Naturally they don’t have a website or contact number, but I recommend just going. facebook. 
  • Il Magazzino (for traditional Tuscan fare) in my beloved local piazza della passera and everything around this square is great!
  • Ristorante Pane e Vino,  Piazza di Cestello, 3R, Firenze is one of my new favorites. Located in the oltrarno side of the city, the menu is creative and distinctive, oh and they make their pasta fresh in-house. I highly recommend getting a wine pairing, as their impressive wine list is fabulous, you can’t get wrong with this place!
  • La Menagere, is the hottest new restaurant in Florence, on via de’ginori in the san lorenzo neighborhood. Go there for lunch, dinner, coffee, pick up flowers, it’s all concept and cool. I’ve tried both their aperitivo & tapas plus lunch and loved it all all! Read more here. 
  • One of my new favorite restaurants in Florence – awesome outdoor garde, – awesome cheese & cured meat boards, you should try this restaurant. Beppe Fioraia Firenze.
  • Trattoria Sostanza is a historical restaurant in the city serving up simple, delicious food like chicken infused with butter – yum!
  • Cibreo trattoria and Teatro del Sale, very very good! Fabio is owner of all three of the Cibreo enterprises and runs it all extremely well, I prefer the trattoria (price wise) and Teatro del Sale is a lot of fun! Think awesome buffet with entertainment.
Pasta art from Villa Campestri
Pasta art from Villa Campestri

Traditional Tuscan

  • Best Typical Spot (Lunch) In San Lorenzo | Sergio Gozzi, no frills Tuscan food at its best. Go with any daily special you see on the menu and get the polpette (they have meat in them) which will blow your mind, they are that good. Highly recommend if you are in the San lorenzo neighborhood. Open ONLY for lunch: 12:00-3:45pm. Piazza San Lorenzo, 8r, Firenze, Italia.
  • Consider taking a taxi to Trattoria da Burde located near the airport and a tried and true spot for true Tuscan food in Florence. The menu is seasonal and right now (autumn) they are offering a delicious trio of Florentine soups excellent and interesting meat and wine options. The Gori brothers are well known around town and always offer a fun, satisfying experience. address: Via Pistoiese, 6/R, 50145 Firenze. Open ONLY for lunch except on Fridays. +39 055 317206
  • Always a top spot, Del Fagioli is a favorite for both locals and visitors from abroad. Historical and family run, I go for the bistecca alla fiorentina (Florentine t-bone steak) and lardo crostini. Also ask about their daily desserts which are heaven. Book ahead as they tend to get popular. address: Corso dei Tintori, 47-r, 50122 Firenze
  • Trattoria Camillo is a popular mainstay with white tablecloths and somewhat haphazard service on borgo san jacopo. While it is on the pricey side, the food here is great. I like the fried sage and veal scappoline with lemon. address: Borgo S. Jacopo, 57/r, Firenze.
  • Trattoria La Casalinga is a true Tuscan institution and one of my favorite places to bring people in the city. It’s not longer as cheap as it used to be (2017) however it is on the more affordable side with a vast menu of local favorites. I like their penne all’arrabiata (spicy tomato pasta), fettunta appetizers and ribollita. Pasta starts around 7€. address: Via dei Michelozzi, 9/R, 50125 Firenze FI.
  • Hands down favorite close to my house is Trattoria L’Brindellone, Piazza Piattellina 10-11/r, 50124 Florence, Italy. +39 055 21 78 79. Make reservations, great Tuscan food and steak, no need to dress up here, it’s a locals joint
  • If you don’t mind a 25-30 minute walk from Ponte Vecchio, I highly recommend lunch or dinner at Traditional Tuscan and family run “Da Ruggero” on Via Senese 89/r. Here you’ll find local Italian staples like ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, ossobuco, pollo fritto, and delicious pasta dishes (I love the pici) Open Thurs-Mon 12:30-2:30pm, 7:30-10pm.
  • Near piazza della signoria? Try Vini e Vecchi Sapore, Via dei Magazzini, 3, Firenze. Authentic and really good Tuscan food (I love their beans cooked in a flask) You can’t find better in this area. Make reservations beforehand as this place is popular and in all of the guide books: +39 055 293045.
  • In the Oltrarno, a classy white-tablecloth restaurant thatI’ve been recently is Trattoria Camillo, well known among Italian friends of mine as a local institution. It’s a wonderful place to tuck into well-known dishes such as Florentine steak, sautéed greens and porcini pasta. Expect prices to be a little higher and reservations are highly recommended. address: Borgo S. Jacopo, 57/r.
  • Another place to get great steak in the Oltrarno neighborhood is Antico Ristoro di’ Cambi, address: Via Sant’Onofrio 1R, 50124 Florence Italy.
  • Gilda Bistro, down-home cooking in an elegant spot in the heart of Sant’ambrogio, love the peposo (slow-cooked spicy beef) and their dishes of the day. address: Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, 40-red, 50122 Firenze.
  • Alla Vecchia Bettola, traditional Tuscan in a pretty spot near piazza tasso, AddressVia Vasco Pratolini, 3, Firenze, Phone055 224158. 
  • A find near the Ponte Vecchio is Buca dell’Orafo. No frills Tuscan cuisine in a rustic ambiance, people come for the food NOT for the amazing service. address: Via dei Girolami, 28, Firenze. Open Tuesday-Saturday lunch and dinner 12-2:30, 7:30-10pm. and Monday 7:30-10pm.
  • Da Ruggero is a local Tuscan favorite among friends, it is located a little further out but it is worth the taxi ride or longer walk. Here you will get the non-nonsense, authentic local experience run by a local family. The dish to order here? Bollito or boiled Tuscan meats (tasted better than it sounds) served with salsa verde.  address:  Via Senese, 89/red, 50124 Firenze. 
  • Another simple Tuscan spot that deserves praise is Trattoria Enzo e Piero on Via Faenza. The service can be a little iffy but the price/quality ratio is pretty legit. 105r, 50123 Firenze.
  • One favorite among us and many locals is Trattoria dell’Orto, Via dell’Orto, 35, 50124 Firenze, 055 224148. On the ‘other side of the river’ this is where you want to go to eat traditional Tuscan food in a rustic ambiance. Really fantastic steak!
  • Buca Lapi, is an awesome place for steak and Tuscan food and its considered to be a real find. address: Via del Trebbio, 1r, 50123 Firenze
  • Trattoria Sostanza is always a sure bet for great food ‘bistecca alla fiorentina’ (Florentine steal) and my favorite, the butter chicken.  The desserts are also superb, but share as portions are abundant. One of those places that I adore taking out of towners for the simple, wonderful ambiance. Via della Porcellana 25. Reservations recommended. It’s not cheap (sides are 9 euros) but it is a nice splurge.
  • Lunch, Osteria Il Buongustai (near piazza signoria)  Via dei Cerchi, 50122 Firenze. Lunch spot I adore.
  • Trattoria Da Mario, Via Rosina, 2, 50123 Firenze. (San Lorenzo neighborhood). Casual.
  • Ristorante Il Tranvai,  Piazza Torquato Tasso, 14r, 50124 Firenze. A little further out there but I adore it! Casual.
  • Alla Vecchia Bettola is a neighborhood favorite and so good (think boisterous atmosphere), Via Vasco Pratolini, 3, 50124 Firenze
  • Trattoria Osvaldo for steak, Tuscan cuisine and a nice ambiance a little outside of the city center. It looks like your grandmother’s kitchen but here, that’s a great thing. You won’t leave full here. address: Via Gabriele D’Annunzio, 51R
  • Il Sabatino, via Pisana 2, This is a true Florentine bare bones institution. The menu is cheap and simple and you can be assured of the fact of its authenticity. I especially adore their pasta e fagioli soup. +39 55 225955.. Awesome & cheap!
  • Looking for a wonderful steak? Try Trattoria 13 Gobbi, it’s near the train station and they have some of the best steak in the city. Address: Via del Porcellana, 9R, Firenze.

Seafood in Florence

Florence is nowhere the sea, but luckily it is possible to find decent places here. If you can’t make it to the Tuscan coast (and Livorno for the famous fish stew ‘cacciucco’ try these spots.

  • Ristorante Vivo | Seafood in a contemporary ambiance that won’t break the bank. Located in the ever-growing-in-gourmet-popularity piazza annonini is the lovely Vivo, a new addition into the seafood in Florence scene, they have an original location in Capalbio. I have yet to try it myself but I have read a ton about it and I am definitely going to plan a personal visit soon. I like the fact that from antipasti to second courses, the price ranges around 8€-10€ and the menu changes daily based on the fish caught. A definite refreshing trend from articles like this, which have scared me from eating seafood in the USA: My friends who HAVE visited, assured me that it’s worth checking out, though they point out that the open plan seating doesn’t truly allow for a romantic evening. For an honest review (in Italian) check out this post by La Forchiettiere. address: Largo Annigoni 9 A/B – zona sant’Ambrogio – Firenze. Reservations highly recommended. +39 333 1824183.
  • Burro e Acciughe | a solid fish spot in Florence is nestled in the ever-more-trendy Oltrarno neighborhood of town and is already gaining a loyal following. I recently had a date night there with Nico and was super impressed with my “millefoglie of fish with a delicate pure side”, also nice choice of wine, go for the Sicilian Etna Bianco, 22€ a bottle.. address: Via dell’Orto 35, Florence 50124
  • Il Guscio, neighborhood: san frediano, Via dell’Orto, 49. Good home-cooking and excellent fish dishes and honestly one of the places we frequent the most. Open Monday-Friday 12-2:30pm, 7:30pm – 11pm, Saturday 7:30am – 11pm, closed Sunday.
  • Pasticceria Giorgio, neighborhood: soffiano, address:  Via Duccio di Boninsegna, 36. Known for the excellent pastries but the surprise is that they also have great fish dishes. Go for lunch. Tuesday-Saturday 7:00am-8pm, Sunday 7am-1pm, closed Monday.

Best Places To Get a Pizza in Florence

  • On Borgo San Frediano, Fermento 1889 is impressing locals with their Napoletana style pizzas and in fact you’ll need to call ahead to nab a spot. Also impressive is the rum Baba. Borgo S. Frediano, 16. Open evenings at 7pm, also great for take-out.
  • La Divina Pizza is an unassuming spot for flatbread pizza by the slice and artisan craft beer near Santa Croce and Sant’Ambrogio. It’s great for a quick bite (small space inside) or I have often taken a few slices to go for a gluttonous feast at my house. Highly recommend. address. Borgo Allegri, 50/red.
  •  Berbere in piazza nerli (oltrarno and santa croce), brand new quality pizza & craft beer, I LOVED the pumpkin, ricotta and spicy mustard version, they just opened a new location on Via de’Bardi. Facebook page. Go for the daily pizza, always. Open 7 days a week, 12.00 – 15.00 / 19.00 – 23.00.

  • Tamero Pizzeria is one of my (new) stop choices for pizza in Florence. Affordable, great ingredients and I like the service too. Get any pie with San Marzano tomatoes and you will be a happy customer.
  • BiancaZeroZero | The first “pinzeria” in Florence. It is a type of antique Roman rectangular pizza made from a dough mix of soy flour, wheat and rice (really nice and crispy without leaving you feeling heavy). They also have a selection of beers from Birra Amarcord which pair nicely with the pinseria. I’m a fan! address: Piazza della Passera
  • Mangia Pizza | A casual lunch spot offering gourmet pizzas in the center of town, following the original popular location based in Prato. It’s already highly popular and definitely worth trying. Closes at 7pm.  address: Via Lambertesca, 24/26/R, 50122 Firenze.
  • My favorite home delivery pizza in Florence is Pizzeria O Scugnizzo (Napoli style pizza) on Via Dell’orto, 25/R, Firenze. Honest good pizza, honest good people. Open nightly 6:30-11:30pm
  • Yummy Napolotano pizza on via dei macci, make sure to make reservations, very rustic in the sant’ambrogio neighborhood.
  • One of the best pizzas can be found in the new ‘primo piano’ above the central market in san lorenzo, mercato centrale. The pizza is out of this world.
  • Near the Campo di Marte Area is a fantastic new spot for artisan pizzas and craft beers, Don Fefe, Via Giuseppe la Farina, 29, Firenze.
  • For a NYC Bistro type place that makes fabulous pizza, head to La Bussola, Via Porta Rossa, 58r, 50123 Firenze.
  • A real ‘find’ in Florence, wonderful pizza & pasta,  Cucineria La Mattonaia, Via della Mattonaia, 19R, 50121 Firenze FI.
  • Caffe Italiano (the pizzeria not the Osteria). This is the local favorite pick if you ask any of my Italian friends. They only have three choices – Margarita, Napoli or Marinara. Show up around 7pm to get a spot in this tiny location near S.Croce.
  • You may be surprised but one of the best pizzas in Florence is definitely at the Mozzarella bar on via tornabuoni! 
  • A local favorite is Pizzeria Spera,Via della Cernaia, 9, Firenze near the Cure district of Florence, it gets packed quickly so making reservations would be wise!

pizza in florence

Coffee, Tea and Relaxing in Florence

  • Coffee & More | Ditta Artigianale. Ditta is now located all over Florence with several locations in the Oltrarno as well as Piazza Ferrucci and Sant’Ambrogio. As per usual they keep up with their modern coffee bar vibes (love their v60/aeropress filters and of course a flat white) while also adding a full restaurant and bustling craft cocktail bar once the clock hits 6:30pm. I’ve already been way too many times and love it. You can one of my write ups about an Oltrarno location here.
  • Ben Caffè a stone’s throw from the Duomo on Via delle Oche, 7 is a small coffee bar serving up interesting blends and personal favorites such as my beloved Flat White and Golden Milk, a turmeric concoction that has been my go-to lately when I’ve had a little too much caffeine.
  • Caffetteria Piansa is a fairly new addition to to the popular Gioberti stretch (just beyond Piazza Beccaria) and they serve one of the best flat whites I’ve had in the city (maybe even better than Ditta, the coffee is less harsh). My advice? Go discover Beccaria and Gilbert and spend a lingering late morning sipping coffee at Piansa. address: Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 51/red
  • La Ménagére, address: Via de’ Ginori, 8, also a restaurant, the coffee bar area is quite nice and they don’t mind if you pull out a laptop. Open daily 7am-2am. The coffee is from Ditta Artigianale.
  • Simbiosi Coffee is located on Via de’ Ginori, 64r and quite frankly, is one of the best places in town for quality brews. They pay attention to where they get their coffee and how it is toasted and the place itself is quite cozy, perfect for a friendly catch up! 
  • Caffè Castorino is a recent find located near Porta al Prato. This is a great place not only to come enjoy a coffee with a friend (they have plenty of specialty versions) but also to buy coffee beans and various coffee-related gear. This is worth the walk and you can visit nearby Vino e Ravioli for awesome Chinese dumplings. address: Via del Ponte alle Mosse, 11/N.
  • Caffe Pasticceria Serafini is right in Piazza Beccaria where I used to live on the tiny road of Via Luna. This is the place for locals to grab a coffee and join a conversation. They also make lovely pastries and light lunch options. address: : Via Gioberti, 168/red
  • Caffè Cibrèo is an institution in Florence, with a classic style in the heart of piazza Sant’Ambrogio. The perfect spot to bring a guest and have an espresso or three before hitting up the local market. address: Via Andrea del Verrocchio, 5r, 50122 Firenze.
Chilling at Cibreo, on a sunny day, the outside terrace is a popular meeting point. Photo credit: Christine Juette Photography
Chilling at Cibreo, on a sunny day, the outside terrace is a popular meeting point. Photo credit: Christine Juette Photography
  • San Tea House is a new place that has just opened up on the ‘oltrarno’ side of the Ponte Vecchio. The exact address is: Via Dè Barbadori, 21. Very cute little space on an otherwise pretty quiet street, here you can get your fix of tea (bubble tea included) fresh fruit juices and more. Closed all of August.
  • One local find is the Le Murate Caffè Letterario Firenze which despite being in the center of Florence, seems to attract mostly locals. Come for a cappuccino in the courtyard of an ex-prison. address: Piazza delle Murate, 50122 Firenze
Relaxing at Murate on a sunny day, Photo Credit: Christine Juette Photography
Relaxing at Murate on a sunny day, Photo Credit: Christine Juette Photography
  • My ‘local’ is Cafe degli Artigiani in piazza della passera, no-nonsense and you can sit outside and eat a light lunch. The coffee isn’t great but for some reason I love it. 
  • Via del te, tea room  (two locations Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, 22/23r and via di santo spirito)
  • Todo Modo, Bookshop, library and free WIFI, this is a wonderful place to immerse yourself with the culture of books and lots and lots of coffee. Via dei Fossi 15 rosso 50123.
  • La Cite,  Borgo San Frediano, 20, 50124 Firenze. A lovely shabby-chic cafe library with plenty of room to hide and work for a few hours, Free WiFi.

Where to get the best gelato in Florence

  • Top Choice, Gelateria My Sugar, Via de’ Ginori 49r (San Lorenzo neighborhood). Brand-new artisan joint owned by two passionate people, try their pistachio & yogurt! Highly recommend. Open daily from noon until 11pm. website.
gelateria firenze
Photo: My Sugar Gelateria & Yogurt
  • Carabe (Sicilian), Via Ricasoli 60/r close to the Duomo. Really awesome fruit gelato. This place just ROCKS
  • Geleteria dei Neri, Via dei Neri 20/22R. Better than Vivoli, just sayin. 
  • Geleteria della Passera, Piazza della Passera 15 (close to Palazzo Pitti). Don’t think about the awkward name of the Piazza but they make great sorbet and caffe gelato.
  • Geleteria dei Medici, via dello Statuto, 3. Well worth the trek and famous among locals. I used to live in this area and this was my happy place for their ricotta and pear version. Buonissimo! 
  • La Sorbettiera, Piazza Torquato Tasso, 11. Well worth the walk, plus this piazza is full of hidden foodie gems! This is one of the best in town and I always go for their salted caramel.
  • Near the Duomo, Ara: E Sicilia is a real winner in my book and they don’t just serve gelato, but Sicilian popular street snacks as well. address: via degli Alfani, 127R.
  • In Sant’Ambrogio, stop by Gelateria Il Procopio, Via Pietrapiana 62r (Piazza Dei Ciompi), they also have great options for those who are gluten-free & dairy-free. I love their coffee gelato with nuts and dark chocolate. Oh yeah, don’t get me started on the “Cassata” flavor, that needs a blog post on its own.
  • Find yourself in Campo di Marte? I highly recommend Badiani Gelateria on Viale dei Mille, 20r. They are known to have coined the “Buontalenti” flavor which is a type of crema with a touch of liquor.

Get Out Of Town (Great Restaurants)

Because what really compares to a lunch in the countryside, get outta town is my motto when the Ponte Vecchio starts to look like a heaving mass of people that never ends. We love the below places and can vouch for them all.

  • BAGNO A RIPOLI | Just outside of Florence is Trattoria La Gargotta, offering Tuscan home-cooking with a beautiful outside terrace with a far-off view of the Duomo. Dinner around 40 euros per person (with wine).  Via Vicchio e Paterno, 19, 50012 Bagno A Ripoli FI. + 39 055 631444.
  • Bagno a Ripoli (Villamagna) | Antico Forno is a really lovely spot for lunch or dinner on the weekends with an outside terrace, just 28 minutes from the center of Florence. The food is always dependably delicious, our favorite go-to dishes include the Coccoli, Prosciutto e Stracchino (fried bread dough with ham and soft cheese), Spaghetti alla Chitarra con Guanciale, Salvia e Parmigiano (pasta with pork cheek, sage and parmesan) and Bracioline e Patate Fritte con Composta di Peperoni (like a thinner Wienerschnitzel (breaded pork) with homemade potato chips and a savory/sweet compost. address: Via di S. Romolo, 118, 50012 Villamagna FI. Open Thursday to Sunday. call 055 633583 for a reservation. 
  • Settignano | Caffe Desiderio is a really adorable restaurant in Settignano, a classy little suburb above Florence which is easily reachable by bus. This recommendation is courtesy of my friend Emiko Davies who lives in the area (and happens to be a kickass food writer so you know this is a legit recommendation). address: Piazza Niccolò Tommaseo, 5r, 50135 Settignano FI
  • PRATOVECCHIO (AREZZO) | Ristorante La Tana Degli Orsi. I will probably get killed by my Italian friends for sharing this extreme gem of a restaurant but let’s just say it is so good that you need to book a month ahead of time to get a spot. address: Via Roma, 1, 52015 Pratovecchio AR. Phone: +39 0575 583377
  • Just outside of Florence is the lovely Trattoria Omero, on Via del Pian dei Giullari, 47. Pappardelle with duck and other delights await you along with the beautiful terrace.
  • CHIANTI | Mac Dario in Panzano-Chianti (Tuscany). Easy, fun, in the heart of Chianti.
  • SAN VICENZO | Il Sale at Poggio ai Santi is a dream restaurant. Nestled in one beautiful boutique hotel, this location overlooks the sea and on a clear day you can spot Elba island and Corsica. Il Sale is the restaurant and they adhere to s strict-Tuscan only philosophy. This is hands down one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to in one of the most charming locations. Romantic, special occasions, friends, it’s perfect for everything. address: via San Bartolo, 100 I-57027 San Vincenzo (LI) – tel +39 0565 798032.
  • BAGNO A RIPOLI: Ristorante 588 at Borgo i Vicelli, one of my newest finds is a 25 minute drive from Florence in the bagno a ripoli hills, chef Andrea whips up a variety of creative cuisine taking inspiration from their abundant vegetable garden. address: VIA ROMA N. 588 50012 BAGNO A RIPOLI (FIRENZE), TEL. +39 055 699003
  • EMILIA-ROMAGNA | La Tana di Charly (best restaurant in Emilia-Romagna), no really!
  • VALDARNO | One of my top restaurant recommendations in Tuscany is Il Canto del Maggio, a 40 minute drive from Florence in the Valdarno area of the region. Read my review and details how to get there here. This place rocks my WORLD!!!
  • PONTASSIEVE | Fattoria LaVacchio near Pontassieve. Amazing food, amazing views & locally produced wine – all at a fabulous price! This is a place you want to go.
  • MUGELLO | Restaurant L’Olivaia at Villa Campestri – open during the summer months and creative menu based around their excellent EVOO. address: Via di Campestri, 19/22, 50039 Vicchio di Mugello FI. +39 055 849 0107
  • AREZZO | Ristorante Il Goccino, address: Via Giacomo Matteotti, 90, 52046 Lucignano Arezzo. One of the best restaurants in Tuscany, under the watchful eye of Chef Susanna.
  • VAL DI PESA | Palazzo Pretorio, Via del Giglio, 26, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa FI. Best pizza EVER!
  • BAGNO A RIPOLI | A ‘Casa del Popolo’ in the Florentine fraction of Bagno a Ripoli, Osteria Nuova is a hit with locals looking for al-fresco dining with affordable prices. Highly recommend the daily menu & pizzas. address: via roma 448, facebook.

Ethnic Fare in Florence, Italy

  • Dumplings | Vino e Ravioli is a small hole-in-the-wall near Porta a Prato and a mixed plate of dumplings will set you back 3/4€. They also offer a variety of vino sfuso by the glass. address: Via del ponte alle mosse 7 R. Open for lunch and dinner.
  • Indian | I am obsessed with Indian food and my go-to spot as of 2019* is Royal India on Via Guelfa, 90R. It’s fun to dine in (near San Lorenzo) or you can order delivery through Deliveroo. They have your standard selections of curries: meat, fish, and vegetarian and fragrant rice dishes, infused with lemon, dried fruits or just plain. Get the cheese naan and you can thank me later.
  • Armenian, Georgian | Ararat, An Armenian and Georgian restaurant offering delicious bites. To be honest, I know absolutely nothing about food from either Armenia and Georgia however this restaurant made me want to discover and research more after a really nice experience with friends about a month ago in Florence. Try the spiced meat involtini, PKHALI – traditional pate from Georgia and my favorite dish “KHACHAPURI” like a beautiful flat bread with cheese and egg and everything nice.  address: VIA BORGO LA CROCE 32/R
    Florence, Italy 50126.
  • Sushi and Traditional Japanese | Il Cuore in the Oltrarno just might be Florence’s answer to excellent Japanese food and yes it doesn’t come cheap. However they have two tasting menus that won’t break the bank. address: Via Romana, 123r, 50125 Firenze FI. Worth calling ahead.
  • Greek: Mame is THE greek street food in the Oltrarno which has gained a true loyal following. address: Via dei Serragli, 114
  • Burger | Drogheria is my go-to for a great burger and handmade chips, they also serve nice cocktails. address:
  • For Thai & Sushi fusion and one of my local favorites for truly dependable Japanese fusion, try Niwa, address: Via del Ponte alle Mosse
  • Zushi is open on the viale near Porta al Prato serving up sushi and Japanese bites in a very hip ambiance, is it the best? No, is it fun anyway? Yes. Call ahead and ask to sit in the tables in the “grass” area. Cocktails are decent too. address: Viale Belfiore, 6/A, 50144 Firenze
  • Indian | Haveli might be a little far out (but still pretty easy to reach) but it is truly one of my favorite places for Indian food in the city. Adorable and dated ambiance and a fun place for groups. address: Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 31r-33r.
  • Spanish | La Cova, Tapas Bar Just Steps from Pitti. This popular location in Prato now comes to Florence as of December of last year, the trend of “tapas” has hit Florence especially in the Oltrarno area. What makes this place different is that it exactly showcases Spanish tapas done right, I loved my grilled peppers stuffed with cod and quest, plus try their prosciutto and you won’t be sorry. As for the drinks, I adore their cava by the glass and interesting wine selections. This place is winning. address: Sdrucciolo de’ Pitti, 19. Open 7:30-10:30pm.
  • Iranian | Ristorante Tehran, A Taste of Persia in the historical center. Only open since two months, this tiny colorful and cozy space on Via dei Cecchi 25r is already gaining a fast following for those who are looking for an exotic escape. While I am no expert in Iranian food, my lunch here with friends recently was delicious. We got a medley of beef and chicken kebabs, fragrant citrus-infused rice with berries, yogurt and veggie starters and ended with tea (served with saffron rock sugar) done right. Highly recommend.
  • German/Bavarian | Bavarian in Florence, fried bread & garlicky cheese galore!.
  • Sushi | Sushi place Iyo Iyo, is in the historical center and has an actual Japanese Chef and great food in a very casual ambiance. Borgo Pinti, 25, 50100 Firenze. One to watch.
  • Sushi | Yaguri sushi in Florence, Italy. Good prices and lunch menu, popular among Florentines.
  • Lebanese | I really like this Lebanese joint in the Santa Croce neighborhood, Valle Dei Cedri, you can also order take-out from them via the website address: Via Borgo Santa Croce, 11, 50122 Firenze.
  • Ramen| Real Ramen in Florence, fantastic little place near Piazza Santa Maria Novella. They even do cold, summer versions.
  • Jewish | Looking for kosher? rest assured there is a great vegetarian kosher restaurant in Florence. Falafal!
  • Indian/Chinese/ & More. Takeout – Food delivery, around the city. List here.

Brunch in Florence

  • Melaleuca in Florence is one of the newest places around town but certainly warrants the top spot as brunch experts in the city. This is where you go for a quality eggs Benedict, superb chai latter, and avocado toast that is so damn pretty it looks like a work of art. Also their dessert display makes me want to give everything up and just live off of cinnamon rolls and lamingtions. Lungarno delle Grazie, 18, 50122 Firenze FI. Open 8am-5pm daily. 
  • Le Vespe Cafe’, Via Ghibellina 76R. a solid brunch spot in Florence for any budget! They have pancakes, quesadillas, sandwiches named after local streets.
  • Rooster Cafe on Via Sant’Egidio, 37 is a great (albeit tiny) spot for an American-style brunch in the center of Florence. I love their pancakes and veggie burger, they also make sweet potato fries the right way and this makes my heart happy (perhaps not my cholesterol though). Keep in mind they do have a second location on Via Porta Rossa but only serve (mediocre) Italian food in the winter.
  • Floret is located in Luisa Via Roma on the first floor terrace and offers a lovely, more stylish brunch (poke bowls, avocado toast, couscous) than you might have seen elsewhere. With healthy options dominating the menu you could bring all of your LA friends on annoying diets and they will be happy. Seriously though, this place is excellent. 
  • Ditta Artigianale might be more well known for their single origin coffee and blends (they roast in Tuscany) but they have a pretty decent selection of brunch options (great avocado toast, I love the one with caramelized onions). Crowded on weekends, for more room head to the Via dello Sprone location.
  • For my top ‘Italian’ brunch, go to Teatro del Sale, Via dè Macci, 118. Casual atmosphere, buffet style & truly excellent. More info on the adjoining shows here.
  • Healthy but awesome: Il Carduccio is a delicious option for those looking for an organic Italian brunch that you’ll remember. address:  Sdrucciolo de’ Pitti, 10/R, 50125 Firenze
  • Libreria Brac does a late Sunday brunch: 12-4pm and is perfect for vegetarians and vegans plus people who enjoy a bohemian ambiance. address:
    via dei vagellai 18r – ph. 055.094487
  • Fancy! The Four Seasons in Florence offers up a gorgeous brunch (think 75 euros a person and up!) but they are pricey! Four Seasons is 12-3pm (weekends) Borgo Pinti, 99 – ph. + 39 055.2626450. Another option is to try their fabulous ‘high tea.’ They have also offered a Japanese style brunch at Magnolia that I have yet to try but that I have heard amazing things about, will report back. 
  • Fancy! JK Place in piazza santa maria novella has an awesome Sunday brunch, 12:30 – 3pm. Ask for a seat on the terrace. ph. 055.2645181

Best Restaurants For Special Occasions

A bit more on the formal side, if you’re looking for a fine-dining experience or something with an extra edge, I highly recommend the following.  

  • Ora d’Aria, when it comes to gourmet eats in the city of Florence, we don’t have a ton of options but we sure do have passion. Ora d’Aria is definitely one of the top spots for Michelin-star dining near the Ponte Vecchio. The decor is modern/classy and the dining rooms take up two different floors, you can order from their a la carte menu or a variety of tasting menus. address: Via dei Georgofili, 11, 50122 Firenze, Phone055 200 1699. Expect to pay around €180-200 a person. cocktails before? Try Fusion bar. 

Best Restaurants For Big Groups

Just because you are in a big group, doesn’t mean you should have to eat crap. Here is my top list on where to eat in Florence for 10+ people. Feel free to add any suggestions in the comments below.

  • Cucineria La Mattonaia. In the Sant’ Ambrogio neighborhood, this is a top pick and where I took a huge group of friends for Nico’s birthday last year. Beautiful ambiance and really fabulous Italian food, the menu specializes in seafood and pizza, there is something for everyone here. Highly recommend. address: Via della Mattonaia, 19R, 50121 Firenze FI. Phone:+ 39 055 386 056
  • Trattoria Angiolino. This Oltrarno based restaurant is one of the oldest eateries in the area (you can tell as soon as you walk in the door) and they are dedicated to traditional Tuscan cuisine: think pasta, soup, and of course bistecca alla fiorentina. They have the space for big groups, just make sure to book in advance. address: Via di Santo Spirito, 36 R.+39 055 239 8976
  • La Beppe Fioraia. In the San Niccolo neighborhood towards Piazzale Michelangelo. I like this place because it is fun, and kind of hidden on a street next to a park in Florence. They have really awesome ‘tagliere’ or cured meat and cheese boards. Great for groups! address: Via dell’Erta Canina, 6r, 50125 Firenze. +39 055 234 7681

Family-Friendly Restaurants/Bars

  • Il Conventino. Via Giano della Bella, 20. If you follow me on IG than you know that I frequent this ex-convent-turned-cultural hangout because it’s safe for my toddler to run amok and they serve great pinsa pizza, salads, and offer up an affordable all-day cafe. As a super added bonus, the courtyard is open for dining outside and there is a collective of artisans with workshops that you can access from the courtyard. It’s my happy place and I absolutely adore it! This is also a great spot to bring your computer and work but if you do, make sure to get a coffee an hour or something to eat so that you help support the cause. 

Aperitivo in Florence/ Wine Bars

  • Pitti Gola e Cantina is a classy wine bar specializing in wines from Piemonte and is known to have one of the best wine lists in the city. Located directly in front of Palazzo Pitti, this is the perfect little spot for a glass of wine before dinner (they do have food here) but reserve ahead or come early as spots fill up fast, adaptable to small groups only. address:  Piazza de Pitti, 16. +39 055 212704.
  • Le Volpi e l’Uva, piazza dei rossi 1r, cute little wine bar near the Ponte Vecchiowhere owner Ciro expertly navigates your way to a higher wine-loving experience. Call to ensure that you get a spot on the outside terrace and in the winter come early to nab a coveted indoor spot. Great french cheeses and piping hot crostoni! Adaptable to small groups only
  • Enoteca Bellini, hidden away on Via della Spada, 52 on the corner of San Pancrazi square, This is delightful place to dive into interesting wines and curated crostini and is close to my favorite cocktail bar Manifattura. Open 12:30-10pm.
  • Enoteca Vigna Nuova is super spot near the Arno to enjoy bubbles, all types of Italian wines, and light dinner options (think tartare and crostini) Via dei Federighi, 3/R, 50123 Firenze FI.
  • Il Santino, via di santo spirito, part of my ‘must-try’ five minutes from the Ponte Vecchio. Small space so come early.
  • Another aperitivo favorite (a real find) is Libreria Brac on a hidden street near via dei benci! **** make a reservation or they may kill you.
  • Se’Sto on Arno, Piazza Ognissanti, 3, 50123 Firenze. Rooftop bar on the Westin Excelsiore has a great aperitivo and an ever better view.
  • Another gorgeous terrace that you can have aperitivo – Hotel Baglioni, terrazza brunelleschi has a gorgeous veggie buffet and some of the best Duomo views in town.
  • Rifrullo, Via di San Niccolò, 55r, 50125 Firenze. Where the Italians go for aperitivo. Room for large groups, call ahead.
  • Forte Belvedere, beautiful place for aperitivo overlooking Florence (summer months)

Best Pasticceria in Florence

  • Pasticceria Gualtieri on Via Senese, 18/red is my go to in our new neighborhood in Florence. It’s not a space where you can really grab a table but go for a pastry, coffee, or you’re invited to a friend’s house for lunch — an Iris cake (their signature treat!). 
  • Bottega di Pasticceria – opened in 2016, while it might a newbie in town, this is already a personal favorite. A huge, elegant space near Piazza Ferrucci, they open from 6:30am-Midnight and serve freshly-made pastries, cakes (try the mini raspberry and chocolate bites) as well as great aperitivo and dinner options. address: lungarno ferrucci 9c
  • Pasticceria Giorgio (famous in Florence, amazing pastries but what they are truly well-known for is their schiacciata alla fiorentina cake during Carnival season!) Via Duccio di Boninsegna, 36, 50143 Firenze
    055 710849.
  • Vecchio Forno on Via Guelfa, 32 is a prime spot near the San Lorenzo neighborhood for all baked goods (breads, cantucci (amazing fig version), and seasonal treats like frittelle and schiacciata alla fiorentine (during Carnivale). Great prices too.
  • Pasticceria Nencioni. This historical spot is located in Florence’s Sant-Ambrogio neighborhood and is one of the best local places in the center. address: Via Pietrapiana, 24, Firenze FI.
  • Dolce & Dolcezze in Piazza Cesare Beccaria, 8r, Firenze is always a true favorite. These women are godsends when it comes to that perfect chocolate cake or interesting pastries.
  • Pasticceria Buonamici, via dell’orto 12r. Another historical pasticceria in the oltrarno that is well known for their beautifully made almond biscotti
  • S.Forno, located in the san frediano/santo spirito area. Via S. Monaca 3r, 50124 Florence, Italy.
  • Robiglio, Via dei Tosinghi, 11/R. Hot chocolate, good coffee, pastries to die for, and close to the Duomo.
  • La Pasticceria (Bread & Pastries) in the new floor on top of the fresh fruit & veg market in San Lorenzo. I love love love the eclairs!

Food Tours in Florence/Tuscany worth trying

KM Zero Tours is company operating out of Montrogoli, Chianti — about 25 minutes from Florence and whose aim it is to take you around small and local producers (cheese, wine and more) and tell you more of the behind-the-scenes story. They also have a beautiful villa to rent (also in sections) where they whip up meals and give you recommendations. They are incredible, and I have found a renewed love of the Chianti area because of them. Website.

Food Tours in Florence –Curious Appetite. Food Blogger in Florence leads various food and wine tours by foot in Florence and wine tours in the Tuscan countryside. Tours are organized by themes (market, food and wine pairing, aperitivo, dinner crawl, artisan workshops, craft beer and more) and location (wine tours in Montalcino and Chianti Classico). I personally had a wonderful experience with Coral aka Curious Appetite Travel on a number of different tours, you can’t go wrong with a person who loves food, is knowledgeable and makes you laugh, check out their tours here.

My top restaurant lists that you can check out on YELP. 

** Or if you are craving a lazy-night at home but don’t feel like cooking, I have compiled a great list of places that deliver food. Enjoy! 

Cooking Classes in Florence I Recommend

  • My favorite place to send people is to the cooking class of Giulia aka ‘Jul’s Kitchen,’ a lovely girl who is based out of her house in the Tuscan countryside (a 40 minute bus ride from Florence – so easy!). She makes traditional Tuscan food in an ambiance that I can only describe as dreamy. You can read more about my experience with her here.
  • Pizza-making in Florence with Curious Appetite. She is my foodie go-to gal in the city, and for those who want to learn how to make pizza, I recommend her class  in Florence which she does together with a  Gambero Rosso awarded chef, you will make your own pizza dough from scratch with artisan gourmet ingredients. Afterwards she will take you wine tasting or on a gelato tour, post-pizza making. Sounds like heaven!
  • DESINARE Cooking school & shop @ Riccardo Barthel is a good choice as well (in the oltrarno too!). They are not the cheapest option but I’ve heard good things. Via dei Serragli, 234, Firenze, Phone:055 221118. The location I should mention is absolutely beautiful. website.

Nightlife in Florence:








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  1. Love your blog! Going to Florence at the end of August so will read through all these clever tips, thanks for posting! iida

    1. I am obsessed with your blog. My husband and I are spending our 50th wedding anniversary in Rome and Florence and I want to make it memorable. Thank you for your insight!

  2. Santo Graal was excellent, I’d never have found it without your tips.

  3. I have just started to learn italian at my home country and want to go to Florence next year for some course. I just found your blog and it is just perfect! I cannot find better word, but can also say much more than perfect!Thank you

  4. I am from Slovakia, I have just started to learn italian and want to go next year in may to Florence and hope one day I will live there:) this blog helps me a lot before my journey

  5. Best meal ever at enoteca la barrique. Thanks girl in Florence!

  6. THANK GOODNESS FOR THIS BLOG! Wow. We would be friends if I lived there. Heading there for a few weeks in July with a bunch of girlfriends and this blog is going to save us from too much of the “tourist” stuff. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now to book a place to stay! 🙂

  7. We are leaving for a 3 week trip to Italy and a week of that in Florence. I have taken many notes from your blog. Thank you for your ideas. I will report back after we have tried your suggestions.

  8. I’m planning to go solo trip in Florence this August. Your blog is soo informative and helpful 🙂 Could i ask more questions? Would it be safe to go out at night alone? Or go to the bars alone? 🙂

    1. Hello Jasmin, you are more than welcome to ask whatever questions you please, go right ahead! It is completely safe to go out alone in Florence, you just want to be self-aware like in any other city. While it is less common here to go to a bar alone, head to one like Fusion or Slowly and I think you will really like it, I feel like there you can feel comfortable and probably chat with someone, even at a place like Sabor Cubano in the san lorenzo area )

      1. Thanks so much for the tips 🙂 for hotel or boutique, where would u suggest a good area to stay at? Which is near the places to go to and near a train stn or easy access to transportation? 🙂

  9. We are a mother and son owned Bistro who specialize in home cooking and seasonal cuisine. Have you ever dined at us? We are located in San Nicolo. Let us know if you are interested.
    A presto!! Alberto Navari, owner

  10. Dear Georgette
    I visited Florence with my husband a month I go and really enjoyed it. As we like to follow the local vibe, wherever we travel , we wanted to try bisteca fiorentina. So, we followed your tip (“Hands down favorite is Trattoria L’Brindellone”) and went there to try the bisteca. (And before and after that to Hemingway’s for aperitivo!).
    Well, I would like to let you know that it was a great and authentic experience for us : the food, the place, the service…. it is what we look for when we travel!
    We also found Hemingway’s bar unique.
    Your tips have made precious memories of our trip
    Thank you very much and hope some time it founds …next door, to Greece.

    Evi from Athens, Greece

    1. Hello Evi, thank you so much for your kind words. I am so happy that you guys went to my local favorite, Brindellone. While fancy it is NOT, this is true ‘Tuscan’ food and somewhere an Italian would actually pay to eat food he could technically get from mamma at home. Hemingways is a real find, not only is it famous for hot chocolate, the drinks are really well done and the place itself is very cute. I hope you make it back here again!

  11. Hey! Just wanted to know the opening and closing hours of Osteria Il Buongustai 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  12. Love your blog!!!
    Would love your opinion:
    Dinner in Florence on a Tuesday night and reservations are available at 7:30 or 9:00.
    Which is better? At home in Chicago, 9:00 seems later than we would normally prefer but
    when in Rome (or Florence)……

    1. I think 7:30 is a little early, but I get that is a little late. Why not go for a drink at Fusion bar first 😉 while you wait!

  13. Hi Georgette! Thank you for your blog!!! Im planning to have an october destination wedding in tuscany so im taking notes 😉

    Im thinking of reserving a friday night for a fun welcome dinner in the city …. 50-60 pp

    Any great spots that i should absolutely consider? Hopefully i will be out there bext weekend..

    Crowd is Mixed: maknly italian and us families/friends…

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  14. Hi!
    Going to Florence come this August and your blog is as sent from heaven! Just wondering – the top picture on this page (one large lemonade-like drink and several tiny cups of proscioutto, cantaloupe and other deliciously looking nibbles), where is it from? Think we are going to pay it a visit….

    1. Hell Rebecca, thank you! The photo from the top is from an aperitivo on the rooftop of Hotel Bagliono/terrazza brunelleschi close to the station. Very beautiful vantage point from which to see Florence!

  15. Great post! How did I miss it when you posted it? Your food posts make me hungry. Time for another caffe and some cheese!!!

  16. Our family of 4 will be traveling to Florence soon and my older daughter will celebrate her 14th birthday the day after we arrive. Any good suggestions for where to take her for a birthday dinner?

  17. As a fellow american living in Florence I love your posts on food, and new restaurants! Can’t wait to try some of the new places you have found!
    Ps. If you haven’t tried it yet Pasticceria Gualtieri in Porta Romana could be on the list, it is my favorite place for a cappucino and a pastry in Florence. They even have vegan and gluten free options!

    1. Ciao Kristin. Thank you so so much. I love to write about food because well, I pretty much live to eat. I will definitely checking out the pasticceria in porta romana, I live nearby and I always need a good excuse to run out for a sweet ;-).

  18. Dear Georgette,

    Can you please highlight me a place to eat, best for a family with three children, having lunch, and spending only one day in Florence?

    Many thanks in advance! 🙂

  19. Hi, I love your blog!
    I will be travelling to Florence in November with my 8 month old and husband. During our trip it will be my husbands birthday. Can you recommend a place with great food and also special (that will accommodate a baby?) for either lunch or dinner?
    Many thanks!!

  20. Wow Georgette,

    I can safely say This is the ULTIMATE MONSTER GUIDE Eating, drinking and making merry I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The Gastronomic Pleasures and cuisine in Florence!

    I was researching a trip to Florence this weekend and I wanted to know where we could eat. Not worried anymore…Will definitely check out the Street foods as I am not squeamish at all…

    Also I would be honoured to add your website as a resource for eating out in Florence, if its okay with you 🙂 Thank you for this awesome blog. Love it

    1. Thank you for the kind words and of course you can link it, I appreciate it! There are so many good places to eat in Florence that to not share would be a worse crime 😉

  21. Heyy, what an amazing blog!! :)) Please, can you recomend me romantic bar or restaurant terrace, with beautiful view to the Cathedral or other central place in Florence for enjoying a glass of wine?

    1. I would opt for the S.ESTO rooftop bar in piazza ognissanti on the Westin hotel, it is open in both winter and summer and the view is amazing. Also Oblate cafeteria is a local choice!

  22. I love this! I am going to Italy in May and feel lost when it comes to where to go to eat! we are actually staying in the Westin Europa. I noticed a lot of the places you mentioned were across the “Fiume Arno” and we are probably going to want to keep to walking distance. I am going with my husband and are looking for the romantic ambiance. I actually see you commented that this hotel actually has a nice romantic ambiance for dinner. Is there anywhere else around this hotel that are authentic romantic and less touristy? We want the real deal 🙂 I am going to be printing this blog as a guide when we go! thank you!!

  23. Hi Georgette,
    I was thrilled to find your blog…so many great things! My husband and I are coming to florence for 10 weeks in March and will be living in your neighborhood! I want to take cooking and painting classes. Your cooking class recommendations are perfect but do you know of painting classes too?
    Thank you so much and if I see you on the street I’ll say hi!

  24. Hi Georgette – We will be visiting Florence for Easter with friends. I have been combing over your recommendations in and around the city. We are planning to attend the festivities at the Duomo Easter Sunday and would love a recommendation or two for brunch/lunch afterwards. Looking for traditional Italian fare. We will have a group of 7.

    1. Hello Susan! How wonderful that you will be in town for Easter. My advice is to get to the Duomo early to see the cart explode (you can always get a coffee at Scuderie before). My favorite Easter recommendation is actually outside of the center (Fattoria LaVacchio) but in the center you can always trust Trattoria Brindellone and Trattoria del Orto for traditional cuisine :). I still haven’t gotten notice of more specific Easter lunches in the center (it’s still a little early for Italy).

  25. Hi Georgette
    Wonderful post with great information. Your life in Florence sounds very exciting. Well done you! We will be staying at the Hotel Golf which I believe is near the historic centre. We will be there for 3 nights at the start of May. Could you recommend some of your favourite restaurants or places to eat. I am a bit of a foodie and believe good food contributes to a good holiday.

    1. Thank you Amanda, can you give me an idea of what range of places? For example, for no-frills Tuscan food, I always go to Brindellone, otherwise for something a bit more contemporary, I’m loving the new Gurdulu restaurant on via delle caldaie, there are so many awesome options!

      1. I’m not fussy, just good food & service so happy to go with your suggestions Georgette. Anything near our accomodation would be preferable. Happy to go anywhere for lunch.

  26. Hi Georgette!

    I am coming to Florence March 18th to propose to my girlfriend.

    Where would be an incredible restaurant to dine at afterwards? Great wine is a must!

    I love the blog!


  27. Thank you for your blog! I’m in Florence currently, for 9 days visiting a friend, and we’ve been trying quite a few of your recommendations! Most have been great and my friend is happy to find out about more great dinner places as she has only lived here a few months.

    I’m staying in an Airbnb in the Santo Spirito area and loving the neighborhood!

  28. What an inspiring blogg you have!!!! We’re staying in Florence 5-9 May 2016 and we would like to have a dinner surrounded by the beautiful tuscan landscape but without going on a wine tour (we dont want the crowdy busses and stressing schedules). It may be at a winery though or at a local Tuscan villa/restaurant. Any ideas? I also plan to surprise my husband with a picnic outside Florence, and I was thinking about taking the bus to Fiesole to find a private spot to have a romantic picnic. Any other/better ideas? Do you know if it is easy to buy picninc food at restaurants or other places?

    🙂 -Ingrid from Norway

    1. Hello Ingrid, thank you! There is a lovely restaurant close to Florence with a nice view outside that you can arrive by bus or taxi, at Fattoria Maiano, I would try that. Just look up Ristorante Lo Spaccio in Florence and make a reservation. Fiesole is a wonderful place for a picnic, I would stop at the conad in piazza san marco and perhaps osteria ortolano nearby to get some goodies to take with you before hopping on the number 7 bus.

      Hope that helps!

  29. I LOVE your blog so much, its like a mini-encylopedia on Florence. So helpful since I am visiting in 2 weeeks.

    Thanks for putting it together.

  30. This list is FANTASTIC THANK YOU!! I need a favor!

    Can you send me TOP place for each of the below:

    Lunch: ok maybe top two here lol
    Wine bar / Apperitivo

    Its so hard to pick from your amazing long lists so I need HELP 😀


  31. Whaaaaa, so many things to trrrrrrrry! I’m super exited to try some of these spots! Hopefully, my travel partners can keep pace with my want to try as much food as possible, lol.

  32. Hey! I am from New Zealand and am traveling through Europe for must time with my husband on our honeymoon. We have just finished going through Florence (which was the prettiest place we have been to throughout Europe). We had the best time there but I really think you deserved an email to tell you that it was thanks to your great guidance and tips. Unfortunately, some of the places were closed given it is August but osteria il buongustai was amazing as a first stop. We had come from Venice and cinque terre were food was over priced and we struggled to find a traditional meal at low cost. This place was perfect. It met all our expectations of Italy – cheap but delicious Chianti, the carbonara !!!! And that beans and truffle butter on toast was fantastic. We also loved that the whole family from young kids to grandparents were bustling around cooking and serving people. We hadn’t had a proper gelato until we went to carapina. We also had great gelato at geleteria del neri. We went to your go-to spot for pizza il scugnizzo bit it was shut and ended up at neromo and were so happy in pizza heaven! We defintaely didn’t have long enough there and will be coming back! We also did the belloaguardo hill wall because we like to avoid hordes of people experiencing the same thing. I’m so glad we did. Walking those streets of Florence and seeing those houses, the olive groves and then finally the view over Florence was one of the most beautiful things my eyes ever set eyes on. That is how I had imagined Florence to be and I never would have experienced that if it wasn’t for your recommendation. We got to hotel belloaguardo and they actually let us in to take photos of their view ?. Anyway – thanks so much for your blog. It made our short time in Florence the best we have experienced in the 8 weeks of traveling. 🙂 thanks!!!!! Kirsten

  33. Fantastic blog – so much great insider information..
    I have a tough brief for a restaurant. It’s my 40th birthday when we ill be in Florence and we are looking for a great restaurant for lunch – preferably outside and that has great food and atmosphere. We are travelling with our 2 kid (5 and 8 years) so nothing too formal and small
    Any recommendations would be great !

    1. Hello Suzie, thank you for the kind words and the support, I appreciate it :). I really like Fattoria LaVacchio which is about a 40 minute drive outside the center towards Pontassieve, it has a nice terrace where you can eat and all of the food is really awesome organic Tuscan fare, they make their own olive oil and wine too. Otherwise look into Borgo i Vicelli’s 588 restaurant in Bagno a Ripoli (this is a new fabulous find with a great young chef) and Osteria il Canto del Maggio which I also adore, close to the city of Arezzo. Hope that helps!

  34. Tried couple of your recommended restaurants and loved them! Thanks so much! We are 3 generations meeting in Florence from all over the world 🙂

  35. Hey there,
    Thanks for the awesome suggestions! It was our third visit in Florence and we wanted to enjoy it without the tourist visiting everything feel to it.

    We had a blast, purchased some cool jewelry from Nora and leather from la escuola del cuoio, and hung out in seriously cool cafes.

    We did a bisteca fiorentina competition while we were here: Cipolla Rossa took the crown! And what can I say about My Sugar beyond ?

    I wish there was an blog like yours every city we visit!

  36. Hi! I went to Florence a few days ago with my partner and this post literally saved us. This list and your recommendations helped us to choose where to eat. We had an amazing experience thanks to you!

  37. Hi. Thanks for all the effort put into this – I can imagine the ‘hard work’ put into the research! We plan to make use of the suggestions tonight. I hope you add some notes to the listing for La Leggenda dei Frati though – we ate there a couple of nights ago as my wife had been taken there a couple of years ago. The food is exquisite, staff are very professional while being warm and helpful and the view out over the city is worth the trip up the hill. It’s not cheap eats but I thought that it was actually good value for a special night out.

  38. Ciao Gerogette ! Grazie Mille for your recommended places in Firenze where once many decades ago I lived.
    3 eateries each one very different are actually excellent in my opinion a must if you are in Firenze.
    ! Buca dell’Orafo is a small excellent trattoria for a nice Lunch after a long morning at L’Uffizi, the menu is written only in Italian an that’s great, crostini fiorentina, fiori di zucca fritti, stracotto, bistecca fiorentina are to die for even the “house wine”is excellent, resonable priced. 2. Trufle Restaurants inside the Hotel Porta Rossa is a must for a true gourmand, every dish is so specially designed and prepared to enhance the sublime flavor of truffle specially the White Truffle, excellent wines and service make reservation or go for early dinner, worth every penney! 3. Burro & acciuge, if you like seafood this is a small heaven, japanese that love fish should lined up. From the appetizers actually burro e acciuge, to acciughe fritte, baked tomato with wedges of salmon, crudo fish, cozze e vongole with steamed fish in brodo, excellent white wines from Sicily, excellent service with true knowledge of each dish preparation, they are willing to do something special to your likeness. reasonable priced, memorable dinner !
    Museo degli Innocenti a hidden jewel away from crowds of chinese tourist . . . the modern design of the Museum as well the Art works is excellent, on the Terrace Restaurant I had a perfect “negroni” followed by a wonderful ” Picci Siena style” fresh made pasta. One of the best Tiramisu’, expresso and Grappino! What more you can ask! The Fiorentini truly know how to satisfy the most demanding palate with great flavors. Thank you very much for your recommendations and tips, it is obvious that you not only know Firenze but you “love Firenze” brava bimba ! Francaccio

  39. Nice to meet another “Georgette” (under the age of 70) and enjoying living in Italy as much as I am! Love your blog, very informative. I am always looking for new, and inexpensive places to dine in Florence and Bologna, my other fave city.

    Keep me posted on restaurants offering buffet brunches in Florence, my fave place to go on lazy Sundays…we have a few here in Rome worth checking out (The Perfect Bun!) if you decide to pass through the Eternal city on a weekend. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!!

  40. Nice to meet another “Georgette” (under the age of 70) and enjoying living in Italy as much as I am! Love your blog, very informative. I am always looking for new, and inexpensive places to dine in Florence and Bologna, my other fave city.

    Keep me posted on restaurants offering buffet brunches in Florence, my fave place to go on lazy Sundays…we have a few here in Rome worth checking out (The Perfect Bun!) if you decide to pass through the Eternal city on a weekend. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!!

  41. Hey! love your blog

    i am going very soon to florence and your blog is sooo better that tripadvisor advices and picture are so great haha

  42. Hello, what do you think are the best options for vegetarians in the city ? Also are there two Gucci cafes in the city, one you mentioned and one at The Mall, Thanks

  43. My fiancé & I are going to Italy for our Honeymoon next year in January. When my girlfriends and I vacationed in London we were made fun of by the locals on the train for the shameful tourist traps we had eaten at. I told myself “Not this time!” LOL Your blog looks legit and I can’t wait to try some of these restaurants! Thanks for the info!

  44. what a wonderful blog, so delighted to have stumbled upon it and so much choice – where to start! We’re in Florence for only one day on 1st April – it is our cherished daughter’s 17th birthday and we want to take her for a special lunch! We’re on the train from Bologna, so probably not too far from the centre – doesn’t need to be flashy – we’re just looking for a memorable day with spectacular food … any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated!

  45. Hi ,have you ever tried I I lantini ? I have a coworker that said it was the best steak ever,any suggestions for my wife and I for floreneti steak? Thanks,jeff

  46. Hi Georgette, I love your blog it has so much useful information. Question for you, what are your 5 favorite restaurants? Also in the above list are any of the restaurants located by the airport?

  47. Hello! My friend and I are going to be in Florence from Saturday afternoon until Monday Afternoon next weekend and would love to find the most authentic, local, and reasonable restaurants for fresh pasta and pizza. I have been going through your list but would love if you could narrow down your favorites for two dinners and two lunches. Thank you so much! We love your blog!

  48. Hi girl in Florence!

    I’m ending my Tuscany Easter week in Florence tomorrow with my girlfriend.
    Do you know any romantic and affordable-ish restaurant with tasting menu where I could take her tomorrow?
    Sorry for short notice, just discovered the blog(thanks to her!)
    Also, do you think it’s a good idea to visit the rose garden?
    Think I might avoid the most touristy apota for the visit 🙂

  49. Hi Georgette,

    I love your bIog! My husband and I went to Florence last year (and I researched your blog then, too!) and are going back again for a wedding in June. We are spending 4 full days there so I was thinking of maybe taking a cooking class time. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for where we can take one?


  50. Hi I was wondering if Italy has an app or website that rates restaurants? I am traveling to several cities and would love to avoid anything not worth my time. In the USA we have yelp, is that something you have there?

    1. There is Yelp here and you can check it out or trip advisor but I wouldn’t necessarily use to rate places. I use personal blogs by locals to choose my spots or food writers and then I usually leave a rating on their FB page :). Hope that helps!

  51. Hello,
    Thank’s for your tips, we were looking for a place to have dinner in Florence and this blog was really helpful. We had to call a lot of them because they were all full…
    It feels there’s still so much to see in this city… We were there only two days…
    I mentioned you on my blog, hope you like it, check:
    Thank you


  52. Hi Georgette!

    I’m heading to Florence in just a few weeks for my first trip back since I studied abroad (in 2010), for a 3 day trip, so am trying to assign/rank all of my meals (priorities!). I’ve kept my list of favorite restaurants from when I lived there, but sadly I didn’t spot any of them on your list! Do you have thoughts on: Quattro Leoni, Gusta Pizza, Il Gatto e La Volpe, I Due Fratellini … were these just good because I didn’t know better at that age, or do you still recommend any of these during my very limited time? I feel like I’m starting from scratch now, and your list is so thorough I don’t know where to begin prioritizing!

    Hoping you can help! Thanks so much!!

    1. Hello Catherine, that’s great that you are coming back! Regarding your list, honestly it’s really based on personal tastes and of course things change over the years. I really like I due Fratellini, in fact I should add that back to this list. The rest are nice but I don’t personally go to them that often because I just prefer other places. I would mix and match, perhaps stick to some of your old favorites but add a few news ones to that list (Zeb, Osteria del Enoteca, Fagioli) . Hope that helped!

    2. Catherine- I’m in a similar boat as you were! I studied abroad back in 2008 in Florence, and have my own favorites as well. I’m curious to see how they compare to how much I loved them 10 years ago.. also a little nervous!

  53. Awesome blog! Finally stayed in Florence last year around Italian Independence Day! Going back again fro New Year’s Eve next year..can’t wait!
    I’d definitely recommend All Antico Vinaio! Awesome food and the best calzone I’ve ever eaten!

  54. So glad I stumbled on your blog! I am getting ready to go to Florence in two weeks for just 3 days. Could you rate top lunch/dinner/coffee places that aren’t crazy expensive? And maybe one nicer place we can treat ourselves to one day? My sister is gluten-free, so I’m having to keep that in mind too! Thank you so much!

  55. I wholeheartedly recommend TEHRAN in Florence! It was hands-down the greatest Persian restaurant experience I have ever had, from the food, to the company, to the atmosphere, I recommend it on all aspects! As an Iranian coming from Los Angeles (the highest Iranian population outside of Iran), filled with Persian restaurants, during our time in Florence, we decided to check out Tehran (we heard great things about it). We were recommended to make reservations, which we later learned was an absolute must – the place was PACKED! The atmosphere when you walk in was so beautiful, with so much love, time, and energy put in to make the space beautiful – with gorgeous one-of-a-kind Persian art pieces. The entire staff was beyond hospitable, making sure every customer felt happy, welcomed, and excited! They shared stories, music, books and wine with their customers, sharing the Iranian culture in the most beautiful way I have ever seen. They made excellent recommendations – and when the food came out – it was PHENOMENAL! From presentation to taste – everything was above and beyond! The dishes were artfully crafted (both the actual dish and the food on it)! The taste was amazing! Our group ordered various dishes, which included Koobideh, 2 Jujeh kabobs, ghormeh sabzi, and a soltani – and every dish was made to perfection! And the owner, the husband and wife, I dont know them too well aside from that one night me and my family joined them for dinner, but that one night was our favorite night in Florence, since we truly felt like we were amongst true friends enjoying great dinner and wine, with what was not only the greatest dining experience at an Iranian restaurant for us, but easily the best dining experience ever for us. Again, although we do not know the owners aside from that one beautiful evening we spent at their restaurant, my family and I truly felt like we were welcomed into the owners home, and we truly felt like we loved the owners from the bottom of our hearts – and the experience they provided us in Florence was our absolute favorite experience of our trip (even though we love Florence)! We wish this couple the best of luck, all though they do not need luck, since they have such great passion for their business, passion for Florence, passion for Persian culture and food, and passion for each other and their customers, we know their passion has and will continue to bless them. In short, you have to check out Tehran (but dont forget to make reservations)!

    1. Hi !!!! I reccomend “Penelope contemporary food ” in Florence via dei Vespucci n. 21 Peretola near airport !!!…. Great !!!
      I recommend it on all aspects!!!!

      1. What did you particularly like about it? Actually knowing a decent place near the airport would be quite nice. I’ll look it up!

  56. Young and informal restaurant. 50’s style.
    Family atmosphere.
    Tuscan food revisited in a modern style.
    Fair prices.
    A real nice surprise!

  57. thanks so much for all of the details you have put into this! we are heading there next week and can’t wait to check out some of these spots.

    I wanted to see if you had all of these on a map? So then i can see where they are in relation to our locations.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hello Janea, I will definitely work on that and add it to the bottom of the post. Thank you for the idea and stay tuned 🙂

  58. Hi Girl on Florence

    Your blog is fab ! Thank you

    We’ll be in Florence for 2 nights and staying in the pizza San Elizatta area
    We are looking for a restaurant within 2 Kms or for the 2 evenings

    We’d like to try typical Italian food and I am a vegetarian we want a cozy ambiance may be with local entertainement (music ) during dinner perhaps someone singing or playing accordeon
    Reasonable price
    Would be very pleased if you could recommend something , thank you so much

    1. Hello Simone, thank you for your kind words about the blog! Regarding someone playing music, you might consider a piano bar. Gilo is cozy and has music nightly from 9:30. I love their drinks otherwise you might want to pick a place to eat that’s traditional (like Da Fagioli or Trattoria Sabino) and go somewhere for music after.

  59. Hey Georgette! I am headed your way in three days (Oct22 to Oct28) to visit my son attending university in Florence. I have been trying to figure out what to do and what to see and what to eat and on and on. Then I came across you on line. I like your advice on quality time and not necessarily quantity. Your GIF Blog is amazing. You obviously love what you do and put a ton of work into it. Maybe a little overwhelming but the incredible amount of things to do in Florence dictate that I think. We wont have a lack of things to do. The issue will be choosing. I wrote down a bunch of ideas from your writings but in the end I may just end up throwing a dart and seeing what comes up. lol Relative to excitement, if you happen to know of any outfits that provide a cool Ferrari experience (30 minute drive in the country) and don’t want to charge the same price as my flight over there, please let me know. Ok, keep up the amazing work. It’s an incredible service you provide. Thank you!


  60. Hello,

    Thank you for the informative blog post. I can’t wait for my upcoming trip to Italy next year! I am a huge pasta fan, and am wondering if you can recommend me the BEST PASTA DISH you’ve had in italy. I’m sure theres great pasta at every corner, but what is your/local favourite?

    Let me know! Thanks!

  61. This is an absolutely amazing post. WOW. Thank you for all of these recommendations. I know putting all of this together took a lot of time and effort. It was such a good resource when planning our upcoming Florence trip. I’ll make sure to check back closer to when we’ll be traveling. THANK YOU.

  62. I love this blog!

    My fiance and I are eloping in Florence in April. We are looking to have a celebratory dinner, just the two of us, in Florence that evening. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for a romantic but truly local and authentic restaurant to enjoy. There are no limitations but we would enjoy authentic/local rather than stuffy and elegant. Views, quality/authenticity of food, overall experience and dining like a local is what we are looking for.

    Any recommendations?

  63. Thank you for your very cool blog! We’ll be in Florence in May and I look forward to trying out many of your great suggestions. I went to school in Firenze in the late 1980s….I know a lot has changed since then:).

  64. What an amazing and thorough post! Now the only problem is there isn’t enough time to eat in all these places!!! I’m looking into the Curious Appetite progressive dinner, though. Thank you so much for the help and your obvious passion for Florence 🙂

  65. I’m going to Florence for the first time next week and have taken down loads of notes from this blog post! Thank you so much for sharing this all with us. My friend has recommended that I go to La Giostra for dinner. What are your thoughts on this restaurant? I’ve seen mixed things online and we don’t want anything too fancy. Thanks, Phoebe.

    1. Hey Phoebe, happy to hear that you find this useful, I try to keep it as updated as humanly possible. Regarding Giostra, it’s not somewhere I go regularly for dinner but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.

  66. Ciao! I have just moved from Lucca to Florence and I was browsing for what’s new with eateries in the area around my apartment and I came across this post of yours. Thanks for this detailed list! Hey, I believe Il Guscio is closed?
    I saw you last night at the event at the bookstore and was going to say hi after but then I got talking to someone and did not see you again.

  67. Very excited to try out some of the places in your blog! I studied abroad in Florence 10 years ago, and am returning again next week! 🙂 Another favorite, while I was studying abroad was The Oil Shoppe for a quick sandwich, and for dinner Trattoria Il Porcospino. Not sure how either is these days, but excited to try them out again!

  68. Dear Georgette, thank you so much for your tips! My family and I were in Florence last year and your suggestions were very helpful. We really enjoyed our dinner at Santarpia and also at BiancaZeroZero. Gelati at My Sugar were delicious!

  69. Georgette, thank you so much for this thorough list! My husband and I are coming to Italy at the end of the month (first vacation since the little one was born!) and I have used your blog almost exclusively for the Florence leg. We will only be there for two nights and the 2nd night I have made reservations at Osteria dell’Enoteca. I’m thinking about doing a high end tasting menu for our first night and was wondering if the three that you mentioned in the fancy pants section are still your top recs? I’m having a tough time making a decision haha. Thank you!

  70. cap an astounding and careful post! Presently the main issue is there isn’t sufficient opportunity to eat in every one of these spots!!! I’m investigating the Curious Appetite dynamic supper, however. Much obliged to you such a great amount for the assistance and your conspicuous energy for Florence

  71. Thank you for your lovely reviews and recommendations,very helpful, including the Santa Maria Novella part, and you inspired me could do something slimier in my city , Bon appetito forever!

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