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Posts about restaurants/aperitivo in Florence, Tuscany and or/Italy.

My Favorite Lunch Spots in Florence

Where To Go For Dinner in Florence

Best Places To Get a Pizza in Florence

  • Yummy Napolotano pizza’s on via dei macci, make sure to make reservations! One of my faves!
  • One of the best pizzas can be found in the new ‘primo piano’ above the central market in san lorenzo, mercato centrale. The pizza is out of this world.
  • Pizzaman franchise in Florence. Napoli-style pizza, I really like the location on via rocca tedalda.
  • Caffe Italiano (the pizzeria not the Osteria). They only have three choices – Margarita, Napoli or Marinara. Show up around 7pm to get a spot in this tiny location near S.Croce.
  • Vico del carmine, Via Pisana, 40/r, 50100 Firenze is one of my favorite spots for pizza, it’s lively and fun and can fit bigger groups, reservations recommended. 055 233 6862.
  • You may be surprised but one of the best pizzas in Florence is definitely at the Mozzarella bar on via tornabuoni! 
  • A local favorite is Pizzeria Spera,Via della Cernaia, 9, Firenze near the Cure district of Florence, it gets packed quickly so making reservations would be wise!
  • Pizzeria Orto del Cigno (along the river). This is a place where many locals go for pizza. It’s a little bit our of the center but you can get there in 15 minutes by bus (14) and you can eat outside.
  • Gusta Pizza in Piazza Santo Spirito.via maggio is a local favorite. Tiny interior or  you can bring your pizza outside on the church steps to eat – cheap & yummy.
  • The best pizza I have ever had was actually outside of Florence in San Donato in Poggio at a place called Palazzo Pretorio (about a 35 minute drive from Florence). You have to get the stuffed with ricotta-crust ‘sorriso’ pizza which will blow your pizza expectations out of the water!

Coffee, Tea and chillaxing in Florence

  • The hippest new coffee joint in town is owned by a world famous barista, Ditta Artigianale on via dei neri!
  • What about just coffee and tea but you don’t feel getting overcharged? Here are my local spots of trendy & comfy coffee & tea bars. I always add to my list when I discover new ones.
  • Best places for ice coffee and WIFI browsing 
  • Dolce Lab on via dei macci, really really great muffins!
  • Hemingway’s, piazza piattellina (near piazza della carmine)
  • Via del te, tea room  (two locations Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, 22/23r and via di santo spirito)
  • Red, library & bookshop,  Piazza della Repubblica, 26

Where to get the best gelato in Florence

  • Carabe (Sicilian), Via Ricasoli 60/r close to the Duomo. Really awesome fruit gelato. This place just ROCKS
  • Geleteria dei Neri, Via dei Neri 20/22R. Better than Vivoli, just sayin. 
  • Geleteria della Passera, Piazza della Passera 15 (close to Palazzo Pitti). Don’t think about the awkward name of the Piazza.
  • Geleteria dei Medici, via dello statuto. Well worth the trek!
  • Gelateria Edoardo, piazza del duomo, makes their own cones and has cinnamon gelato, I love this place!
  • La Sorbettiera, Piazza Torquato Tasso, 11. Well worth the walk, plus this piazza is full of hidden foodie gems!

Great Restaurants out of town

Ethnic Fare in Florence, Italy

Brunch in Florence

  • Le Vespe Cafe’, Via Ghibellina 76R. hands down best brunch spot in Florence.
  • Brunch at The Diner in Florence , guest post at Curry Strumpet.
  • 1950′s American Diner, via del moro 85r, this is brand new and not far from the train station.

Aperitivo in Florence

  • Imagine happy hour with one of the best views in town – on top of the terrace on Hotel Minerva! 
  • Another aperitivo favorite (a real find) is Libreria Brac on a hidden street near via dei benci!
  • Another gorgeous terrace that you can have aperitivo – Hotel Baglioni, terrazza brunelleschi has a gorgeous veggie buffet and some of the best Duomo views in town.
  • For an authentic Florentine aperitivo, definitely suggest Il Santino on Via di Santo Spirito, 60 (oltrarno). Go early to get a spot!
  • Rari bar, I love this place and there aperitivo is pretty good! Lungarno Francesco Ferrucci, 24.
  • Forte Belvedere, beautiful place for aperitivo overlooking Florence.

Best Pasticceria in Florence

Food Tours worth trying

My top restaurant lists that you can check out on YELP. 

** Or if you are craving a lazy-night at home but don’t feel like cooking, I have compiled a great list of places that deliver food. Enjoy! 

Nightlife in Florence:

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