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How To Enjoy Florence And Avoid The Crowds – This Time on Forbes!


Just a bit of GirlinFlorence news for you guys on this fine Thursday afternoon.

It’s not often that someone consider’s you a “super insider” much less an award-winning publication that has often served as a reference point for your own research.

I’m talking about Forbes, yes that Forbes; a magazine I grew up reading with people far more successful than I ever dreamt I could be on the cover and perhaps a few inflated egos.

Well, word on the street is they have really pumped up their travel writing in the past year and writer Catherine Sabino recently asked me to provide a lengthy list of tips for visiting the city of Florence and hopefully avoiding the crowds.

Normally how it works with (some) journalists is that they sweet talk you into giving them tips or use your work as research but rarely, and I mean rarely do you get a link back to your blog or even solely a mention that what you do was part of their research. I do hope this changes in the future, and to put my money where my mouth is, this is something I strongly believe in regarding the work we do at Italy Magazine or for my freelance projects. This means giving credit where it is due and paying it forward without expecting a “favor” in return.

You get so much more out of life and workplace satisfaction when you don’t assume to be the sole “expert” in any given arena. It’s a lonely world for those who claim to be the only ones out there doing anything cool.

Italy has some great travel writers, bloggers and I am honored to share their work frequently.

Ps. My own top references and recommendations here in Florence are the talented Coral Sisk of Curious Appetite Travel (she knows food ya’ll!), my girl Emiko Davies who is just about to release her fourth cookbook with family recipes (yay!), The Florentine, and Alexandra Korey of ArtTravthe reference on anything cultural in Italy.

Regarding this article, obviously you guys know me, I’m going to keep it real and be entirely honest about the mythical “low season” in our Renaissance city but I answered the questions as best I could so if you would like to read the full story on – here you go!


Also, I know some of you guys might not be regular readers of the blog, but if you are looking for some popular posts but don’t want to search as a reference for general Florence tips and the like, here are a few useful links to get you started. Obviously I have over 600 articles on this blog, many about travel, life, wedding tips, language-learning debacles so it can be hard to wade through it all, I get it. 

On an entirely different note, the sweetest person ever, Tania from Perth, Australia has lovely small-group Italian classes at The Little Italian School and asked me to be a part of her new interview series about life in Italy. This was especially fun to do since I don’t often get asked the “hard” questions that don’t often paint ahem the rosiest portrait of how many people want to see life in Italy.

As you know, I am a generally very positive person but I do appreciate a reflective deep-dive into what it’s really like to adjust to life in another culture. You can check out the interview here and I’d love to know your thoughts on it too!


That’s all the latest news and ramblings for now and I will be back soon on the blog for more articles on captivating places and interesting finds. Trust me, you have a lot to look forward to. Thanks for following the ride so far. 

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  1. Georgette, this is an awesome article/interview and you really gave great tips (loved all your restaurant recs, perhaps in part why we get along so well:) You are super generous in this field and I am so lucky to have been able to blog with you over the years- you’re the glue of the community! We love you and you do a fantastic job of organizing useful information for everyone- whether a local or traveler. Well-deserved!

    1. Thank you my Coral! I am really honored to collaborated with you and more importantly, call you a real friend! We love you too!

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