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A Post About Nothing, My Tuscan Wedding Update

09.11.2015 34 Comments

In just three weeks, I will no longer be a ‘single’ gal. I have to excuse my radio silence on wedding posts on the blog. The truth is, I have plenty to share — but I don’t want to give too much away before the big day. Instead I’d like to touch on more details after the fact, that way I will truly have an A-Z perspective on getting married in Florence that I can make into a useful guide for others — if people feel so inclined to read it. That being said, it was about time to share a more personal post, thoughts and feelings are abundant these days.

Weddings are stressful and very expensive, and when you have lived on so little for so many years, it is almost shocking to thinking about spending so much on one single day. Little financial surprises that make you want to pull your hair out, like IVA tax on your entire reception and the additional SIAE Italian royalty tax on music. It seems with the word ‘wedding’ you can just go ahead and add a few zeros to whatever you’re looking at.

But there are ways to keep costs down.

While Italy is not pinterest DIY crazy like the USA is, you can still order things off etsy (which we did for several items) and I will be sharing those tips too. The great thing about getting married in a country where you are not from, is that picking and choosing which cultural items will be present is a-ok.  You certainly don’t need to follow a standard wedding formula in any way, shape or form.

In fact, if you are getting married anytime soon in Italy and want a personal recommendation on catering, photography, etc — just contact me and I’ll try and help. I couldn’t even imagine doing this without speaking Italian and no 24/7 wedding planner. I am happy with most everything about what we have already chosen, especially the angel, Anna Fuca, who made my wedding dress. A process that turned from the worst thing ever to the best thing I could have even imagined.

Of course, I am so very happy to have friends and family traveling across the world to celebrate with us. It’s so humbling, I could cry while typing this post. I know a vacation in Florence would be appealing to many but where I come from in working-class Texas, visiting Europe is often a once in a lifetime sort of deal.

That fact is not lost on me, and I feel like an asshole on steroids asking for anything.

In the meantime, my friends are incredible. Generous with both their time, advice and support. Another reason why every female needs to invest in their relationships. My girlfriends are sacred territory and Nico understands and celebrates that.

While I am not an emotional person by nature, these days — I’ve noticed a shift in that in myself. I find myself crying during podcasts about a story on This American Life about a rabid squirrel killed in a freak accident or  the sad plot lines in my most recent World-War 2 era book. I think it’s the combination of stress, and realization on how much will happen in the next few weeks, but also pure excitement. I get to share these moments with this amazing man, who also happens to really enjoy the wedding planning -budget making – excel spreadsheet creating areas of our day. I feel like a bum because looking at numbers just stresses me out, a mild case of chrematophobia.

We have pre-planned a few days off from work before the wedding, and a day-of coordinator plus the help of friends. Small things, but very integral to our sanity. 

This Monday morning, I woke up to the first cloudy day in while. We have been blessed with the most amazing weather, beautiful sunny days and warm enough to eat outside without a jacket November afternoons. Every day, I wake up thinking in one month’s time I’ll in Thailand with a man that I will then call my husband (do you ever get used to saying that?), a  country I have always wanted to visit, but don’t know much about.

We leave December first for our honeymoon, four days in Bangkok, a few in Chiang Mai and the rest in two different areas of Phuket. Likely the standard itinerary of many freshly-married couples but I could see why, it seems like a country that has it all, sun, sea and plenty to do. We’ve booked our hotels (it’s amazing how cheap luxury hotels are out there, I’m very excited!) and plane tickets but the rest is pretty much let’s see when we get there. Which means of course, if any of you blog readers have any tips for these areas for a girl who loves food, boutique shops, local artisans and of course spas, let a girl know!

My apologies for a post not meant to be anything — not an action-packed travel itinerary nor hot list of restaurants in Italy. It’s just a chance to be a human being again. A non-Italy writing machine, just another girl in florence.

Below, I made this fun little slideshow of how I plan on surviving the next few weeks. 



Georgette Jupe is a 'Tuscan Texan' digital social media marketing maven based in Zug, Switzerland and Florence, Italy. When she's not at her day job as editor at ITALY Magazine, she's creating social strategies for international clients and providing travel, foodie & life tips via her blog 'Girl in Florence'. Hobbies include plenty of reading, hiking, beagle cuddles, the hunt for the 'perfect' flat white and laughs with the girls.

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  • Avatar
    Wynne 09.11.2015 at 13:57

    I was married for 14 years, and hearing/saying husband/wife was always fresh to me. I loved that!

    Enjoy your special day with Nico, and we can’t wait to read all about it…and to see the dress!!

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 09.11.2015 at 19:51

      Thank you Wynne, 14 years is a long time — you definitely have to celebrate that you still love saying this is my… ‘husband’. I know our day will be extremely special and I am very excited and thankful. 🙂

  • Avatar
    diana 09.11.2015 at 15:07

    Gosh…it is getting close! It will be a beautiful wedding! We got married in November as well – in Rome. I planned a few things from the States, but basically we arrived a week before the wedding and made 90% of the plans that week. Ha, ha, ha… was one crazy week. Hubby has a HUGE family so it was all done by “connections.” Anyway…y’all make a beautiful and happy couple, looking forward to the pics….

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 09.11.2015 at 19:58

      Just a few weeks now! I still can’t believe it. How nice to hear that I am not the only one to get married in November, it can be a weird month but so far it has been absolutely gorgeous and unseasonably warm so I am not complaining. That’s pretty amazing that you guys were able to arrange everything so quickly, truly impressive. Thanks for your kind words, they mean a lot!

  • Avatar
    Willemijn 09.11.2015 at 16:21

    Only three weeks to go! You guys are so great – both together and as individuals – that I have no doubt this will be an extraordinary and wonderful wedding. I wish you the most beautiful day, enjoy it and celebrate till you drop! And please, show us your dress as soon as possible 🙂

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 09.11.2015 at 19:59

      Eeeeee! How are you miss newlywed? Thank you so much for your kind comment! I am more humbled at how excited people are who are coming and that just want to be a part of this special day. I am ready to get the ball rolling and have a great time. and the dress, stay tuned!

  • Avatar
    audrey 09.11.2015 at 16:32

    i did contact u months ago via email (per your blog’s suggestion/encouragement), on the topic of florence weddings, no response.

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 09.11.2015 at 16:33

      Hello audrey, can you resend? It could have landed in my junk mail. Sorry about that!

  • Avatar
    Gillian 09.11.2015 at 16:45

    Such an exciting time! We are both wishing you so much happiness, a super fun wedding day and a warm, delicious relaxing honeymoon.

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 09.11.2015 at 20:00

      Thanks Gillian! It is an exciting time :), we appreciate you all, it’s been fun sharing the process and oh my god, I am already dreaming about that honeymoon!

  • Avatar
    Rochelle 09.11.2015 at 17:23

    Good luck with everything bellezza, enjoy every moment. Much love ? Auguri dalla Sicilia.

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 09.11.2015 at 20:01

      Thanks Rochelle, I appreciate it!!!!! Is Sicily as warm as Florence right now?

  • Avatar
    June Finnigan 09.11.2015 at 18:56

    Ah Amore xxx

  • Avatar
    Mari Nicholson 09.11.2015 at 19:56

    You’ll love Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. I’ve lived there on and off for many years and while it’s totally a man’s world, we girls can have fun shopping and relaxing in the superb spas they have in most hotels. There is a small private spa in Bangkok I used to use and I’ll try and find the name and number but at present, it’s senior moment time, and it’s all forgotten. It is so different, totally Thai, and the owners pick you up in a vintage white Rolls Royce from your hotel. I think Chiang Mai is a bit too much like Bangkok these days, so if there’s time, maybe change to Chiang Rai (more Hill tribes in that area too, less spoiled, and fabulous scenery.

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 09.11.2015 at 20:04

      Thank you Mari! This will be both of our first times in Thailand so I am ready and up for anything. I am really excited to even just relax and get massages daily, they are so cheap there. Thank you for the suggestions, I really am hoping to get a taste and then come back another time to really go a little further into the country. There is so much to see and experience it seems..

  • Avatar
    Emily 09.11.2015 at 21:11

    I love the slideshow! What a perfect little reminder to keep ya {kinda} sane and smiling during the more stressful parts! Can’t wait for more updates, cheers.

  • Avatar
    Jenna 09.11.2015 at 22:20

    I’m excited to see your coverage of the big day and of course the honeymoon. Wishing you two all the best during this exciting time!!

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 12.11.2015 at 10:53

      Thank you Jenna, I am excited too! We are getting so close and honestly it feels almost surreal!

  • Avatar
    Janis 10.11.2015 at 7:51

    Ciao Georgette & Nico
    Wishing you all the very best on your Wedding Day & I hope that you spend a Wonderful Life together. Stay Well, Stay Happy, Stay Safe.
    I can’t wait to see your Wedding Photos.
    Kindest Wishes from Australia.

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 12.11.2015 at 10:54

      Thank you Janis! I appreciate your kind words all the way from Australia! I look forward to sharing our wedding photos as well!!!!

  • Avatar
    Rosemarie 10.11.2015 at 17:12

    Wow Georgette, I discovered your blog after you posted on the IR Facebook page about your experiences with bridal dress shopping in Florence. I was so sad to see how discouraged you felt by the experiences you had initially. I am so glad you found the right dressmaker in the end and that everything seems to have fallen into place for your wedding.

    By the way, good on you for having such a healthy attitude to your upcoming nuptials. I felt like you in many ways when I got married (my husband and I got married in Australia) in that it didn’t feel right to splurge after living on a typical Italian salary for several years. However, we realised that DIY-ing absolutely every detail would make us go crazy too. Certain things have to be delegated to others!

    Anyway, wishing you and your fiancee the very best for wedding, the honeymoon and life thereafter. 🙂

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 12.11.2015 at 10:53

      Ciao Rosemarie! It’s true that my initial foray into ‘wedding fever’ wasn’t positive but I think it was almost by divine hope that I found Anna Fuca. She not only made me a dress that I have been dreaming about, but she also is a really nice person. That is actually more important. Living in Italy has made me see spending money like an Italian, with would be not spending money but I think that I needed to sort of see the bigger picture (duh) on this one that it is absolutely worth it. I see why people elope but at the same time I am very excited by what we are planning and sharing this with such a wonderful man. I SUCK at DIY and Italy isn’t super into the concept but we managed to get a lot through etsy which was nice.

      Thanks again!

  • Avatar
    Cindy 10.11.2015 at 21:05

    So glad you took the opportunity to share this with your readers! We are so excited for you! It is a lot of money but in the end it is absolutely worth it and it will be one memorable wedding for everyone who attends I’m sure:)!
    My Greek ‘nico’ and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary soon-hopefully in Italy:)!

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 12.11.2015 at 10:50

      It was my pleasure Cindy, people have been asking me as of late the progress of it all and I really wanted to share. I agree that it is worth it and we are so excited to also share our love of Florence with our family and friends, that in itself is so special to me. How exciting regarding your anniversary! Congrats in advance!

  • Avatar
    Frank Marafiote 11.11.2015 at 15:55

    Never thought I’d enjoy a post about a wedding as much as I did this one. Looking forward to reading about your special day, and also your impressions of Thailand. I am thinking of visiting some day soon. Much happiness to you and your new husband. (Don’t dwell on the expense; money comes and goes, but love is forever!)

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 12.11.2015 at 10:49

      Hello Frank! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. I am obviously very excited because my family is coming soon and we have so many wonderful things to look forward to. Thailand will be a first for both Nico and I! Thanks for reminding me to lay off stressing about money, I need to tell myself that more these days..

  • Avatar
    Laurent 11.11.2015 at 20:25

    Hi Georgette and Nico,

    I get married since .. ouuch ! more than 15 years.
    A small an private wedding less than 10 people included us. No name exchange, no rings, no singing bells. But together.
    Why ouuch ? Because every morning is a wonderful day with her and I don’t see the time go.
    Enjoy .

  • Avatar
    Jennifer 02.01.2016 at 10:40

    Congratulations on your wedding! I’m getting married sept 2016 and I would really appreciate if you could recommend some Florence based photographers. Best of luck with everything! Jennifer

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 02.01.2016 at 14:39

      Hello Jennifer, thank you! I highly recommend Francesco Spighi, he was our photographer and is highly professional and his shots are incredible, You can’t go wrong :-). Best of luck to you!

      • Avatar
        jennifer 07.01.2016 at 16:59

        Thank you for getting back to me – I will definitely contact Francesco 🙂 Un caro saluto!

        • Avatar
          GirlInFlorence 07.01.2016 at 16:59

          I wish you luck and I’m here if you need any more advice 🙂

  • Avatar
    Dia 14.01.2016 at 22:54

    I found your blog after reading about the American artist who was murdered. I am feeling very sad for Ashely Ann Olsen after knowing who she was through her Instagram. Someday I would love to visit Florence, Italy. Looking through your blog makes me want to live there already. Congratulations on your blissful nuptials. With warm healthy wishes from Sacramento, California.


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