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Aperitivo at Hotel Minerva – cocktails & sunsets


minervaAnyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a beautiful panoramic view of Florence. I am in love with my city and there is no better way to really revel in its marvelousness than by embracing its full glory on one of the many rooftop terraces around town. Last week, I joined my friend Alexandra Korey, Elena Farinelli, Kristina ‘Yelp’ community manager, The Florentine for a special event trying 27 different new cocktails on top of Hotel Minerva in Piazza Santa Maria Novella.

I have to say its a huge sacrifice to be forced to try different cocktails in a stunning location overlooking Florence but alas, I took that challenge with every ounce of energy I had ;-).

3 top reasons to visit Grand Hotel Minerva’s rooftop terrace. 

  • Terrace view over-looking the city {duh – even Jesus would be impressed}.
  • Cocktails & more cocktails — did I mention drinks? Oh yes, and real food. Not just salty nuts & the odd cheese cube.
  • You can have a drink the same color as the pool water.

I have been up here last year during the season’s ‘Terrazza con vista‘ – {a really cool initiative involving hotel rooftop terraces open to the public around town.} The great thing about Minerva is that they have a pool {open only to hotel guests} and a decent aperitivo to accompany your drink!

We each chose a cocktail by surprise and mine happened to be titled ‘swimming pool’ and you can guess that indeed, it was the color of the hotel swimming pool. And it tasted like a pina colada. I did manage to take a sneaky sip of Marco’s pimped out ‘pims (have no idea the real name but you get the idea) which was very refreshing and rather large! I also had a sip of Kristina’s drink as well, ok well I know sound rather like a lush but they all looked so fantastic!

Me and Yelp Community manager, Kristina
Me and Yelp Community manager, Kristina


I really cannot get enough of these panoramic views, to think that when I was a student I used to avoid this piazza because it was ‘creepy.’ Ahh naive Georgette. They have put a lot of work and effort into this area in Florence and honestly, it shows. Pretty flowers, benches and often enough market & exhibitions. I am a fan.

Caught Elena Farinelli from

Back to drinks — you can pretty much get anything you want. I ended up ordering my favorite Moscow Mule off the menu since I am going through a less-sugary-mojito phase. From a Florentine negroni to a very American cosmopolitan – you can even stick with un bel prosecco or spritz.

Aperitivo ranges from about 8 euros to 12 (depending on what drink you get and it does include the buffet) which is pretty awesome since normally you pay about 5 euros an ice cube for a view like this in the center of Florence. I recommend making reservations either by emailing or calling 055 – 27230, [email protected]. The aperitivo is every day from 7-9pm. Grand Hotel Minerva facebook page.

I’ll leave you with one last sunset, because after all – a blog based in Florence deserves a minimal amount of cheesy tramonte shots!

Until then… cin cin {Italian for cheers} 

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9 Responses

  1. Can I be honest? Last summer when I did the ‘grand tour’ of the terraces I found the Minerva’s the most disappointing. The views are lacking while seated, IMO (the awkward 2 levels, the pool level is better IMO but as you mentioned, only for hotel guests) and at 12 euros a spritz (and no aperitivo spread the night we went around 19.30….evidently….boh? We were brought olvies) for me it was just…..meh. I tended to like the Baglioni the best, but am going to try a few others that I missed last time. To be fair, the Minerva was dead, with only 3 guests finishing their bottle of wine on the night we went so that contributed to the lamer atmosphere. What do you think the issue was? Did you go on a weekend, maybe?

    1. Well of course you can be honest, I know exactly what you mean in the sense I also went last year and felt the same. Most of the hotel terraces offer (expensive) aperitivo with not much to munch on but this year it changed at Minerva. They now provide an aperitivo buffet, new cocktails and while yes, it doesn’t have the same ‘Baglioni’ effect, I really like the cool angles from up there.

      1. Ok, so it is different this year! I was looking at your photos which look so inviting and was wondering what the heck was going on, haha. Looks like a much better time. Thanks for clarifying!

  2. Can I add that as a mom of two young children, having a moment alone with my husband or friends outside of my house is enough reason to celebrate! Thanks for posting this little shot of Florence, I appreciate the view from my Ipad just fine;). And thankyou for all your sacrifices G;)! I am really missing my Italian friends right now, I’d do anything to sit with them for an aperativo, maybe next summer!

    1. Ciao Cindy! I am thrilled to provide a bit of Florence, for you and even for myself haha. I am so excited to head back there tonight. It’s a hard job, I know I know.. Any plans to come back to Italia anytime soon?!

      1. Well, I am sure going to try. I promised my daughter’s Godmother that I would bring the whole family-so sometime in 2015 I hope! It’s incredible how much I miss it right now, everyone is busy making their August holiday plans and everyone’s out and about. I love that energy!

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