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Considering it’s July, you would imagine that the city would be winding down for the summer right? Well you would be very very wrong as I was even shocked while writing this list of all the really cool events around town this month. I nearly got carpal-tunnel from writing this, it was so long! How awesome is Florence? I say it again and again, for a city as small as this, we sure do have so many cool things to do — so my advice is to take advantage! We have vintage festivals, wine and classical music, show & tell, art & aperitivo. I think I might just decide to rest sometime in August, maybe.

Firenzestate has a pretty comprehensive site of events for both adults & little ones which is worth checking out. I also plan to add to this list of events as I hear more about cool ones worth sharing! If I missed anything, let me know :D.

  • MEET & GREET: InToscana English night — ‘show & tell’. Today, July 2nd at 7pm at Rari bar {next to the arno near Piazza Ferrucci}. Cool event organized by InToscana, Yelp Firenze and The Florentine newspaper. Basically a chance to sip a cocktail, have some aperitivo and participate in the adult version of ‘show & tell’ where those who want to participate share any object for 1-3 minutes in English. It sounds fun and I’ll be there so you should too! To reserve, click here.

  • FASHION: Vintage Selection at Stazione Leopolda, July 3-5th from 12 to midnight and open to the public. This annual #hipster dream event is now back at Pitti Immagine wants you there {at least I think..} for their 22nd edition of this event! The theme for this year’s event is “Be Vintage Selection’ – in order to bring out your own personal style and interpretation. What to expect: lots of vintage clothes {duh}, the opportunity to try some on and take pictures by a professional photographer to then post on your social networks, a happy hour every day, “motorcycle diaries”, and my favorite — vespa-inspiration. The address of Stazione Leopolda is Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5-Florence. Click on the highlighted link above to register on the site and get a 2 euro discount. Entry into Vintage Selection is 5 euros. 

  • ART: Thursdays at Palazzo Strozzi: Musical Concerts & Workshops in the courtyard of one of Florence’s most important instiutions (and one of my favorite galleries). 7:30-10pm, free entrance. The THIRD thursday of every month you can participate in Parliamo d’Arte (expect a post very soon about my own experience) from 6-7:30 pm which is a special conversation that takes place in front of several important pieces of art with an aperitivo afterwards – casual and open to anyone, you do need to make a reservation!

  • ART & FOOD: Aperitivo ad’Arte is back and full of more fun events than ever, taking place at the Galleria della Accademia, the Uffizi gallery and of course, the Bargello. 15 euros to gain you access to art and a cocktail aperitivo! You can call and make a reservation here: 055-294883, I highly recommend doing this, trust me it’s not every day you get to see some very important art and lose the mayhem & crowds of the daytime. More info here. 

– Galleria della Accademia : Every Wednesday until September 25th from 7pm- 10pm (last entry at 9:30pm). Aperitivo takes place in the inner courtyard.

-Uffizi Gallery: Every Thursday until September 26th from 7pm to 10pm (last entry at 9:30pm). Aperitivo will be held in the terrace above the Loggia dei Lanzi.

-Bargello Museum: Every Tuesday from August 6th to September 24th from 7pm to 10pm (last entry 9:30pm). Aperitivo will be held in the inner courtyard of the museum.

  • FOOD & POOL TIME: Pizza & Champagne nights at Grand Hotel Villa Cora. This beautiful hotel in Florence opens its doors to the public for BBQ, Pizza & champagne. Every Wednesday & Sunday at 7:30pm is BBQ nights by the pool for 55 euros p/p and on Thursday you can class together Piazza & bubbly for 30 euros p/p. Stunning location overlooking Florence!
  • MUSICAL CONCERT: Classical music meets your inner wino {Melodia del Vino}, concerts taking place in Tuscany’s wine cellars until July 6th. The places holding the concerts look AMAZING, so if you are looking to do something special, this looks like the perfect combination! Take me will you? ;-).

  • ART TOUR: Vasari Corridor tour: July 19th {Friday}, 2:30 -5:30pm. Alexandra Lawrence is running this tour yet again and I had to add this to my list of events because I just think this is a very special tour for a local or a tourist – or anyone! The price is 65 euros and includes the book Art by Women.  I went myself in January and was treated to an earthquake at no extra charge! For more information on all tours and to book a place, e-mail Alexandra Lawrence at [email protected] or call 333/8689458. The summer tours offered are listed here on The Florentine’s website.

Dance: Florence Dance Festival.  Until July 27th at the Bargello Museum. You guessed it, musical shows and dance are being performed at the idealyic Bargello Museum for the month of July.

  • ARCHEALOGY NIGHTS: Le Notti dell’Archeologia. July 1-31. More than 250 events all over Tuscany involving Archeology museums, tastings, tours, reenactments and all sorts of cool events spanning Fiesole to Maremma. You don’t want to miss this! The full program of events can be found here. 

Te le do Firenze has also provided a great PDF of outdoor cinema space & the program for those who want to watch some famous flicks outside. {in Italian}.

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  1. For a cheaper 4th of July, the Tuscan American Assoc, as usual is hosting their annual event. Sadly I won’t make it this year due to work and distance from my place, but it’s usually a pretty fun time!

    1. Thanks for the link, I wanted to add this event but i couldnt find the updated information last night and didnt want to put anything wrong online. I am actually going to Lake Bilancino for July 4th, but on Sunday. 😀

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