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More Than just ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’



Ever have one of those months that quite literally felt like you ran through it like a gold medalist at the Olympics? That’s sort of how life in my world has felt since March and the go-go-go never really seems to stop as new (cool) activities pop up at any given time. I really could use any reason to ‘escape’ for a day so we decided to visit a place that I had only ever seen in ‘Under the Tuscan Sun,’ (I semi-cringed while writing that) the town of Cortona – combined with a shopping trip to the Valdichiana Outlet Village.

More than just ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’

Since we had our friend Arnaud in town, we climbed in Nico’s snazzy red Fiat 500 and drove an hour and a half to this hill-top town, past the beautiful Santa Maria delle Grazie renaissance church that I had heard so much about. The sky was a bit unpredictable that day, sun intermingling with rain clouds providing for some pretty cool light throughout the day. [see above pic for proof].

Obviously Cortona and many cities like it that have been famous protagonists in various films or novels are the kinds of places that deserve much more fanfare than ‘I visited because Francis Mayes has a house here’. Nothing against her, I’m sure she’s great and I’d love to meet her, I just hope that people really take the time to discover the beautiful area that is Val di Chiana and Cortona itself as well.

Romantic photo stop in one of the best Tuscany backdrops I’ve ever seen! 

Being Sunday, it must have been a day for bikers as the road leading to the town was covered in custom Harley Davidson’s and some pretty cool leather vests at every angle.  The town was very lively; people filled the piazza’s and stumbled into a medieval market in Piazza Signorelli, we might have stumbled into their Giostra dell’Archidado festival usually held on the first Sunday in June. You could shoot an apple with a bow & arrow, buy a leather bag or woven basket or indulge in some freshly fried bread or grilled meats. I adored being in such a busy hustle & bustle and no complaints were made from my corner about the hilly streets, on a side note, even the public bathroom was gorgeous! A place likes this further reminds me just how much I want to eat, breath and sleep the best of Tuscany. There is so much to discover and experience in this vast, beautiful region of Italy.After having a much-needed spritz in the famous people-watching piazza della repubblica, we dined at La Locanda nel Loggiato since its beautiful location literally called out our names. A fresh vermentino white wine, fig & pecorino appetizer and a simple tagliatelle with freshly shaved truffles proved a more than substantial lunch for a Sunday afternoon.

Nothing more refreshing than a spritz on a hot day


La Locanda nel Loggiato, Piazza di Pescheria 3, +30 0575 630575

What not to miss in Cortona?

  • People watching while sipping a spritz in piazza della repubblica
  • Stopping at the gorgeous Maria della Grazie al Calcinaio (Renaissance church on the way to the city)
  • Casanova Palace also called the Praetorian Palace, museum for Etruscan artifacts
  • Antique market on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Also the Cortonantiquaria, from the last Saturday in August to the second Sunday in September is one of the largest [and most impressive] antique markets with over 50+ stalls.
  • Sagra della Bistecca – Steak food festival on the 14th and 15th August

Shop till You Drop – Valdichiana Outlet Village, I like you!

It was hard to leave Cortona but we had some shopping to do so we hopped in the car and in about 20 minutes arrived at the Valdichiana Outlet Village. To be honest, shopping in Florence can be tough at times for someone whose not looking to pick up souvenir items and leather purses, aka real-life clothes. I should also mention that I’m a tall girl and finding the kind of outfits & prices to match that I like often end in frustration.

I used to just wait till I was in the states but now I have reached a reasonable middle ground with an occasional outlet trip. A plus about the Valdichiana Outlet Village is the variety, 140 different shops and some decent discounts – much less than the expensive ‘Mall’ outlet or others that cater to rich tourists.

What I liked about this place was the nice atmosphere, easy parking and variety of shops. We did our fair share of ‘damage’ which is rare since I am usually very picky and never find anything I like. Luckily for myself, I seem to always date guys who love to go shopping and my partner-in-crime Nico was pretty content himself after finding some summer shirts and shoes. We ended up spending a lot longer than I expect and I left thinking that I could have popped into a few more store before going, oh well maybe next time!

An hour and a half from Florence, I am going to make this a must-trip once a season to pick up basics like shoes and jeans since I liked this better than the Mugello outlets. Plus the summer sales in Italy are coming up in July and that is more than a good reason to come back here!

Valdichiana Outlet Village, open everyday from 10am – 8 pm ( closes 9pm on Saturdays & Sundays)

Via Enzo Ferrari 5 – Località Farniole – Foiano della Chiana (Arezzo), Telefono +39 0575 649926 – Telefax : +39 0575 642549, E-mail: [email protected]

Getting there: From Florence by car just hop on the A1 towards Rome and exit ValdiChiana towards Bettole, otherwise you can get a bus from the Arezzo train/bus station directly to the outlets.

Wish I would have ended with thermal spa dip!

The next time I make it out to the oh-so-diverse and delightful Val di Chiana, I will combine a shopping trip to the nearby Rapolano thermal springs (about 20-25 minutes away). As I have said time and time again on this blog, nothing really compares to spending the day touring, shopping, hiking and ending it a relaxing thermal spring pool complex like the one at my beloved Terme Antica Querciolaia. More affordable than many other thermal spring locations, I like the friendly staff and the fact that they are also open some nights. Plus after soaking in so much Tuscany, you deserve those few hours of relaxation ;-).

* Terme Antica Querciolaia, Via Trieste, 22, 53040 Rapolano Terme Siena

Now it’s your turn! Have you been to Cortona, Val di Chiana or Rapolano Springs? What do you think about this zone in Tuscany? I want to hear from you!

Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by the Valdichiana Outlet Village but all opinions, truffle dishes and spritz’s are 100% my own 😉


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18 Responses

    1. Thanks Diana, I am nuts for the terme too, hopefully planning on heading there soon as soon as these African winds go on their merry little way! Wish one is your fave?

      1. Hola! Well…my favorite is Premia, near Domodossola. I like it because it is unpretentious and GREAT for the kids. It is very casual. But there are still a ton I would like to see and have not. My husband likes Terme di Pre’ Saint Didier, but kids are not allowed there, so I have never been. We also loved Saturnia. I also think Ischia is fab. But we did not have enough time to hit all of the hot spots there. Ha, ha, ha, ha..get it? “Hot” spots? Ha, ha, ha….ok now I am writing too much. Errrr…apparently I cannot name ONE favorite. I guess I think they are all unique in their own way!

        1. too long macche! Thank you Diana, I am always trying to discover new places that I may never have heard about. Saturnia is one of my favorites hands down ( the natural springs not the spa)

          1. yes….for sure those natural springs! gosh…what an experience – – – AND a sight! When we were arriving from that country road and boom! There is that little house and those falls!?!? So striking! .

  1. You have just described my perfect day in Italy!! All of the above make me crazy…!! I have been to Cortona and loved people watching in the piazza. The views from the stone walls is amazing…Etruscan museum…food…wine…all so good!

    1. You are after my own heart :). I need to make Cortona a stop at least once a year, I really liked it, plus that antique festival… 😀

  2. Loved this post despite the fact that I am now starving after seeing all that delicious food. Off for some Italian cookies. Pictures are as beautiful as ever! Especially, the one of the two of you sitting on the stone wall. It looks like a painting…..

    1. Awww thanks so much Gil, I had to include a bit of a cheesy souple shot since the the sky was just so amazing that day. And yes that lunch in Cortona was memorable – mmm truffles. Now with this heat in Florence, all I can think about is sorbet!

  3. I love Cortona. I studied abroad in the neighboring town, Castiglion Fiorentino, so that whole area feels like home. I’ll be back over there in about a week, can’t wait to sketch those gorgeous little alleys and light!

    1. What a nice place to study abroad Chelsea! I am thinking about heading back there in August for that huge antiques fair.. Also an excuse to reexplore Cortona.. 😉

  4. Love your blog. Been to Italy a number of times. Cortona will definetly be part of our next trip. The pictures are beautiful. You always make me feel a part of Italy.

  5. Great post for planning a day out in Tuscany! I’ve actually been to the Valdichiana outlets. I was surprised how clean and well kept it was. I had the place to myself- there were no shoppers! Nothing beats the views in Cortona! I enjoyed the Museo Diocesano- it has some amazing Renaissance artwork.

  6. Great post for planning a day out in Tuscany. Nothing beats the views in Cortona. I like Cortona’s Museo Diocesano- it has some amazing Renaissance art in an intimate setting. I’ve also been to the Valdichiana outlets. I was surprised by how well kept it was- also I had the place to myself. Love that you’re showcasing the best of Tuscany. Enjoy!

  7. Next time you’re in the area, let us know, would love to meet up with you for a drink. We live just down the hill from Cortona. I’m biased, of course, but I think it’s the best 😉

    1. Will do, I’d like to come back this year, I felt like I need to discover this area a little more. You guys are very lucky, absolutely stunning place to live!

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