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VOGUE Fashions Night Out in Florence, list of events


This Tuesday, September 18th, Florence Italy will be taken over by the awesome global initiative – Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. While other countries already had their day – now it’s our turn to have stores stay open until 11:30pm and have access to all sorts of awesome goodies and events. I think it’s also important to note that proceeds from the event will be donated to the earthquake victims of the province of Emilia.

The full list (in Italian) of what is going on around town can be seen here. The map here. Since I didn’t see a really good comprehensive list online in English of which stores to visit and what is actually going on – I had to do something. Why is fashion always so annoyingly ‘vague?’ .  Rest assured with this comprehensive list that took over my Sunday – luckily I had loads of espresso to keep me company.

Events, products, and lots of people wearing tight pants and inappropriate-for-cobblestone footwear. 

  • Where to go? Borgo SS Apostoli. on via borgo ss Apostoli 12 at the store Gatto Bianco – From early afternoon until midnight there will be a photo corner where the portraits will feature participants wearing a jewel of the “White Cat” bought throughout history (since 1980). Also on via borgo ss Apostoli 12 is the inauguration of the ARIA ART GALLERY at 6:30pm with a presentation by artist Alyssia Lazin accompanied with cocktails and classical music. Don’t forget to stop by borgo ss Apostoli 44/46: GIUGGIU’ – ANGELA CAPUTI – they will be debuting their autumn/winter 2012-2013 collection and handing out presents so stop by early while supplies last. Their special product is a keychain.
  • Where to go? Piazza della Signoria 4, FOSSIL store. Special product : Charm Globe – shaped pendant globe.
  • Where to go? Ponte Vecchio. Just walk along this beautiful historical bridge and pop into the numerous jewelry stores who will remain open this night. Look for this special product: A Ring series called “Not Poisonous” snake silver or brass handmade by master craftsmen.
  • Where to go? Piazza San Giovanni. Stop by Piazza San Giovanni 13: FORNARINA From 7pm onwards while Fornarina comes alive with a cocktail party, DJ set, promotions, personal shopper, special guests, bloggers. Pick up their special product: A Mini Fornarina clutch made ​​of metallic leather in different colors with a chain over the shoulder or waist. awesome! If watches are your thing slide on over to Piazza San Giovanni 22: store SWATCH. During the evening new Swatch Chrono Plastic  watches with a special sleeve personalized and dedicated to the event will be available. Fittings especially for the occasion.
  • Where to go? Via Calimala. on via Calimala 11 at the GEOX store they invite you to come have a cocktail and tour the store. Next door on via Calimala 12/14: the Liu Jo store  awaits you from 7pm onwards for a sparkling cocktail party. On sale – an exclusive limited edition t-shirt featuring trendy spring / summer  colors from 2013. Discover the color Paros!
  • Where to go? Via Dei Pecori. Stop by via dei Pecori 10 at the FLAVIO CASTELLANI store to pick up a short-sleeve T-shirt featuring a print logo of Flavio Castellani Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. Otherwise on via dei Pecori 34/36/38/40 at the GERARD LOFT store will host a special opening in collaboration with Pink Memories. Available: special product – commemorative T-shirt Pink for Memories. 
  • Where to go? Via Dei Tavolini. The store to stop by is via dei tavolini 15, at the ANDREA MORELLI store. Expect exclusive offers and a fun aperitivo with cocktails. Available will be an exceptional discount of 30% on the best-selling boot of the new winter collection.
  • Where to go? Via Dei Vecchietti. Stop by the Flow store on via dei vecchietti 22 where there will be a DJ and T-shirt gift. Special product: cotton T-shirt for men/women.
  • Where to go? Piazza degli Strozzi. Stop by piazza degli Strozzi 4/6: COLLE BERETO for a very awesome fashionista’s aperitivo. Models will promote products and there will a special closing party. Special product available – t-shirt with sparkling champagne Colle Bereto logo, keychain & bottle-opener. Next door – Piazza degli Strozzi 8: the Odeon Bistro will provide its space for those participating  ‘Vogue Fashion’s Night Out’ . Cocktail aperitivo buffet will be available.
  • Where to go? Via Degli Strozzi. Worth stopping by? Via degli Strozzi 11/19: PATRIZIA PEPE store. DJ set. A Special photo shoot. Designer Patrizia Bambi will be in attendence. Campari Cocktail X-Rated. Special product: white T-Shirts with graphics and logo of Patrizia Pepe. Visit Via degli Strozzi 20: the LUISA SPAGNOLI store. Special Product: mini scarf with Luisa Spagnoli print, limited edition. Nearby on Via degli Strozzi 24: LA PERLA will feature models presenting their new collection. thirsty? try a Franciacorta sparkling cocktail.
  • Where to go? Via Dei Calzaiuoli. If you love Italian makeup brand Kiko stop by their location on Via Calzaiuoli 8 and pick up their special product: Each kit consists of eye shadow, liner and lip gloss. If beautiful scents are more to your liking, head over to Via Calzaiuoli 19 to the L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE store. During the evening, you will be offered refreshments in the store. Special product: A set of three products for the home based on lavender. Includes a scented lavender candle and  lavender perfumed oil. So up my alley! On the same street on Via Calzaiuoli 28: COCCINELLE will be offered a cocktail to all guests. Special product: Bracelet in leather with logo and metal plate. On Via Calzaiuoli 37: have a Falconeri Cocktail with Signorvino and enjoy musical entertainment. Special product: T-shirt tribute. On Via Calzaiuoli 43 at the SWAROVSKI store, live it up by being styled personally. Play with the app that allows you to mix the right clothes with the opportunity to come in and accept the advice of the stylist. If you purchase a Swarovski jewelery set, you get a free subscription to the magazine Condé Nast. Special product: discover “bangle-mania”. Available only for this fantastic VFNO evening are a selection of sparkling and glamorous Swarovski bracelets at a special price. Really special event at Via Calzaiuoli 51: GOLDENPOINT store.  They are casting real women as models and photographing them on the street. 10 girls will be published on facebook and The girl with the highest number of votes will become one of the stars of the Goldenpoint ADV campaign on the website and the SS 2013  catalogue. That actually sounds really cool. Also on Via Calzaiuoli 52: at the FLORENCE MOVE store enjoy a welcome drink. Special product: Silicone rings colored with natural diamond brilliant cut.
  • Where to go? Via Dei Magazzini. On via dei Magazzini 2/4 at the RISTORANTE & WINE BAR “DEI FRESCOBALDI. There will be a cocktail wine bar made ​​specifically for the evening. Available will be wines produced by the “Marchesi De ‘Frescobaldi.” The restaurant will also design a specific course for the evening. Special product: wine produced by the “Marquis de Frescobaldi “at the castle of Nipozzano (Pelago – FI). The wine is called ” Nipozzano Reserve “Chianti Rufina reserve D.O.C.G. The proceeds from the sale of these bottles will go away completely to charity.
  • Where to go? .Via Dei Tornabuoni. No real surprise that this street is on the list.  You must stop by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO on via dei tornabuoni 14 for Bubbles and chocolate (chocolate shoes). Special product: Shopping bag made in techno fabric with a print that reproduces colors of the rainbow (created for Judy Garland in 1938). Check out the events nearby on Via Tornabuoni 101, FANI JEWELS will have a DJ / live music and cocktails while presenting their jewelery line Fani (“Indelible” Precious sensations on the skin). On Via Tornabuoni 25 TIFFANY & CO will have cocktails and  preview their new jewelry collection, featuring 1837 Tiffany rubedo metal, the new alloy pink aurora created by Tiffany & Co on the occasion of its 175th anniversary. Pick up a special product print scarf on Via Tornabuoni 49 at the store SAVE THE QUEEN. On via Tornabuoni 9/r: There will be a “OWL photo shoot” capturing mothers with their children. The photos will be available to download in high resolution the next day on the site “Il Gufo“. Special product: Sale of a fabric bag for charity.
  • Where to go? Via del Corso. On via del corso 45, check out ROSSELLA CARRARA for the preparation of painting exhibition with a cocktail party and animated show (Mime). On via del corso 66: MONNALISA ,Floral arrangements and catering for adults and children, will have a sweet fairy entertaining kids with games and tricks and Lollipops for free. Special product: Bag Cotton Monnalisa. Want a manicure? Head over to via del corso 43: SARAH PACINI and check out their new collection FW – live music and drink in collaboration with Opi America – Light Blue Line Nail and Spa – manicure for guests; product: t-shirt + product Opi makeup. If you work up an appetite head over to via del corso 42: Ristorante il Paiolo who are decorating their tables with the colors and scents of the season. Special product: Bottle with box lt. 0.500 “Moscadello di Montalcino” nardi and themed menu. Also worth noting on via del corso 38, the QUINTESSENCE store will have a special “dark” colored cocktail along with a special product: T-shirt with lace pocket with a tag that specifies that the product is a special edition version for the VFNO  event and part of the proceeds will go to the earthquake victims in Emilia.
  • Where to go? Via del Parione. On Via del Parione 26: ROSE’S restautant will host a photographic exhibition accompanied by a special red cocktail. For dinner there is a la carte menu. Special product: Cocktail-dinner. Nearby on Via del Parione 31/33: THE BUFFALO store will host an art show featuring artists Orono Ricci and Victoria Romei.
  • Where to go? Via del Proconsolo. Head over to Via del Proconsolo 3, the GRAND HOTEL CAVOUR and discover one of the most beautiful terraces in the historic center of Florence. Exclusive American Bar at the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out offers a special event with Djset, wine tasting along with classic drinks all in a picturesque setting! On Via del Proconsolo 43: DE HERBORE store offers a cocktail with free samples of their fragrance line in the store.
  • Where to go? Via della Vigna Nuova. On via della vigna nuova 88: MARIOLUCAGIUSTI  offers cocktails and a special installation created by Alessandro Moradei in the adjoining Piazza Goldoni, made with kaleidoscopic objects.  Also a must-see event is located on Via della Vigna Nuova 15 at BP STUDIO.  The BP Studio boutique in Via della Vigna Nuova will host a demonstration in their store window of special artisan craftsmanship in use since 1959. The event will be followed on Twitter @bpstudioworld and Facebook On Via della Vigna Nuova 24 there will be the opening of the boutique Emilio Cavallini completely renovated. A new technological aspect will be the basis for the online shop.  During the evening they will present the men’s collection “cult edition”, using influences from greatest hits of the ’80s. Special product: Tights. On Via della Vigna Nuova 30: BRACCIALINI store will offer the ‘official campari cocktail – orange passion with a special DJ set in collaboration with Warner Bros. DC Entertainment to help celebrating the arrival of last episode of the Batman trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises” in Italy. Available is a new iconic  “Dark Bag” inspired by Catwoman, available in a super limited edition during VFNO. On Via della Vigna Nuova 56 check out MARTINO Midali “Art of Wearing Scarves”: A special edition of scarves in wool for the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out limited edition. On Via della Vigna Nuova 57: GHERARDINI will have the official Campari cocktail ‘orange passion” with DJ sets. Also a limited edition of the famous FLAT BAG will be available.
  • Where to go? Via Por S. Maria. Visit Via Por S. Maria 23/25: MANDARINA DUCK for a welcome cocktail and initiatives promoting their special product.
  • Where to go? Via Porta Rossa. On Via Porta Rossa 41: ALPHA STUDIO will offer a special cocktail to celebrate the opening of the new store. Special product: T-Shirts vacuum-packed & customized with our logo. For cool jewelry, head over to Via Porta Rossa 21to the store Nomination which is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the debut of a new line “Composable” –  charm bracelet bestsellers – made ​​entirely of the Silvershine Composable Collection. Product: Necklace with steel chain and heart-shaped pendant made of plexiglass with printed logo VFNO. Or head to via Porta Rossa 3: to the NAPAPIJRIY store for dyed yarn multicolored checked scarves in 100% soft cotton.
  • Where to go? Via Roma. Be cool and head over to Via Roma 20: MISS SIXTY for a sushi dinner and cocktail party. On Via Roma 15/17: STEFANEL will host a dj-set with Chiara Ferragni. Also available is a limited edition T-shirt personalized with her picture and an inscription. Special product: T-Shirts.On Via Roma 19 the LUISAVIAROMA store has this special product: A Brooch by Delfina Delettrez and a Samsung special flip cover. On Via Roma 12/16 visit HEIRS CHIARINI for cocktails on the terrace with high quality products. On Via Roma 26/28: PINKO In collaboration with Cocktail Campari, X-Rated will have a special product: Metal Bracelet metal with silver charms. The pendants include the cities where Pinko is participating in this event. cool! On Via Roma 5: The MAXIMUM DUTTI store offers a cocktail for all customers. Special product: free notebook for each purchase.
  • Where to go? Via Tosinghi. Head down to via Tosinghi 5: STUDIO5 – An event inside the store with cocktails and music. A must-see is located on via Tosinghi 14 at the MALLONI store. Check out the event “One Night, One Outfit”: the participants will have the opportunity to create their very own total look, became models for a night with a photographer to take their photos. The window will become a “live” fashion set with hair stylists and makeup artists. The most popular “look” will be voted on via their facebook page with the winner receiving a gift voucher worth 500 euro to spend at the store. Also head over to via Tosinghi 18 to the  NR RAPISARDI store. There will be a collaboration between Fratelli Piccini Jewelers and NR Rapisardi with street artists for the dissemination of Florentine artisans and the “art of our land”.  Special product: Multi-color Low boot – vintage look with or without a jewel accessory.
  • Where to go? Via della Spada. Stop by Via della Spada 34: MIO, in collaboration with Essent’ial, they will have a cool lounge area with armchairs and a coffee table made ​​of recycled paper and magic lanterns. Product: shopper in recycled paper. On Via della Spada 19 the OTTOD’AME store is featuring “SPOOL UP YOUR NAME” a special tailoring performance. Three seamstresses will be performing in the store’s window for customers. For a really unique product, you can choose the T-shirt in the store along with the name or word you want to embroider on it: you can and watch the seamstresses do it for you or pick up your embroidered t-shirt later.  Each T-shirt is unique. On Via della Spada 28: EFG GLOVES offers a cocktail and special product: women’s gloves.
  • Where to go? Piazza della Repubblica. You have to head over to Piazza della Repubblica 1 to THE RINASCENTE shop. Filled with lights and special activities, exclusive previews and products sold in limited edition in support of the cause supported by VFNO (the earthquake zone Emilia). Nearby at Piazza della Repubblica 43/45  FRATELLI ROSSETTI will host a special theme for the Vogue Fashion Night Out featuring Marilyn Monroe with an international exhibition “Tribute to Marilyn”, a project by the artist Alessandro Gedda on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of her death. For the Vogue Fashion Night Out the windows will feature a sculpture of Lady Brera by Alessandro Gedda. There will be a special corner where guests will have the chance to get their nails painted red – Marilyn Monroe style. In line with the theme of the evening, gadgets will be distributed to the public, pvc bags with printing Marilyn Monroe and the logo VFNO.
  • Where to go? Via Panzani 31: OVS Slumber Party with a DJ set and Campari cocktail ORANGE PASSION. Special product: Maxi tank top “IT FOR YOU” in four colors.
  • Where to go? Via Maggio 45: ASIA OCCIDENTALE – cocktail and tasting, meats and cheeses from the Tuscan hills of Siena and wines from Barberino Val d’Elsa – Chianti OCG first edition; product: shopping bag in natural canvas with Yin and Yang.
  • Where to go? Via dei Cerchi 1: Genten – Small cocktail for guests, and a special invite to enjoy the warm and historic building. Learn all about the leather “craft” and the family itself while watching some small demonstrations.
  • Where to go? Via dei Conti 4: UB and Via de ‘Conti VFNO dedicates the evening to fun shopping taking place in the characteristic square where people can listen to a jam session of musicians who will take turns playing, drink “healthy” cocktails and buy Eco friendly bags and plants. Special product: Eco-friendly Bag: made ​​especially for the occasion. 20% of the proceeds go to charity.
  • Where to go? Via del Fico 3: For Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2012, designer Michele Fiorentino Chiocciolini has a mini collection of clutch bags / purses of a  limited series with an exclusive design and print. The presentation will be accompanied by cocktails and live music with the designer held in the new studio / concept store, an old horse stable behind the historic Piazza Santa Croce. Special product: 4 bags of which 3 are clutches featuring drawings / prints by Michele.

*Also not to be missed: Head to the Sephora store on via martelli for free make-up lessons. There will also be a traveling boutique  “I Love Shopping Fashion Flash Farm” in beautiful Palazzo Antinori – Keep an eye out for the fifteen featured young designers each with a custom product for VNFO. Lavazza, one of the VNFO’s sponsors, asked six famous Italian designers, Marni, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, Etro, Versace and Moschino, to dress-up a special limited edition of coffee cans. They will be on sale in Piazza della Repubblica for you to buy. 

It’s safe to say that this is a pretty big deal and I will be curious to see how many people will be out and about. It sounds to me like they have really stepped up their game this year so get out your skinny jeans, glasses that you don’t actually need and highest heels (make sure and keep some flats in your bag.. ) and take part in VNFO on September 18th. After all we do live in Italy – land of fashion. 

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