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Pasticceria Giorgio: A Sweet Paradise


It’s been awhile since I’ve written specifically about any one foodie hot spot, but after yesterday’s sugar high, I thought why not talk about a place that everyone should visit at least once, or in my dreams, once a week. This weekend was absolutely my idea of perfection for staying in Florence. The perfect blend of social activities, puppy cuddles, movie watching and a fun breakfast at Pasticceria Giorgio, open since 1972 and a local favorite.

Obviously after hearing about this place over and over again, I needed to naturally ‘taking one for the team’ and hop on an ATAF bus to finally try Giorgio’s out. Even better that this outing coincided with my friend’s breakfast birthday so we could find a few excuses to open a bottle of prosecco before noon on a Sunday. I had such a good experience that I had to whip up a quick post about this to share with you all, to join in on the magical miracle of Italy’s carnivale sweet delights.

schiacciata alla fiorentina and a cappuccino 

So where is Giorgio hiding? It’s Located in the suburbs, Soffiano to be exact, departing from the oltrarno, I hopped on the number six bus in front of Ponte Carraia and easily arrived in about 15/20 minutes, and yes it was worth it. Gasp, shock, horror, I am not usually a huge fans of sweets but Nico certainly is which makes our relationship awesome, we’re not fighting over same foods. But like everyone, sometimes that craving hits, and when it does, one must search for schiacciata.

Italians know Giorgios well, a lot of my friend’s eyes light up when you talk about this pasticceria, especially during carnivale season when the traditional sweet treats start rolling out. Favorites like ‘schiacciata alla fiorentina’ a Florentine sweet flatbread, served with or without creme inside.

The only way I can describe it is that I can completely see this as an acceptable belated wedding cake of the late Maria Antoinette. A fluffy, simple cake with hints of vanilla and though decadent, doesn’t sit heavy, which are always the hardest to perfect. I also tried a sandwich made with ham and artichoke which was absolutely delicious.

Giorgio’s sells hundreds of these a day during carnivale season

Another reason to love this place is the very Italian ambiance, the wood shelves and long glass display case, with everyone clamoring to make their order. There is plenty of energy streaming in and out of these doors and they move with a sort of military precision so that everyone gets their slice of sciacciata or ‘millefoglie da applauso’  (a ‘thousand’ layered cake).

I thought it deserved a bit of applause because it’s one of the best I’ve tried, made with fresh cream.  You can find all sorts of other traditional desserts here like fruit crostata, sacher, bigne and truffles. I also really think there coffee is top-notch, I might have had a ‘fatty’ moment of ordering two cappuccini, but that was because my first one was made to perfection. Come on, they can’t be perfect at everything, can they?

giorgio3giorgioYou know this place is special because people will actually go out of there way to visit and eat there. They may never go the 20 minutes to the other side of the city to visit their friends, but they will visit Giorgio’s pasticceria.

I should mention that they serve lunch and an impressive aperitivo, also on the weekends you should definitely stop by for fish which I have been assured by friends is excellent, and not always easy to find in Florence. Reservations for dinner are a must and if you want to invite me too, thanks in advance ;-).

Pasticceria Giorgio is one to remember folks.

Pasticceria Giorgio, Via Duccio Di Buoninsegna, 36 – 50143
Florence. Website.


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20 Responses

  1. Definitely will invite you to go next time I am in Firenze,selfish reason on my part, I need help with the bus, I still get lost using the bus in Italia. Although, sometimes its fun to get lost in Italia…I at least have a few good stories to tell, plus I have met some really kind people this way.

    1. Giovanna I would always be happy to go back here, it was such a wonderful delight that a place that people love actually lives up to its name! The bus can be tough but luckily the newer versions at least tell you which stop to get off at, I ended up just tracking it with google maps on my phone. I agree that the bus is great for stories, oh my god do I have some stories..

  2. I have a weakness for italian goodies. I would get lost in this paradise. A must see and try this summer. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This is also kind of like walking into a bit of Florentine culture, you really should visit this when you’re here. I am going to try their fish dinner and report back too (it’s a hard job 😉

  3. Love this place!! Always get birthday cakes from there. Definitely worth the bus ride!!

  4. This is added to the March 2015 trip itinerary! Thanks!

  5. Really looks good. If I were to go back to Florence, I’d definitely go there. Pictures are beautiful as usual.

  6. Here is the most important question of all…do they ship to the US? I would love to buy and try the sciacciata and cannot wait until my next trip to Fierenze!

  7. Added to my July itinerary. Thank you! It looks lovely.

  8. Hi there! If we were to bus “out there,” is there anything else you would recommend doing / seeing? Or should we just venture out there for breakfast and then make our way back to “site seeing” for the rest of the day? Thank you so much! Also – you’re totally invited if you want to hang with 3 girls from your home country! 🙂

  9. Love your blog! So much helpful information for planning, we used it for our first trip and loved it so much we are coming back in about a week! I know this is reachable by bus, but if we were interested in walking from the city center is there a preferred path?

  10. I too am a Texas gal who loves Florence. Unfortunately, my husband isn’t quite ready to give up his medical practice yet so, instead, we live vicariously through our daughter, who has lived there while completing her Masters. In that time, she met a wonderful Florentine guy who she is marrying in September. It just so happens that her favorite dessert in the world is Schiacciata alla Fiorentina. So, I was wondering if you know whether it would be acceptable to serve it as the wedding cake? I would like to surprise her by ordering it if it wouldn’t be viewed as just too weird by the Florentines in attendance. (She & her fiancé are now working on their PhD’s so have delegated some of the wedding responsibilities…I got the cake). Obviously, I can’t ask either of them if it can be a surprise…I can’t ask his family because their English is about as bad as my Italian…so, after reading your blog, I thought you, or your readers, might know the answer. Thanks for writing so lovingly about such a beautiful city. And thanks for any information you can share about my dilemma. Grazie mille!

    1. I think it would be a great idea to serve as a wedding cake, the tricky part would be keeping it cool enough so that the creme part doesn’t melt. I would go ahead and contact them directly and I am sure they can help with arrangements!

      1. Thanks so much for responding! The consensus seems to be Giorgio’s for the best, so will contact them. Also, thanks for the heads up on keeping it cool. I think I have some details to work out! Again, thanks for your help…

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