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Why you should visit Alghero, Sardinia


alghero sardinia

What can I say about the beautiful Italian island town of Alghero? I will admit, upon walking around at first sight – we didn’t feel like we were in Italy. It almost felt like a mish-mash of Spain, Italy and Morocco. Colorful facades, an almost derelict elegance – all complete with beautiful sea views from any given angle. I instantly loved this ancient fishing town that is only a 40 minute Ryanair flight from Pisa.

alghero sardinia

This town has a Catalonian feel – not by coincidence of course, it was taken over by the House of Aragon in the 1300’s to be renamed ‘Barcelonetta’. It remained under their control until the 1700’s when the powerful Italian Savoy family took over. Fortified walls line the sea along with huge catapults located at various corners to scare away invaders from the sea. The owner of the B&B we stayed at told us that many Sardinians are/were scared of the sea and don’t know how to swim which dates back from dangers always lurking from the water.

alghero sardinia
Beautiful Breakfast in Alghero

 Alghero is known for their local cuisine, which still retains a Catalan influence and very seafood based {naturally}. In fact, I was very very excited to eat my way through the city as you can imagine from this fervant foodie! Wandering the old town is a real treat. Imagine beautiful, small streets with cobblestones and tons of stories catering to summer tourism. Full of red coral and Sardinian flags and local alcohol Mirto.

alghero sardinia alghero sardinia alghero sardinia

We had several very good meals in the city. At every table was special paper-thin, crispy bread called Carasau. It doesn’t have a lot of flavor but it is absolutely addictive. We always drank a simple Vermentino di Sardinia – a dry, cool white wine locally produced and if you are a fan or white wine – you will appreciate this vino.


Easy to drink and went perfectly with all of the yummy seafood dishes we tried. Our first meal, I got a shrimp and veggie tempura accompanied with a soy ginger dip. Perfectly coated and crispy and I finished the meal with one of the best desserts in my life – Seadas. Fried dough filled with pecorino cheese and covered in honey. I was in absolute love with this dish. This is the kind of food that brought me back to my childhood days of asking for fried Mexican puff pastry filled with honey, sopaipillas.

Seadas – will you marry me?

seades alghero

The first night of our trip we stayed at this amazing Hotel on the waterfront – luxury at its finest. The other two nights we stayed at a B&B with views overlooking the water that Frenchy found :-). Awesome prices, 65 euros – 85 depending on the size of the room, homemade breakfast overlooking the water and a really great, charming feel. It was an absolute perfect place to stay, the only downside was the noise at night with the windows open. Since I’m half deaf – no biggie, though I do remember hearing a singing trio of the latest musical favorites, a fight and perhaps some wine bottles being broken in mass. Just another Saturday night?

We had a pre-dinner aperitivo at the port of Alghero which is very pretty. All sorts of boats (including the ones that take you to Capocaccia – which I will write about in a later post) line the waterfront. Watching the sunset while sipping a margarita is just about the perfect way to wind down your first vacation day. We also came back for a drink at a moveable ‘lemon bar’ in the shape of you guessed it – a lemon. Classy! 

alghero sardinia


Night in Alghero? While I wouldn’t tout this as being a city known for its raging nightlife. We spent most nights eating dinner fairly late and wandering around the center popping into various shops to browse all the things that we couldn’t fit into our Ryanair carryon luggage. Our last meal was probably the best one we had the entire time (except for that delicious honey dessert mentioned earlier) in a very romantic location. The waiter {and most people we spoke with in town} was super nice and helped us pick the dishes he thought we would like.


Despite all the warnings we got about going during Ferragosto – I am actually really happy that we did. There was a really fun lively atmosphere and plus we got to check out an awesome display of fireworks after dinner the night of the 15th in the town center. I didn’t really know what to expect but its safe to say this city far exceeded my expectations. Ti amo Alghero. 

Coming soon – posts about visiting Capocaccia and Neptune’s Grotto, Stintino and the most beautiful beach in the world. Also a visit to a prison-island full of Albino donkeys {no joke}. 

Restaurants we loved in Alghero

  • Angedras (with the famous Seadas dessert and tempura). Bastioni Marco Polo n. 41 Alghero / Via Cavour n. 31 | 07041 Alghero (SS) – Sardinia (Italy). Tel (+39) 079 9735078  Fax (+39) 079 974928   |  [email protected]
  • La Sartoria del Gusto. Alghero Piazza Duomo, 3. Telefono 079 974475

Our Accomodation in Alghero

  • Luxury: Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa. Address: Lungomare Valencia, 1, 07041 Alghero Province of Sassari, Italy. Phone:+39 079 981818
  • Budget: B&B Nau, via Carlo Alberto 127, Alghero (historical center).

Also if you want to know the inside scoop of SardiniaCheck out this awesome Canadian blogger author of My Sardinian Life. She is truly a local expert and a pretty cool chick in general! I also highly recommend hooking up with the instagrammers from the island, they take pictures that make me want to scour the internet and find a flight back to beautiful Alghero!


Georgette Jupe is a 'Tuscan Texan' digital social media marketing maven based in Florence, Italy. When she's not at her day job as social media manager and content editor at ITALY Magazine, she's creating social strategies for international clients and providing travel, foodie & life tips via her blog 'Girl in Florence'. Hobbies include plenty of reading, hiking, beagle cuddles, the hunt for the 'perfect' Moscow mule and laughs with the girls.

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  • Avatar
    Gil 26.08.2013 at 21:28

    The food sounds and looks so delicious! The buildings are beautiful! Did you ever make it to the beach?

    • Avatar
      ggnitaly84 26.08.2013 at 22:28

      Oh yes! But more so in stintino.. I will write about it soon 🙂

  • Avatar
    Christina 27.08.2013 at 1:25

    I’d never thought to visit Sardinia, thanks for such a great post! What a beautiful place!

    • Avatar
      ggnitaly84 27.08.2013 at 10:51

      It’s an amazing place, highly recommend a visit!

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Avventura 27.08.2013 at 8:44

    I was waiting for this post! I’m so glad you had a great time! Your photos are stunning! I don’t re-blog often but this one deserves it! 🙂

    • Avatar
      ggnitaly84 27.08.2013 at 10:51

      Ciao Jennifer thank you! That means a lot to me, really! I am planning on writing about Capocaccia/ Stintino and Asinara as well, just must find time.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Avventura 27.08.2013 at 8:46

    Reblogged this on My Sardinian Life and commented:
    A fabulous post on why you should visit Alghero, Sardinia by one of my favourite bloggers in Italy.

  • Avatar
    restlessjo 27.08.2013 at 22:01

    You’ve got the best of all possible there- life in Florence and a holiday in Sardinia! I’m not just pretending to be jealous- I am 🙂 It’s a beautiful post.

    • Avatar
      ggnitaly84 27.08.2013 at 23:19

      haha Its a hard life I know. Just wait until I write about my apartment hunt and tax situation and yes reality bites but honestly I am very much in love with my life 98% of the time. thank you for reading the post!

  • Avatar
    Rosemarie 28.08.2013 at 4:01

    Ciao Jennifer

    Oh does this bring back such good and beautiful memories for me and my family. When we were in Sardegna, we did visit Alghero, beautiful. Also my cousins in Anela made me Sedas, because my dad use to make them for my brothers and sisters when we were growing up in Connecticut! I love, love , love the desserts! You very blessed person! Thank you for the great tips for our return! Have a beautiful day and May God Bless! Love this blog, please do more!

    The Sard/American

  • Avatar
    alohaleya 28.08.2013 at 14:00

    love it…sardinia is amazing. i’m in villasimius right now and unfortunately don’t think i can make it to alghero, but i am headed to florence in a couple of weeks so will be sure to check out your blog again. grazie! aleya

    • Avatar
      ggnitaly84 28.08.2013 at 15:59

      Hello Aleya,
      thanks for reading the post! You should definitely make Alghero one of your travel options for the future, I loved it!

  • Avatar
    scappitelli 04.07.2014 at 11:30

    Georgette, I probably did not tell you yet that I am going to Alghero in the Ferragosto period…I will pick up every single advices, especially the restaurants 🙂 Of course!

  • Avatar
    Visitoursardinia 22.11.2014 at 0:41

    I’m really pleased that you liked Sardinia, my land 🙂
    I hope that you will return again!!

    • Avatar
      GirlInFlorence 22.11.2014 at 10:04

      Hello! Thank you so much, I really want to come back, thinking next year for a long weekend or possibly even longer, I would like to discover more 🙂

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