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Fruit is what’s for dinner – Tato restaurant, Florence



Me writing about food – that would be weird, right? Just a little sarcasm to start off this Saturday morning’s post about a recent Yelp event I attended at Tato restaurant in Piazza Santa Croce. If for some reason you haven’t lived on planet Earth {in the ‘internet trend’ sense} you may not know about Yelp. A company based in America but now all over the world, and even in Florence, Italy. Yelp is a community website sharing reviews and tips about local places.

After all, sharing is caring right? 

I like it better than tripadvisor because I feel I am more in-tune with the Yelp generation and I like the fact that actually hold local events to discover new places. I have only been a ‘yelper’ for two years but in these two years – I have not only discovered a lot of really nice, new places in Florence but also had the opportunity to network and meet new people as well – all for the huge price of FREE.

c’est moi {duh}
Elide - fellow yelper and moi!
Elide – fellow yelper and your Tuscan Texan!

This event was an Elite one and included 10 tastings, all fruit based which is very unique and perfect for these hot, summer humid days. After a very long day at work, I somehow mustered the energy to shower, change and head back out to start feasting. We sat at a long ‘Last supper’ sort of table, beautifully set up just for us with Yelp personalized placards. Every dish was matched with wine/prosecco, all very very well-matched.

Also another huge plus was the bread, amazing considering bread in Florence kinda sucks. There is no salt and locals are fiercely proud of this. However, this bread on the other hand was fresh, hot and a variety. Huge plus especially to snack on between courses! The first dish was a beautiful ‘caprese salad’ with a really yummy pesto and balsamic drizzle.

The second tasting was also really fabulous {if you like fish}. A cube of salmon infused with orange zest, sitting on top of an avocado cream served with soy sauce and lime juice. Come to mama, is all I have to say. 

Like apples? Then you, like me, would have loved this creation with fresh fish, green apple, honey and something else I couldn’t recognize. I ate this up faster than I typed this sentence {also pictured above}.

Some of the Yelpers didn’t eat fish so they got substitutes. One of which I had to take a picture of because it was that pretty. Welcome to the leaning tower of Pisa, ah er — Caprese Salad complete with a rose tomato :-).

Next up? Beef tartar with more citrus elements, paired with peaches and a really gorgeous red wine that I wish I would have remembered to get the name of.

The last dish I tried {there were two more after this which I sadly did not get to try because the event ran really late and this girl had to get up early the next morning – the perils of getting old!} was a very unique pumpkin and coffee? risotto dish with a large gamberone. I truly have never tasted this before, and I thought it was delicious.

At the end, I was exhausted but I have to say, everything served was very good. It’s always nice to know that restaurants and dishes like this exist, especially in a city best known for more traditional recipes. I like a little fusion and this was totally up my alley.

Tato Restaurant, Largo Bargellini 2, 50122 Firenze – Neighborhood: Santa Croce

Another bonus of going out on a weekday was getting to revel in an absolutely perfect sunset at an hour I am usually home. Forever I am reminded of how amazing Firenze is as a city and after looking at a photo like this, how could you not be too?


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  1. You and Elide are so hot together. Ever tried doing a porno together ? LOL !
    Where do I subscribe ?

  2. Sounds so good. After reading this I am starving for fish even though we’ve already had salmon and haddock this week.

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