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An ode to the trash-bag puffy jacket


You know who you are. You could be anyone in Italy but one thing is clear, why are you wearing a jacket that looks like you strapped a trash-bag/bin bag to your chest?

Look, I am no fashion expert and obviously this is just my opinion and in jest but enough is enough! ;-).

I have lived in Italy long to unfortunately notice that this is a trend that is refusing to die. I get it, it’s cold and puffy jackets are the warmest available. I even have a puffy jacket. But I find it an offence to humanity if said jacket happens to be a ‘shiny black trash-bag’ jacket lined with fur. Just why? Is opaque not cutting it? Does shiny resonate with fashionistas in Italy? Perhaps this outfit should come next in the evolution of all things shiny.

At least his shoes are black

I remember when bright gold or silver shoes were cool here a few years ago. The kind that I would want to bounce a penny on and see disappear in a shiny graveyard. I dated a guy once whose shoes arrived before he did, and that was not a good thing. You should wear the shoes, the shoes should not wear you. 

I see this jacket even more than the long down jacket that everyone here in Florence seems to have, of course with a fur collar. You know which one I’m talking about, I think everyone born in 1980 has that jacket. They don’t come cheap either. Last time I checked in Universo Sport the average price was 400 euros. yikes! 

florence march 2013 Just had to get that off my chest, and on the flip side – Italians are 99% of the time amazing dressers. I rather like living in a country where people actually care about how they look when they are in public, unlike here. Just not the shiny-black-trash-bag-jacket that haunts my nights.

Happy Thursday 🙂

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  1. Oh god. Made the mistake of clicking the People of Walmart link… Just spent half an hour clicking through page after page with my mouth hanging open in horror!

    (But yes, I agree, the trashbag jacket is not the most flattering look!)

    1. That was me last night Sarah, it was like a train wreck, you can’t stop staring. Shiny puffy jackets (with fur) and hogan heel sneakers are just my idea of fashion purgatory

  2. Yes, the shiny puffy jacket (and I get viola is THE color in Florence, but the shiny purple ones really hurt my eyes), the huge Hogan (or fake Hogan) sneakers…. There are no words for the People of Walmart (lol) but this post does kind of touch on something I’ve noticed with visitors. A lot of people in the States that I know, anyway, are always terrified of “what to pack” when visiting because “Italians/French don’t wear JEANS!” “Italians/French people don’t wear SNEAKERS!” Oh, Hogan, how you’ve proven everyone so wrong. I find Italians usually dress better in the evening than the average American, but overall for day time there’s not a huge difference (at least aside from the ubiquitous scarf)

  3. The trend is hanging on for dear life over here. I especially dislike the ones with red and white stripes across the chest that men seem to favour. This is also a great way of spotting Italians in the UK though (that and sunglasses in Winter)

    Great post!

  4. baha! I see the same thing Amsterdam (and Korea for that matter). For a while I wondered, ‘why, people, why?’! I do have to admit that on long cycles home I do envy the puffy jackets. Or as I see it the only acceptable way to wear a blanket outside. I haven’t folded, yet.

    1. Ok, my puffy jacket is blue and plain, no shiny material in site so I say go for it as long as it doesn’t resemble a bin bag, you’ll be fine! 😉

  5. I think it’s a Euro thing in general, but definitely, when we were last in Italy in the winter they were everywhere. We had the same reaction! So cheesy!

  6. I’m not understanding this trend either, it’s bothered me this entire winter. Are sneakers with skinny jeans/leggings a ‘thing’ there too? Because it is here in Sardegna. Americans can’t compete with Italian fashion, which is why I expect more from them! Pull yourselves together Italians, keep making us look bad, I believe in you.

  7. These puffy Montcler jackets are quite warm so I am told and the height of fashion. The brand was bought by an Italian and he has since done a wonderful job of making a business around one product. The puffy ski jacket. I tried one on, but I felt it looked like I had to be a ski resort for it be right. Montcler has a store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and quite a few celebrities are smitten with these jackets.

    1. puffy jackets are one thing, ones that resemble trash bags (shiny black) are another 🙂 but hey – to each their own!

  8. since there has been a recent post on this i thought id chime in. I myself do not live in a very big and fashion crazy city, but I can see if i did and i saw expensive shiny puffy jackets every day id probably hate them, unless i had a girlfriend that owned one. I am a big fan of women in puffer down jackets, the smoother feeling the better, but not glossy sticky feeling, like latex ewww. I think Moncler is great and worth it, but some taste and variety would be nicer. The trash bag metaphor kinda works for some of the thick and overly glossy coats but not the water resistant treated ones with a sheen. AND why DO they make womens down jackets so silky and shiny, is it for appeal and attention, or do women actually really enjoy that feeling of the fabric. Hey Id love to visit Italy and have my way with some of those Moncler and Duvetica wearing girls lol.

  9. I love my Italian made puffy jacket. But it’s not shiny and doesn’t have fur. Sure keep this Canadian warm on cold Sardinian nights! Oh, and it’s Canadian tested as I brought it to Canada and wore it there during a snow storm – warm and toasty. : )

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