florence italy christmas Picture this scenario – you booked a ticket home to visit family and you want to bring a gift for someone special – parents,  friends, grandparents, your friend Steve, favorite childhood cat 😉 but have run out of ideas of what to bring as a ‘typical’ unique item from Tuscany. Yes everyone loves the wine, or the truffle oil, or the colored pasta or the multi-covered scarves from the San Lorenzo markets {big hit in my family}. But you’ve been there, already done that. Welcome to my world – the world of “what to bring” after living in the same city year after year.

The double annoyance for those from the USA is that you can literally get everything in America – I mean everything! You want a snuggie for your shih tzu, well never fear the tv network has you covered! Someone even made a blog about ridiculous christmas presents –  really, who the heck needs a “sushi panic game?”

That being said, here is my top 5 list of cool unique gifts from Tuscany to bring home. Please let me know by commenting on the post what  you would recommend, I am sure this is something many are thinking about before making that mad shopping rush before flying home. grazie!





picture from Cross Pollinate blog https://www.cross-pollinate.com/blog/571/made-in-italy-handmade-gifts-by-florentine-artisans/

Some other great “made in italy” shops worth mentioning are Paolo Carandini’s beautiful modern-meets-leather items on borgo allegri, Abacus (stationary made in the traditional Florentine way) & Francesco da Firenze shoe-maker on via santo spirito. I bought a pair of leather sandals earlier this year that I love, love, love. Also there is a temporary christmas shop of handmade goods by young designers and artists located on via de macci 81/r {Piazza sant’ambrogio area} called ‘Bazart’. It will be open until December 23rd and they are offering hot tea to customers :-). A very cool way to support locals! The facebook link is here.

*The Florentine last year wrote an article that included the rose-water I mentioned above and some other cool ideas for presents, so you can check this as an additional ‘gift’ reference.

Happy shopping and don’t forget to treat yourself to a little something – Babbo Natale would approve 🙂

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  1. Oooh handy post! Here’s my tip: on Via del Parione there’s this tiny little workshop where the woman makes handmade wooden Pinocchios (amongst other things), painted in various colours, with a spring for hanging in a child’s bedroom. They’re not expensive (maybe around Euro 10-12? I can’t remember), but most of the children in my life have been given one for their Christmas at some point – I think they make a great Florentine gift 🙂

    1. that’s an absolutely great tip, grazie! I always give kids Pinocchios as well, who doesn’t love him 😉

  2. Great job on these… I usually hate ‘gift lists’ because they are all the same, so thank you for NOT including Chianti or dried cinghiale.

    The Florentine’s list is pretty cool too. I find it funny that they included Marvins toothpaste. I can’t get enough of it myself. It’s all over La Nonna’s house, I guess she’s a hipster too.

    Besides stationary, I love the fake Florentine ceralacca stickers they sell at Papiro or wherever else. I used them for Thank You cards for my wedding. I used real ceralacca for the post-wedding Announcements for all our friends and family friends, but the stickers are pretty too.

    1. Thanks Tiana! I hate ‘tuscany’ gift lists that include stuff that anyone would know ;-). Thanks so much for your tips! I love stationary stores..

  3. We really enjoyed doing business with Baroni Alimentari is a great place to shop inside San Lorenzo Mercato Centrale. We purchased plenty of things that we wanted to take back to the USA after our vacation. We explained that we didn’t really want to carry all the extra weight around Italy. They shipped our goods to our home via Mail Boxes Etc as our son was home to accept the package. The only downside was that he did a good job on the cinghiali sausage before we got home. At least one of the nice ladies spoke English.