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Rome in November – a photo diary

why yes I’ll take a right!

Many people don’t think of visiting the Eternal city in November, when it starts getting cold but in my opinion  – it may just be the best time to go. I went for a work-related event for We held a fall cocktail at the beautiful Domus Talenti location and though my trip was short and sweet, I have to say – Rome was never prettier. The weather was perfect to the touch – not too cold, not too hot with the sun shining bright (until 5:30 that is).

Sunset view from the panoramic terrace at Hotel Le Griffe

Instead of pushing your way through throngs of tourists and sweating your way into the Vatican – going off-season may just be the only way to go. Also check out the awesome panoramic views all over Rome, I couldn’t get enough.

Blinding sun next to the Colosseum, amazing

My tools of the trade, Kindle, real book, sunglasses and passport, who needs underwear?

Scenes from our fall cocktail – the turnout was awesome and I met so many awesome expats including Sara and Rome for Expats .

Insidersabroad Fall Cocktail

Last but not least, I can’t resist leaving Roma without having one last slow cappuccino (even if this did cost 5 euros), this time with Liz – an awesome American attorney living (and working) in the city. Au revoir beautiful city, I will be back.

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  1. I agree – and try my best to visit these ‘hot-spots’ out of season. They have much more appeal when the thongs of tourists aren’t there! 🙂

    1. absolutely! and it was still sunny (I don’t know about Today). I was in Rome this May and it was just insanely crowded, I am used to this in Florence but I know it like the back of my hand and can thus navigate my way around people better (unless they are on segways) haha.

    1. si chiama “Gran Caffe Rossi Martini” in piazza del colosseo, devo dirti che un cappuccino costa 5 euro (pero era buono e come vedi, molto carino)

  2. Your trip sounds wonderful – you’ve made me jealous! Lovely photos too. Brava!

    1. thanks Kirsteen! Even if it was a ‘work trip’ I still had a lot of fun, Rome is too beautiful not to photograph 🙂

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