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Embrace your inner tourist

Embrace your inner tourist

When I first came to Florence, Italy – long before I ever decided to start writing this blog, I used to absorb myself in different blogs based here as inspiration. While now I tend to read a variety of both Italian and English ones, at the end time my Italian wasn’t so great and I was looking for perspectives similar to mine. Namely combing through stories of people who had started a new life, new job, new love in Dante’s hometown. I appreciate the local blog-o-sphere more than ever and want to share the love :-).

While some of the blogs I read in the beginning haven’t remained, after all many people have come and gone in this sometimes transient city. A product of life in a place that isn’t at all easy to actually live-work-support yourself.

Here is a list of blogs that I read on a regular basis whose words have made me feel at home, made me laugh or inspired me. And guess what, you should read them too!

  • 1. La Vita E Bella Blog. I know I am biased because they Kate & Rob are friends of mine but I also love their {read-her} blog. They are a young American family who have chosen to live and work from Florence and their blog is about their life here. I have seen them from the beginning of their journey until now – and seen the blog’s transition as well.  They embrace the Italian lifestyle and give hope to those looking to start a family in il bel paese. Well worth a read + they happen to take amazing photos of life {and their beautiful baby girl} around town! Some of my favorite blogs of her’s include her Tuesday – tech talks {I always could use some tips} and though I don’t have a kid myself, I appreciate the time and effort they take to blog about handling Florence with a baby.

  • Very well written art, travel blog & expat life by my friend Alexandra Korey.  I love her blog because she is a fabulous writer who actually makes me want to discover more about the art world in the city. She lets us know about cool night-museum-visit events such as this, cool street art in Berlin , and shares her sometimes hatred for Ataf (the local bus company).

  • Driving like a maniac. Kate Bailward is an English EFL teacher in none of than Sicily. She has a beautiful knack for storytelling and as an avid reader, I think this girl has what it takes to write a great book. Plus she has a pretty self-deprecating sense of humor which I really appreciate. Some of my favorite posts of her’s include The Motorcycle Diary & the hilarious ‘How to go Speed Dating‘ .

SO now it’s your turn! What are you reading that I may have missed? 

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  1. Elizabeth Petrosian

    I am honored to be included in such illustrious company, Georgette–thank you 🙂

    It’s also comforting to know I am leaving Florence in such capable hands: you’re all fabulous bloggers and will do her proud!

    Un bacio,

  2. Paige

    I just returned from a 40ish day adventure in Italia. 12 of those days I spent in Firenze and LOVED, LOVED it. Right when I returned I started planning my next trip. Thanks for sharing these blogs as they will keep me company (here in Texas) in the interim.

  3. lizbert1

    Great post, thanks! Just one question – where is the photo at the top taken as I’m coming to Florence in 3 weeks with a friend and would love to find it! Gerat view over the city too! Grazie!

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