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Take-out in Florence, options for a lazy night in


It used to be that when you wanted to order take-out food delivery in Florence, it was going to taste like garbage. Your options were crappy pizza that advertises like a taxi stand – and sub-sequentially tastes like cardboard. Harsh, I know. It’s just that with all the great pizza that exists in Florence, I seriously could buy frozen pizza and make my own toppings that are better than certain ahem pizza delivery companies in Firenze.

So what is a lazy girl to do ? To suddenly go on a barrage of research into what delivery food service actually exists in Florence, Italy. These are all tried and tested by moi and friends. Without further ado- Here are my conclusions:

EVERYTHING | Foodora, The Current King of Takeout 

My go-to currently (this is updated for 2017 by the way) is Foodora, an online service that promises delivery within 30-40 minutes by people who bike around town. It’s very easy to use, I can pay on paypal and they have a ton of options for those who want to order in. You can order a steaming hot pizza from Pizzaiuolo, get a bagel egg and bacon sandwich from Le Vespe, order Greek from Dioniso, a salad from #Raw, gelato from Piazza della Passera, the list is endless guys and I love it all.

Order your first Foodora experience here

 CHINESE | Xing Wang chinese take out,

A friend tried this one first and raved about it so of course after craving Chinese food but never actually finding anything I liked in Florence , we stopped by one day and wow – surprisingly, it was really good. So I picked up a menu to take home and have been ordering happily ever since. You should go by at least once to pick up a menu for your house and I guarantee (like a car commercial)  you will be glad you did!

address: 26/R, VIA DEGLI ALFANI ( near the synagogue in the historical center )

phone number 055 2639182, open every day.

**super super cheap, as in spring rolls for 1.50 and soy rice noodles with veggies for 2 or 3 euros.. try the “fried nutella” , its a bomb but I love it 😉 , delivery costs next to nothing.


A food delivery service that serves up brunch items like bagels and lox, bagels with bacon eggs and cheese, fresh burgers , fries, tator tots, onion rings, greek salad , fresh muffins.. the list goes on. I personally had the pleasure of trying this recently and LOVED it, the burger was warm, the fries were good, and t-man liked his bagel. Next time I would like to try a salad and brunch bagel yum! depending on what “zone” of florence your in , the delivery costs are cheap and service took about 40 minutes. You can actually reserve ONLINE and they will call or email confirm you. must try when you have had too many negronis the night before . website here


this is something that I have wanted to try for awhile, basically its a food delivery service that lets you pick the restaurant ( options include turkish food, chinese, italian, gelato, mini-market, japanese and pizzeria ) and they will deliver the food to your door. Not only do they offer food, but DVD’s as well, helloooo date night!

when is it available? Mon-Fri lunchtime 12-1:30pm , and Tues-Sunday 18:30-22:00, number is 055 680 0460. If you order from just one restaurant the delivery fee on top of food costs ranges from about 5 euros to 7.50 , and if you choose two or more restaurants, it will be 4 euros each restaurant, no matter what area you live in.

*** make sure to check out the sconti aka deals section of the site as they do offer some good ones from time to time..

Finally, I will periodically update this list whenever I see some good places from time to time.. other mentionables are..

EVERYTHING |  “The Food”

Another service that lets you pick the restaurant around town and lets you know if they deliver according to your address. So easy it almost seems like a fairy-tale. I recently used them to get pizza from my favorite spot Torcicoda by Santa Croce and it worked like a flash. You can pay by credit card/debit via paypal or their own online system. Very efficient for Italy, you might not be able to track your order step-by-step  like you can in the states but I approve ( open every day from 10am- 23:00)  phone number


Another one that essentially compiles a bunch of places together and lets you choose according to your address. Sgnam seems easy enough and effective, I haven’t yet used them but I am currently having a ball saying ‘sgnam’ over and over again to the annoyance of my boyfriend. I typed in our address in the oltrarno and it seems like they have a fair amount of choices (though not as good as The Food – most are pizza joints) and include reviews.

INDIAN | Al Noor, Indian rosticceria

located near Piazza Beccaria. This is a new find due to a friend’s recent discovery and it is the only Indian place I know that delivers. They have samosas, tikka masala, butter chicken, veggie dishes, desserts, flavored basmati rice, different naans and the cost of delivery is only 1.50. Minimum order must be 10 euros. I highly recommend the samosas, butter chicken & chickpeas.. this place is awesome and I order from them all of the time.

Via Borgo La Croce 20R
50121 Firenze
Tel: 055/0516183. Open Mon-Sun 12-3:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm. Website here. 


 WINE | Wine at your door (Florence south area)

This fantastic vino sfuso ” Da Andrea” delivers wine and very soon you can also put in your order online to then pick-up at his location. I love his wine, particularly his sfuso rosso from Montalcino and lately his fizzy Rose wine which everyone I bring it to loves. Check out his fb page here

da Andrea –Vino Sfuso e Prodotti Tipici

Piazza di Badia a Ripoli, 1/R
Tel: 055/6532848
Cel: 366/4120386
P.I. 06161340481

PIZZA | Pizzabike!

I have heard good things about this pizza delivery (must be a first) and I am willing to add them to my list and try it soon. They are open every day and have a pretty decent menu, not only pizza. Delivery times are for lunch and dinner, roughly from around 11am-2:30pm and 6pm-11pm. I am not sure of the delivery areas but if you live in the center or near Firenze Rifredi, that’s where they are.

V. DONI 73/R
T 055 364834
[email protected]



A brand-new company in Florence delivering snacks and drinks to your door. Why are they unique? Who else is going to deliver a cocktail party (including ice cubes!) with mixers, alcohol juice and more. I scouted out their site and they seem to have all sorts of wine, beer, cocktails, small snacks & paninos. They also have plastic cups, straws, swizzle sticks, shaker, cocktail strainer and more. It looks like you have to get a minimum order of 20 euros, and the cost of delivery is 5. If you order more than 35 euros worth of goodies, delivery is free. Fair enough! I need to try this soon, what a dangerously awesome idea!  Site is NOT in english.  tel. 055 0502606  >  [email protected]


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11 Responses

  1. Thanks for the info Girl in Florence!
    Another great place that a friend recently told me about and that I have now tried many times is the Indian Rosticceria Al Noor in Borgo La Croce. Great prices and large menu made to order. Also pretty good Kebabs/Shawarma. Took about 40/60 minutes to me in Piazza Alberti but you can also order ahead for a specific time. Tel 0550516183

    p.s. Gallo Bianco is OK not amazing in my opinion. I used to get from them a lot but then stopped a few years ago. I’ve been wanting to try Xing Wang for a while so glad to hear you like it.
    I think Il Panda is also pretty good in Via Fra Bartolomeo off of Via Masaccio. 055573876

    1. its hard to find chinese or thai food thats good in florence, we tend to make a lot of dishes at home like thai green curry ( we get the spices at Vivi Market and you can find coconut milk and basmati rice at coop, conad or esselunga ) . Xing wang is my favorite for take out but they won’t come out all out to firenze sud/ sorgane where we live… thanks for the indian place tip, im hoping to expand this list anytime a new place opens up or is tried and tested. i loveee indian food. the place in fiesole is good but is a little pricey ( and no delivery ) , ill have to try the place you recommended!

  2. Thanks for the info you’ve been a life saver! Those cardboard box pizzas just don’t cut it for me, and lots of late evenings and general laziness haven’t put me in the mood to cook much. Don’t always feel like going out for dinner, so this list you’ve compiled has really put my stomach @ ease today – to let you know, I did Xing Wang for lunch (good food, really cheap!), and am doing il panino tondo for dinner.
    Cheers, and keep up the blogs! I personally just found your blog, but I see you’ve been writing for a while now, so I shall read the archives for some info as well.

    P.S. If you like sub-continental food, I know a few really good Indian / Paki / Sri Lankan places in Florence. Nothing fancy, but cheap good food.


    1. Ciao Abhanav, thanks for the kind words! I just got so frustrated with the lack of info available out there so I had to write about it. Florence has really stepped up their game when it comes to food options so yes pizzarunner and pizataxi, take a hike! xing wang is awesome, i love love love the rice noodles with veggies! and panino tondo is awesome. I love that their food is all really good quality and they are super passionate about their business, plus you can order online which is nice. and please let me know about the paki, sri lanken places, I LOVE food from everywhere. I really love an Egyptian place called Amon near piazza santa maria novella, great hummus and veggies and bread.. ok everything is good haha!

  3. What a useful post! I’m especially excited about the Indian rosticceria you recommended – can’t wait to try that one. My roommates and I are ordering Bocca Bocca tonight since we’re all in yoga pants and it’s threatening to rain 😉 Thanks for the thorough research on take-out in Firenze.

  4. Just a good tip if you want to try the best chinese restaurant ever: “Hong kong” via Fabio Filzi 46 in Prato, there were live the biggest chinese comunity in europe.You can also visit Prato that is a nice little town far ten minutes from Florence with car.Try the shrimps with salt and pepper are great, just like the entire menu…you’ll see!!…but do not get there on sunday night is too busy.

  5. Just finished having dinner at Xing Wang. It was quite good! Not glamorous by any means, but totally affordable. I worked in a Chinese restaurant for many years in NC, so my standards tend to be fairly high. I loved that they had “gnocchi”! I was always told they are rice noodles, but obviously much different from what they call rice noodles. They are possibly my favorite food. I love the texture. They fill you up super fast. We ordered 4 dishes and steam bread. (Only 2 of us!) We brought plenty back to the hotel. The only thing that was disappointing was the sesame chicken. There was very little meat. All in all, a great recommendation! I look forward to seeking out other suggestions you have.

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