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Summer 2012 events in Tuscany


I apologize first-off for not writing a July list of events but I have been super busy with my job(s) and during the summer there is normally a lot less going on since many go on vacation and waiting on the comune to post something online can take ages. However, there are some really cool events around Tuscany that if you are in town, you should definitely partake in. My picks are below.

July 18, 19 & 20th, 7pm until late, is the Festival au desertsounds from Africa, which is back 
in Florence in a new location, Le Murate (the old prison). A real travelling platform in search of new musical maps among Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and Africa. These three days will be filled with music, meetings, film presentations, food, exhibitions and initiatives dedicated to the knowledge and dialogue among people. Among the artists are Samba Tourè – heir of the touch of the great Alì Farka Tourè – the Tuareg band Imarhane, Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger, Roman singer-songwriter Alessandro Mannarino and Alberto Bocini, First Double Bass at Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (Florentine Musical May).

At the complex Le Murate, via Ghibellina – via dell’Agnolo 19 > 21 July 2012, Free admission to all the events.

Sunday, July 22nd CLASSICA IN CAMPAGNA – A night of enchanting music and wonderful food. I highly recommend attending this event, as we went last year and really enjoyed the concert. I am bit biased because my boyfriend plays the classical guitar and though I first thought this would be a short-lived hobby instead he has completely become engrossed in playing and improving himself. This concert features his teacher Alexander Mironov who is a talented Russian classical guitarist who also teaches lessons in Florence. This event costs 20 euros and includes an aperitivo, classical-guitar concert and an abundant dinner afterwords.

Program: classical guitar:

G.Frescobaldi – Aria della Frescobalda (review by G. Del Vescovo).
J.S.Bach – from Suite No. 1 (1007), trascriz. A.Mironov.
M.Giuliani – Variations on the original Russian.
A.Mironov – Dipinto su carta di riso-Painted on rice paper.

Russian guitar:
S. Orechov – Variations of Bulachov “Not detare memories.”
M.Vysotskij – Ah, you màtushka ( Russian folk theme).
A.Sichra – It is really the flight ( Russian folk theme).
PITciajkovskij – October (transcription by A. Mironov).
Auguste Durand – Waltz Op. 83 (trascriz. of Yur’ev).
………………………………………….. ………………
white sangria, non-alcoholic aperitif, various snack items, stuffed breads, cream of eggplant, potato duchess.
After the concert:
Avena, onions and saffron soup, pasta al forno (oven-baked pasta). Cooked zucchini flavored with mint, padello (Marche dish filled with vegetables and herbs and bread from the oven). Nectarines with fragrant rice pudding,
The weather will be cool so they suggest bringing a light jacket or sweater.

Address: Casa della Pergola, via di Pescina 2450, Vaglia (FI) Italy. Time: 6:30pm. To reserve a place, please call +39 055 40 74 32 , +39 338 12 84 044

Going on this July (and August) is a series of summer film-festivals in a variety of open-air venues around town. The full list can be found hereI adore film festivals so I hope to attend a few of these myself.

July 20-August 6th, Tutto Dante – Roberto Benigni is back to recite Dante’s Divine Comedy in Piazza Sante Croce. We are lucky to have one of Tuscany’s most famous comedic film stars in town to give us a bit of a culture with a voice that could be only his. Tickets start at 17 euros a pop and they are sure to be worth it if you haven’t already seen this show.

August 10, Calici di Stelle – Wine under the stars                 An annual wine-lovers event to celebrate the night of the falling stars, or “tears” of San Lorenzo. This is an event promoted by the Movimento Turismo del Vino e Città del Vino, this night is expected to be one of the most beautiful nights of the year with people spilling out in Italy’s piazza’s with a glass of wine and will include live Jazz music, classical music, Tuscan specialties, theater, wine tasting & fireworks. At midnight, as per tradition, beautiful paper lanterns will be released in the darkness. I can’t wait!  Participating towns in Tuscany include: Gaiole in Chianti, Montespertoli, Vinci, San Gimignano, Siena, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Rapolano Terme (many more listed on the above link).

I will continue to add events as I see them posted or if I find them particularly interesting so check back periodically if you are in town and are looking for something interesting to do. I am very disappointed that there is nothing going at the Fortezza di Basso – normally they have concerts, hookahs, open-air bars, and international food stands yet I fear this year, for some idiotic reason, is just not going to happen. Way to go Comune di Firenze! Can you smell the sarcasm?

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  1. We will be in town Aug 16-18. Please let us know if any special events at this time.

    1. Uncle Chuck! Of course I will let you know. First off for a cool evening out make sure to stop by this place
      Las Palmas (outdoor restaurant with entertainment)
      Music, theatre, cinema
      2012-04-28 / 2012-09-09
      An event every evening at 9.30pm
      Restaurant and pizza restaurant open every evening until 11pm
      Aperitif at 6.30pm
      Bookings for tables: 366.1788656


      Largo Annigoni Piazza Ghiberti
      Piazza Ghiberti
      50121 Florence

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