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Brunch delivered to you in Florence, Italy

brunch in florence

Who doesn’t love brunch? The musing of both breakfast and lunch is a beautiful concept born in the US of A  and I enjoyed many throughout the years even if the word itself kind of annoys me. It can be found in Florence though normally is very overpriced or too crowded to actually go on ‘brunch’ day – Sunday. I recently discovered via the Yelp Firenze community manager Kristina, that apparently brunch can now be delivered to your house…. in Firenze!

No not your average food-delivery — but rather Gnammo, the ‘Brunch a Domicilio’ team will come to your house and make brunch for you and your friends.

Um ok, that sounds amazing!

Yesterday Gnammo invited a few of us to their house to show us how this service works. Basically what they do is provide a cooking show for customers who first pick out a menu, they do the shopping, they cook the food – you watch the show, sit back, relax and stuff your face. Very cool, and I could see where this would definitely come in handy in the future.

We showed up around 11:30 and chatted with Massimiliano Villani and Samuele Guidi, the great minds {and cooks} behind this unique idea. They believe in providing a yummy 0km experience with classic American favorites such as pancakes, muffins, bagels with eggs & bacon, quiche, cupcakes and of course mimosas! 

© Ilaria Costanzo (Facebook page for Brunchadomicilio)

I got to meet some cool Italian bloggers and besides talking about food {my favorite topic}, work, life in Italy we began our culinary experience with pancakes slathered with frutta di bosco {mixed berries} with a twist. They were simply, awesome. No need for overpriced-in-Florence maple syrup when you can slather them with fresh marmalade and call it a day. Next we had a personal favorite of mine, fresh bagels stuffed with egg & bacon. You just can’t go wrong with that combination.

gnammo firenze brunch

gnammo brunch 201

Everything was really tasty and if I had to add anything to the menu – I would probably throw in a breakfast taco or two – for my Texas roots of course. A little chorizo & egg, beans and cheese, or fresh avocado, ok I’ll stop now.

You can check out another post about the day here [in Italian], and if you do use them, invite me over if you have trouble finishing everything ;-). With new services like this, it only shows me how much Florence is starting to ‘get with the times’ which always makes this girl happy.

Buon Appetito tutti! 

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0 Comment

  1. Avatar
    11.04.2013 at 14:08

    Only one comment. You can never do without maple syrup.
    #IamCanadian (when i want to be)

    1. Avatar
      11.04.2013 at 14:33

      Last time I bought maple syrup in Florence, it was called Vermont from Canada and cost almost 9 euros. Blasphemy! but yes, I also love maple syrup – who am I kidding?!

      btw your #iamcanadian (when I want to be) made me laugh out loud. SAME HERE! (but American)

      1. Avatar
        11.04.2013 at 17:33

        I actually bring maple syrup back with me from the States…lol. Although it’s getting harder to find real maple syrup as opposed to Aunt Jemima “maple flavored high fructose corn SYRUP” and all the others just like it. Anyway, thanks for the info and link, this looks amazing!

        1. Avatar
          11.04.2013 at 17:42

          Ahh Aunt jemima – ‘maple FLAVOR high fructose corn syrup’ is sooooo not maple syrup. I use to eat karo.. 😉

      2. Avatar
        28.05.2014 at 1:02

        Where can I buy maple syrup in Florence? I don’t mind the 9 euros… I just need my maple shot! 🙂

        1. Avatar
          28.05.2014 at 1:14

          Try vivi market or pegna Ruth!

  2. Avatar
    11.04.2013 at 22:53

    Yeah, I forget the brand I buy, it’s on the costlier side (but not 9 euros, lol) from Wegmans, which I think is a Northeast chain of supermarkets (?) The plus side is they sell it in a plastic container so it’s easier to transport, at least. sigh.