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  1. Gina Baxter

    Central Park isn’t open anymore! It closed down this year due to unfortunate owner-related issues (he’s in jail now, so says the rumor mill).

    • ggnitaly84

      no way?! seriously! so they are not opening this year at all? That would be truly a tragedy! :(

  2. paul

    Does flo open during October. Some sites say it is closed after september .

    • ggnitaly84

      it really depends on the weather, as soon as I know, I will post something here

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  4. jcryan2

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  5. DidiV

    Hi Girls!

    If you are looking for a particular, relaxing and extra-ordinary place to experience, there’s “Mago Merlino Tea House” in via dei Pilastri 31r, Firenze.
    It’s a cultural, oriental-style Tea House since the 70′s! Far from noise, loud music and alcohol, for sure it’s not that kind of places people choose to spend a crazy night, but if you are looking for a magic and quite atmosphere and for the best tea & cakes ever, there you are!
    I tried their Indian Chai…believe me,it is gorgeous!!
    The owner, speaks about five languages, he has travelled all over the World, and gave me interesting information about tea and spices, and he also read my palm!

    Just go and try it!

    • ggnitaly84

      I’ve been there, its absolutely a find. I really like it and i always get their chai but as it can be a bit pricey, its a treat I only indulge in occasionally. That and it can be confusing to know when its actually open. thank you for reminding me of its presence again!

  6. lynnerutter

    Hi there
    love your blog it’s been a great resources. We’ve been living on Via Dei Pandolfini since February and it looks like dolce zucchero has re-opened (right next to Doris) about mid-March 2014. Since then there has been a marked increase in car vandalism, littler, noise, and brawls, so I reckon it’s just a matter of time before they get shut down again. Not sure what kind of crowd is inside that club but the crowd outside is kind of off-putting.

    • GirlinFlorence

      I think I saw that, Dolce Zucchero re-opening. Do they not have a doorman or bouncer to move people along or help reduce that sort of vandalism? They should if they don’t want to get shut down..

  7. Florentinelife.com/Valentina Wurth

    Great post. I literally get asked all the time which clubs to go and this is the best composite list I’ve found on the grand old internet. I love your blog by the way :)

    Also,that old guy you are dancing with in that picture, I literally see him everywhere at all the clubs. I like to pretend he’s some sort of ghost that won’t move on from Florence’s nightlife.

    • GirlinFlorence

      Thank you! I was pretty frustrated when i first started writing this list because I could never find anything updated! ps. that guy seems to have more energy than us all, how does he do it?

  8. Andy

    I read some shocking reviews of space electronic on Google. For example people getting beaten up by the bouncers after closing that they had to go to the hospital. And some say they were beaten up and then arrested by the police. Now I’m wondering where to go tonight :(

    • GirlinFlorence

      I wouldn’t be surprised Andy, it does have a bit of a sketchy reputation. Have you ever been to Tenax? That is an Italian favorite but might require a bus or taxi..

  9. julia

    Hi Georgette
    Great blog and very helpful for me … I’m planning my sisters bachelorette party in Florence this year on the 6th of September. She’s requested to go somewhere she can have a good dance. Do all of these clubs play techno dance music? She after some 80′s 90′s music in particular? Can you recommend anywhere for that? Thanks so much!. Oh and also any other recommendations you might have food/drink/activity that is bachelorette party friendly – (nothing crazy we’re an older group of girls), i’d really appreciate it!

    • GirlInFlorence

      Ciao Julia, 80′s and 90′s might be a little difficult to find, Italy loves their house & techno. I would absolutely make Slowly bar one of your stops since it’s a fun bar that serves great drinks and you can dance there (their DJ will likely play some songs you request). I think it might be a great option!!!!

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