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Art bar, best fruit cocktail in Florence


Every-once in awhile I really crave a good cocktail even though wine-prosecco is normally my first choice. I used to frequent Art Bar when I was a student and when I first came back to Italy and since it’s a small place on a side street, I just forgot about it. Thankfully a friend was visiting us this week and we were looking to take her somewhere special and Art Bar just popped in my mind. Fancy it is not, but imagine a place a bit bohemian, with local art exhibitions on the walls and the vibe makes me imagine Hemingway would love to have a drink here.

Artisan cocktails are the main focus of the bar, and you can order many different types of daiquiris, mojitos, fruit-cocktails, or a beer/glass of wine. The service can be described as “slow-food”, don’t expect your drink to come out quickly but when it does come, you will most certainly be impressed. They have happy hour every day until 9pm, 6 euro drinks instead of 9 euros (cocktails). Every table gets popcorn, nuts and bar snacks which is strangely addictive no matter how much dinner you ate before coming.

fruit cocktails, not just for drinking!

Open everyday but Sunday from 6:30pm-1:30am-2am. Rumor has it that Kate Middleton herself frequented this bar as a student back in 2000. Looking at the photos again, makes me crave another fruit cocktail with coconut and passion fruit. yum, enjoy!

Art Bar                                                                                                                                              Via del Moro, 4-red 50123 Florence, Italy  (Close to Ponte Carraia and not far from Piazza della repubblica)                                                                                                                            055 287661

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