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My signature dish : Chilaquilas

chilaquilas Georgette style

Chilaquilas …mmmm makes me hungry even thinking about them. Growing up in San Antonio, Texas this is one dish I always begged my mom to make and always demand when I arrive in America to visit my family. These aren’t traditional Mexican chilaquilas but just a version that I really enjoy. So try it out one day and I hope you love this dish as much as t-man and I do.

(serving size , 2-3 people )


1 package of corn tortillas ( you can find this at Esselunga in Italy “tortillas di maiz” )

1 can of tomato sauce ( or half a bottle of  passata pomodoro )

2 eggs

Edamer (edim )  cheese ( grated) , half cup (I prefer queso blanco but I normally just use Edam as a substitute in Italy.

chopped green onion, 1/4 cup



1/2 cup vegetable oil

a pinch of salt

I normally shred the tortillas in small pieces which makes them easier to fry. Heat up your vegetable oil and fry the tortilla pieces until they are crispy. I normally then fry the eggs in the same pan with the tortilla chips until they are fully cooked. Add your tomato paste and salt to the pan and set on a low simmer. I like to add some of the onions to the pan for extra flavor. After about 15 minutes (or even less ) turn the heat off and set aside, you can add the shredded cheese on top of your chilaquilas now or after, it doesn’t matter. I normally shred the lettuce while the pan is simmering.  In the meantime, get two plates and add your chilaquilas with the shredded cheese , placing the lettuce , green onions and salsa on top.

Voila, you have a tasty savory yet fresh dish that everyone will love. It definitely has made me less homesick for Mexican food in Florence, knowing that for the most part I can make the dishes I love in Italy. You normally eat chilaquilas accompanied by re-fried beans, but as this is a whole other ball game that I normally mess up, we usually leave those out.

Buon Appetito! 

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