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Firenze Cinema card.. details here!

I got really excited when I found out they are finally coming out with a movie card for the smaller movie theatres around town. Obviously this does not apply to every place                  (including the famous Odeon and Astra 2) , which probably doesn’t “need” to participate.

I feel like this is the small movie theatres kick in the “culo” to the big multi-plexes that surround the city. I am not knocking them ( well ok, maybe a little )  its just difficult for someone who does not have a car or does not want to drive 40 minutes to see a movie.. and we cherish having cinemas available ( however small ) near our residential areas in Florence.

details about the “Firenze al Cinema ” card:

This card is a VIP cinema card in which you will have access to diverse promotions, special events and discounts.. ** woohoo! If I tell my boyfriends mom this she will run and get one despite the fact that she never actually goes to the movies, all you have to say is “discount” or “free” .

The price of said card is €15.00 and until the 31 of January 2012 they offering a promotion where the  price is actually only €5.00,  so get on it! .. This is valid until Dec 31, 2012 and it is a one-off payment.

You can purchase and use the card at any of the participating cinemas.

What kinds of discounts can you expect? Try a reduced  price of only €5.00 to see a movie or €8.50 for a 3D feature. In addition you will also have..

• Personal invitations to movie premieres with directors and actors.. wow!
• Free invites to special events.
• Every week there will be a special viewing of a movie chosen from the current showings     with a special price of only  €3.00
• Numerous other surprises to discover and reserved only for the holders of the “Firenze al Cinema” card..

Participating cinemas are listed below:


for more details ( In Italian ) , check out the surprisingly informative site here

Happy viewing! I know I will 🙂

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  1. Reply
    Tiana Kai (@TianaKaiMiami)
    15.10.2012 at 18:34

    This is the first time that I hear about this! Have you used it enough to recommend it to me, now that’s it’s October!? Ah, I’m pretty late in the game. Thanks…

    1. Reply
      15.10.2012 at 20:20

      I know that the Odeon has a plan to. Whether it’s worth it or not really depends on how many times you go to the movies. We are movie buffs so it is for us but if you only go one or twice a month, maybe not..

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