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My friend wrote a great article in The Florentine a while back talking about a vintage photo booth in the historical center. Since it was only a few euros and seemed like a pretty fun thing to do after having a prosecco or two, or three. I decided to venture and find it myself. It’s pretty nondescript and looks almost like any other “passport” type instant photo booths around the city, but take a closer look and you can see that these are much older seem almost randomly put where it was. Which I am pretty sure was the point.

My German friend Coco and I inserted our 2 euros ( you need either two, one euro coins or a two euro peice , no other change is accepted ), and voila picture taking began! Remember.. this is a VINTAGE photo booth so don’t expect to “go back” or change any photos you have already taken. Be spontaneous and let it be a surprise.

You have to wait 4 1/2 minutes for the photos to print, so be patient and browse Instagram on your iPhone ;-). My conclusion? Harmless fun and it was a great way to end a fantastic day with friends/boyfriend/dog/Italian nonna…

What happens if it steals your money and you never see your photos? There is actually a real phone number to call and the guy who owns the booth will personally refund you. How amazing is that? I bet it works better than Poste Italia!

 Where Can You Find Them?

Have some fun and head on over to one of these fun booths where you too can be a goof and take some fun pictures at the corner of via agnolo and via Giuseppe Verde. I also spotted one recently on via proconsolo. The site for the fotoautomatica is here, Bellissima!

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    1. it is a pleasure to write about really was cool! a great thing to see in florence and its nice to use/do something that is not of the “digital” age 🙂 grazie a voi!

    1. they are inconspicuous but they are there! did you use it? I love the way it looks.. I need to try round 2 one of these days..

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