October Events in Florence Italy

Blink and before you know it, September is over. It’s been a fast month, albeit a wonderful one for us. I felt a bit like I had more of a French experience than Italian due to my husband’s parents visiting and our road-trip through Normandy and Brittany. But its great to be home. Sunsets arrive […]

September 2016 Events in Florence, Italy

September always remains one of my truly favorite months. It represents Italy’s rich harvest period, a time of abundance or the hope of one during a country’s rich agricultural past. The cities swell with returning Italians, bronzed and relaxed after a week or three on the seaside. Kids ready for school, the buses filling up […]

August Events In Florence, Italy

Back again we are, in the “vacation month” that is August in Italy. You might have already noticed less cars struggling to park on any given city surface, whole piazzas void of people and small shops shuttered until September. Yes, it can be bewildering for some who  might not be aware of so many closures […]

Where to Eat in Florence This August

Tell people you’re traveling to Florence in August and likely you’ll be met with a look reflecting sympathetic derision “oh, you’re staying here, huh?” one might say. For a bewildered foreigner, not accustomed to the traditions of life in southern Europe, this is because August has long been dubbed more or less “vacation month.” Its […]

Fratelli Peruzzi: The Silver Makers Of Florence

When most people think of the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence, mentally they transform into one of those most iconic of Italian locations. An ancient medieval bridge spanning two sides of a city, its arches gleaming in both the morning’s earliest lights and glowing in the nightly sunsets. The stores are historically known […]

July Events in Florence, Italy

I have to admit that these past weeks haven’t exactly been ideal. The world has not been a kind or forgiving place and per a conversation with some girlfriends this week, 2016 has begin with a sucky start. What I can say though, is that I plan on living life as fully as possible and […]

7 Tips For A Stress-Free Road Trip In Tuscany

For someone who hasn’t owned a car for over 10 years, I sure as hell love a great road trip. It’s part of my DNA as an American. Summers for us were spent piling into any dusty car my dad owned, cranking on the air-conditioning as we made our way to Florida or Arizona, stopping […]

24 Hours Of Eating Our Way Through Parma

If there ever was a reason to wear jeggings, it would be Parma. Nestled in the illustrious ‘food valley’ of Italy, Parma is understated elegance at its poignant best in the Po Valley, an area that has been inhabited since the Bronze age. While we are anything but experts after a quick 24 hour jaunt, […]

June Events in Florence, Italy

As fast as a light switch, May becomes June. It’s as fast as that really. One day I’m thinking “cool, it’s the middle of May” and soon enough the end of the month creeps up and I’m scrambling to finish all that needs to be finished. But that’s also a good time to remember to […]

23 Travel Hacks For Your Next Visit To Florence

If you plan on traveling to Florence, Italy in the near future, chances are you’ve already done your research, browsed guidebooks, pinned tips and crawled search engines. Or perhaps you’re more of the fly by the seat of your pants kind of person, “we’ll see when we get there.” I used to be like that, […]

A Guide To The Best Gardens In Florence, Italy

It’s a wonder how green places can be spiritual medicine for the soul. The smell of fresh cut grass was the only thing that made the cumbersome task of ‘mowing our lawn’ in the middle of a Texas summer just about bearable. This is not me trying to sound clever here, just check out this […]

4 Women That Continue To Inspire Me

Photo above: Susan Nevelson by Jerry Lee Ingram.  If there is one thing that every women should do, it is.. Help each other Sounds so simple, so banal, in fact is it even worth writing a blog post about? Yes, it is. For the simple fact that because sometimes people  still don’t get it. Divided we […]

What’s On! March Events In Florence, Italy

Well hello there March, you funny thing you! One part winter, one part spring — the only certainly is plenty of rain so get prepared folks. February has been a wonderful month. I was able to catch up on work and spend some time working on blog posts, like this one in one of my […]

A Personal Guide To The Santo Spirito Neighborhood

When I first came back to Florence after a whirlwind honeymoon and visit back to my hometown in Texas, I wanted to plan out a sort of editorial calendar for the blog. Most of the time, posts are generated from a whim, a sort of ‘ahah’ moment when I least expect it. Asking my readers, […]

Seen Everything In Florence? Visit These 3 Places Instead

piazza duomo, misericordia, florence

Hey you, person who adores Florence as much as I do. Getting a cappuccino from via della spada,  a smile nreaks out from your face as you realize the cacao on your hot drink resembles a little heart. That type of flirting before 10am is yet another reason to adore the simplicities of such a city. […]