Ciao. I’m Georgette, your “Girl in Florence".

I am an American born writer and digital media consultant calling Florence, Italy home now since 11 years. You’ll find me over at Italy Magazine as the content editor where we cover a wide variety of Italy-based features; news, recipes, travel guides, little-known curiosities and property ownership. My social media consultancy business focuses on luxury hotels and creating strategies that stick with small businesses that want to stay current in this ever evolving digital age.

I also work as a freelance writer with bylines in publications such as Luxos Magazine, Lonely Planet, National Geographic “Where the Locals Go” and International Living. This blog has been my happy internet “home” where I share personal finds around Florence and Italy as well as share our experiences living, working and exploring Italy and beyond.

If you are visiting for a short time, visit my pages on where to shop (I focus primarily on artisans, small boutiques and true family businesses), where to stay and what to do, these pages are all updated monthly. You will also find a vast list of restaurant suggestions because around these parts, food is as integral as air. Together with my French husband Nico who also shares a great love for Italy and our Florentine beagle Ginger, our primary goal is to enjoy life through a grand and gluttonous mission to eat, drink and experience as much as possible.

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Visiting Florence this March? Here’s What to Do, Events and My Personal Suggestions

March events in Florence Italy

There is something a tad strange about this winter so far. It’s hard to put my finger on it but its been so unseasonably warm and sunny so I know I shouldn’t complain. But remember, last year on March first, it actually snowed in the center of Florence (I was so excited) and now we are nearly hitting 20 degrees celsius on a February afternoon. Not sure what this means for the world or the ever-changing climate but I’m just…

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How To Enjoy Florence And Avoid The Crowds – This Time on Forbes!

Just a bit of GirlinFlorence news for you guys on this fine Thursday afternoon. It’s not often that someone consider’s you a “super insider” much less an award-winning publication that has often served as a reference point for your own research. I’m talking about Forbes, yes that Forbes; a magazine I grew up reading with people far more successful than I ever dreamt I could be on the cover and perhaps a few inflated egos. Well, word on the street…

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Curious Florence: Palazzo Vecchio and the Private Lives of Cosimo I and Eleonora

When it comes to tours and art and things you can learn here in Florence, what is personally most fascinating to me are the lives of those who came before. More so, the backstory of an artist, an apprentice, a lover, a powerful family dynasty, that to me is far more interesting than solely gazing at the beauty of all that Florence has to offer. I gobble up historical fiction as quickly as an al pastor taco disappears upon any visit…

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Love and Los Angeles – Finding Joy in a Misunderstood City

girlinflorence griffith park los angeles

It all started with a birthday surprise. Nico and I were nestled in a restaurant overlooking the island of Sveti Stefan in the country that a certain US president called “aggressive”. It must have been a few off days, but the country of Montenegro remained as chill and pleasant as a summer could. An array of strictly stunning panoramas, sleepy towns and stunning coastline stretching out for miles on end. Paradise in the Balkans and this was last summer’s trip along…

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Visiting Florence this February? Here’s What to Do, Events and My Personal Suggestions

Brrr.. that’s exactly how I would describe the day before February begins. I’m currently huddled at home with Ginger, the snoring beagle, as temperatures dropped this week but it’s obviously nowhere near the “polar vortex” I’ve been reading about around the midwest in the USA or well, Siberia, every year. We had snow flurries this morning that naturally ended as soon as I stepped one booted foot outside our apartment building and I was instead splashed by a speeding car.…

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5 Tips for Making the Most Out of One Day in Florence

florence italy car2go

The tickets have been book, your hotel or short-term apartment has been secured, now the hard part comes.. how best to fill your time in Florence? You have no shortage of choices in this Renaissance city the only thing that matters is how to filter in what you actually want to do. This city really does have a lot to offer and not just the usual “see the David, take a photo of the sunset and Ponte Vecchio” kind of…

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