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The Other Florence: Le Cure

Across the railway, under the hills of Fiesole, cut through by the river Mugnone, lies Le Cure – my neighborhood. I moved here by pure coincidence almost five years ago. I was about to sign a rental lease for an apartment in a completely different neighborhood of Florence, but at the very last minute the owner changed his mind, and I suddenly had less than a month to find myself a new place before having to leave my old apartment.…

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A Charitable Past in Florence: Museo degli Innocenti

Six generations of interrupted charitable work in Italy’s most popular Renaissance city, bear witness to another side of Florence by visiting the Museo degli Innocenti or Istituto degli Innocenti.   The first orphanage in the world.   While the official inauguration of the most recent 12.8 million euro renovations funded by the Tuscan region and the institution over a period of three years happened this past June, I only got around to visiting more recently. And what a tremendous joy…

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23 Travel Hacks For Your Next Visit To Florence

If you plan on traveling to Florence, Italy in the near future, chances are you’ve already done your research, browsed guidebooks, pinned tips and crawled search engines. Or perhaps you’re more of the fly by the seat of your pants kind of person, “we’ll see when we get there.” I used to be like that, until I cared about what I was going to eat at any given place. Now I am an unapologetic research queen. The thing is, without…

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Locals I Love: Anna Rose

Back this week with my next victim (interviewee) and I’m super pumped to introduce you all to a very creative thinker and all-around great gal, Anna Rose. She’s tall ( I think the first thing I asked her was where she buys pants), has long blond hair, and that kind of sharp witty sense of humor that I especially adore. Her art is incredibly varied and fascinating — I have gained a new respect for contemporary art in general since…

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26 Ways to Tell If You Are Becoming a Florentine

If you’re a blogger or writer who has been trolled, please raise your hand. I get, it happens, you work online and have your life in the public sphere – you should expect it right? Well, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Recently I got a really negative comment on the blog from a troll who I’m pretty sure changed his/her name but generally wrote me twice the same thing about how she didn’t think I was telling my readers…

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12 Photos of Florence to Kick Start Your Weekend

Lately life has been almost on overdrive, Nico and I have been traveling a lot with the Christmas holidays, from France to Istanbul and a weekend in Paris – a lot of what you will see in the blog. Of course it is a lot of fun but also a bit stressful since after all, work never stops and the internet never shuts the heck up. However, when we touch down into Florence and walk across Ponte Santa Trinita towards…

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