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10 Holiday Fails From Around The World

Let’s face it – the holiday season seems slightly doomed the second there erupts a fierce battle over the last waffle maker at Walmart during black Friday after Thanksgiving. And despite our attempts at making Christmas seem squeaky clean, Santa or ‘babbo natale’ as we know in Italy doesn’t always ‘get it right’. In fact when I saw the photo above – it reminded me of all of the awkward family photos we took in Texas often involving the jovial…

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December Events In Florence, Italy

Wow, what a month.  After over a week of wedding madness, this girl is officially a Mrs. (yay!) and breathe a little easier. All is done, family and friends had an incredible (I hope) time and we actually managed to enjoy the day without it passing by with a blink of the eye. I might sound like a broken record with all of the wedding talk, but honestly I don’t give a damn because I’m over the moon still and…

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9 Quality Gift Ideas From Tuscany

The holidays are upon us and if you are anything like me, you probably hate shopping. Today is Thanksgiving and I put off shopping for today’s meal until the very last minute, as you do! The real reason I hate buying things (at least back in the USA) is the crowds, the pumpkincraptaskness of sugary lattes that I get and that make my stomach hurt when I’m back in Texas, and well spending my money on things that I am…

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Ad Astra Boutique Hotel In Florence

‘Thus one journeys to the stars’ is the meaning behind the coolest new boutique hotel in Florence’s oltrarno quarter, an aptly named dream hotel for the well-heeled who appreciate contemporary personal touches mingled with vintage design pieces on the picturesque street of via del campuccio. Just peek inside the first floor of an ancestral family mansion that has been brought to life and you will fall in love immediately, the place has been renovated from disrepair and now offers guests a…

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What to Expect When You Visit Florence in Winter

It almost doesn’t feel cold enough to write about winter in a blog post since this November in Florence has been a sort of freakishly warm. And despite this weekend’s horrific tragedy in Paris and Beirut (and I thank many of you blog supporters who asked about Nico’s family – they are all safe thank you), I really hope that people aren’t scared to travel to Europe. The colder months are actually a fantastic period to visit Italy, while you…

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Locals I Love: Erin Ciulla

The thing about living in Florence is that it always surprises you. Not as much the beauty and art, you pretty much know that is going to be good. Instead, it’s the people you meet. The ones who defy the norm and create a creative niche for themselves, and make it ‘happen’ thus creating small waves in the future of this country. These modern international artisans quietly inspire from their hidden nooks in the city and create a new generation…

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