Locals I Love: Federico Bonechi

I am pretty excited about this week’s #LocalILove because he is a born and bred Florentine and someone who I have gotten to know better this past year. Federico is the manager at my favorite hotel/apartments to recommend people in Florence, Palazzo Befliore, which literally feels like stepping into the Renaissance, though a heck of […]

Locals I Love: Marta Alexandra Abbott

As always it is wonderful to reconnect with people you’ve met, then haven’t seen for ages, especially in a place you both love. This week’s local I love is Marta Alexandra Abbott, born in Amsterdam to an American father and Czech mother. She was raised in Connecticut and lived in New York before moving to […]

Locals I Love: Sarah Dowling

bologna italy rooftops

Locals I Love is back and I finally have the first interview of 2015, picking the mind of American blogger in Bologna, Sarah Dowling of The Italy 365 Project. In case you don’t know what ‘Locals I Love’ is, this is an ongoing series on the blog aimed at showcasing real people, living and working in Italy […]

Locals I Love: Denya Pandolfi

denya brazilian expat in florence

Florence and Italy in general, is full of amazing humans. People doing creative things, breaking out of social norms and carving their own niches in their own, unique way. Henceforth we have an interview for a Sunday afternoon. This week, I am talking to Denya, a Brazilian Journalist and blogger (who also has pretty awesome instagram […]

Locals I Love: Nicolas Pradier

This week’s local I love is someone quite near and dear to my heart, my other-half or as I like to now call him, my ‘franco fiorentino’ who has (through mild coercion) finally agreed to be one of my interviewee and I am thrilled. Mainly because I think it is more important to learn through […]

Locals I Love: Gigi Griffis

This week we are back with a special ‘locals I love’ this time interviewing someone who doesn’t actually live in Italy, but instead is an American living abroad in Switzerland. I got to know Gigi when she asked me to contribute to a guide book for Italy, “Italy: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, […]

Locals I Love – Nardia Plumridge

This week’s local I love is a new friend and someone whose way of living is something I can truly respect. Nardia Plumridge is the brains behind website ‘Lost in Florence’ which is all about introducing off-the-beaten-path finds in the city we both love so much. We have gone on a few adventures together visiting […]

Locals I Love: Linda Martinez

This week’s local I love is someone who I have known about for years through her amazing network in Rome. Nico and I stayed in The Beehive this past August for a weekend in the Eternal city and loved it, I knew I had to make Linda Martinez one of my ‘locals I love’ since […]

Locals I Love: Mary Gray & Catriona Miller

Feature Image: Photo by Marco Badiani To mix things up a bit here on my locals I love expat interview series, I decided to ask for a joint interview from two very awesome girls I know who work with The Florentine, the English newspaper in town who touch on fun subjects that reflect real reality, […]

Locals I Love – Birgitte Brøndsted

I have been following the lovely blog of Birgitte Brøndsted for a number of years now, her photos show just how beautiful she sees the landscape around her and honestly leave me a little at awe. She lives in Florence together with her daughter Matilde and their two cats. Birgitte holds an MA from Copenhagen Business […]

Locals I Love : Maryanne Day

As the weather storms, it reminds me to keep my ‘locals I love’ series going, interviewing people who have chosen to move their life abroad and sharing their story. It helps me learn even more about people I have already met and listen to their own insights and advice on how to live happily in […]

Locals I Love: Coral Lelah from Curious Appetite

This week’s ‘local I love’ is the lovely Coral aka Curious Appetite, a gourmet food blogger who is currently being held captive in her hometown of Seattle but started her love affair with Florence in 2012. She works as a tour leader for group and private food tours in Florence and Tuscany. She will be back […]

Locals I Love’ Helen Farrell

Today’s Locals I Love is someone I really respect, she has the ‘dream job’ that is being the managing editor of The Florentine, which I am sure you know about. Despite having a job that not many could handle, she is probably one of the nicest, warmest people I have met in Florence. Every time […]

Locals I Love – Meet Misty from SurvivingInItaly

This week I get to chat with none other than the mind behind the hilarious blog that is http://survivinginitaly.com/. Misty and I share a lot in common and not just our respective day jobs, she too enjoys a glass or four of prosecco, is obsessed with dogs and has a realistic approach to what life is […]

Locals I Love: Amy Gulick from The Bittersweet Gourmet

This week we are chatting with Amy Gulick from http://thebittersweetgourmet.com/. I met Amy on a recent blog tour cooking competition in the lovely city of Terni. We instantly clicked, her warm demeanor and love for all things Italy shines through her positive character. She’s one of those people you wish you would have known since day […]