What to do in Florence this October

What to do in Florence This September: Personal Suggestions

Where to Eat in Florence This August 2019

(Updated July 2019) Ah the arrival of August. For me, it conjures up the image of streets empty of Italians (for the most part) in Florence with the chatter in foreign languages permeating the air. The holidays surrounding Ferragosto, the 15th, are the time when most locals are away on beach holidays or escape to […]

Making Panzanella With Manuela – Cooking Class & Market Tour in Florence

Florence, Italy Where To Go

When planning a trip to Italy, figuring out what to do in a country with so much vast cultural heritage can be quite intimidating. The simple question, What to do in Florence? Can be more complicated than it seems. It may seem completely normal to visit three museums in one day in Florence, but truth […]

Where To Get A Drink In Florence

My list of nightlife venues in Florence could not be fully realized without options for chill wine bars and live music venues especially since, like me – many people are past the clubbing phase and just want a fun place to go out and have a few drinks to unwind after work. Luckily there really […]

Where to Stay in Florence

When it comes to staying in Florence, you have plenty of choices in regards to accommodation. While this Renaissance city maintains a jewel-like historical center, much of the pretty palazzi around you are home to hotels, bed & breakfasts, luxury boutique hotels, pensione, short-term rentals, hostels, all beckoning at those who visit the city, so […]


Hey all, and welcome to my personal blog featuring this American girl, Georgette, living and working between Zug Switzerland and Florence, Italy. This space is primarily used to share about my life abroad, offering helpful tips in regards to adjusting overseas, our travels, plus a generous helping of lifestyle and food tips. A little personal background. I was […]

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry: Tips From a Local

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” – Paul Prudhomme Of course if you haven’t already guessed, I am a glutton for great food and good drinks. Enjoy! WHERE TO EAT IN FLORENCE Here you will find my best lists on restaurants, aperitivo, coffee, pizza, fine-dining, options for big groups, budget spots in […]

Visiting Florence this April? Here’s What to Do, Events and My Personal Suggestions

April, oh hear we are you sly dog!  Just like that, we’re here in the midst of Spring in Florence, April is typically associated with the Easter Holiday (April 21st) and “Pasquetta” (Little Easter, the Monday after) which this month arrives a little later. It feels like the city has doubled in terms of visitors and […]

Visiting Florence this March? Here’s What to Do, Events and My Personal Suggestions

March events in Florence Italy

There is something a tad strange about this winter so far. It’s hard to put my finger on it but its been so unseasonably warm and sunny so I know I shouldn’t complain. But remember, last year on March first, it actually snowed in the center of Florence (I was so excited) and now we […]

Visiting Florence this February 2019? Here’s What to Do, Events and My Personal Suggestions

Brrr.. that’s exactly how I would describe the day before February begins. I’m currently huddled at home with Ginger, the snoring beagle, as temperatures dropped this week but it’s obviously nowhere near the “polar vortex” I’ve been reading about around the midwest in the USA or well, Siberia, every year. We had snow flurries this […]

5 Tips for Making the Most Out of One Day in Florence

florence italy car2go

The tickets have been book, your hotel or short-term apartment has been secured, now the hard part comes.. how best to fill your time in Florence? You have no shortage of choices in this Renaissance city the only thing that matters is how to filter in what you actually want to do. This city really […]

Made in Italy: Top Gifts from Tuscany For the Holidays

Made in Italy

It’s that time of year again when I try to stop procrastinating and get my holiday shopping done in advance before the stress of the holidays truly kicks in. Our plans this year are to head to Los Angeles for a quick five-day trip to celebrate the marriage of one of my best friends before heading […]

Cuoiofficine – Two Florentine Brothers Blend Tradition and Innovation in Leather Accessories

As we inch ever more towards the holiday season (how did that happen) I’m inspired to focus more this week on quality gifts that you can actually own for a lifetime. Ones that help preserve a craft, that give jobs to the community, that actually brings substance to a label instead of solely to be […]