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9 Reasons To Visit Carrara

Fortitudo mea in rota Latin for “My force is in the wheel” – the quote of Carrara, a town most famous for its legendary marble quarries used to build the Pantheon and Trajan’s Column in Rome, and a place with over 2,000 years of history. Also known as the birthplace of  luxury bathrooms and where artists like Michelangelo got the marble to create masterpieces you ‘might’ have heard about like you know, The David. Marble from this area can be spotted in…

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24 Hour Staycation At The Hotel Savoy

A little more than three year’s ago, Nico and I were just two friends, awkwardly navigating the transition between platonic besties to something more, which was an exciting, yet scary time. Our first kiss happened after a pizza with friends at Vico del Carmine, I didn’t want to go alone since all of my friends were in couples and Nico was my obvious partner-in-crime. An intelligent guy who could carry conversation and drink his weight in wine. After plenty of…

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Cooking In Tuscany With Jul’s Kitchen

Tuscan cooking classes

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” – J.R.R. Tolkien If I could imagine the perfect day in Tuscany, it would include the following elements, good friends, nice scenery and great food, growing up very much what you would describe as a ‘girl’s girl’ I cherish and value my female friendships. To nurture a lasting friendship, you have to put in the work, not always be quick to…

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7 Areas of Tuscany That Deserve a Closer Look

As people are planning their vacations this spring in Tuscany, I imagine they are picturing the same places we all love and likely recognize, oh you know our favorite towns of Chianti, the rolling hills of Val’ D’Orcia and the ripe cheese of Pienza. We want to be inspired, we want to play, we want to drink wine and eat too much pasta. I get it, this is why I live here too. Especially lately, I have been discovering that…

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What’s New In Italy in 2015

I am always curious to see what’s new around the incredibly diverse country we call Italy, which is why I really wanted to write a post about what’s new this year around the boot. In addition to my monthly events post, hopefully this will help the way people plan their 2015 vacation with a bit more awareness of all the innovative new offerings there is to offer. Also because I tend to forget everything, writing it down helps me remember better.…

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Budget Tuscany Tours in Lunigiana

I remember having a conversation with a friend a few years ago where chatted about what to do in Tuscany, I admitted to her that I thought tours in Italy were too expensive for the average person. Bike tours, Vespa tours, horseback riding all around 70-100 euros per person which are out of reach for many people I know. That being said, after living here as long as I have, I get that sometimes you have to look a little…

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