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Why I’ll Never Forget The Czech City of Telč

I’ll never forget the day of June 24th, 2016.   Nico and I were in a cute and spacious apartment in the picturesque town of Telč, nestled on the border of Monrovia and Bohemia in Czechia, just under a two hour drive from Prague. It’s the kind of place you imagine cornered in a Disney-world kingdom, complete with colorful architecture and tranquil small ponds surrounding the town. You know, where happy Czech people sing folk songs while offering you huge pints…

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FAQ On Working And Salaries in Italy That I Get On The Blog

No-one comes to Italy to make money, you come here because you like the lifestyle. And without sounding like a ‘I drank the juice cliche’ life in Italy is extremely appealing on so many levels — I am not benign to the benefits of living in a European country that typically has decent weather and where the average citizen actually knows which fruit and vegetables are in season (truth). We probably don’t help the situation by posting pretty pictures on…

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Illegal to Date a Street Artist? Apparently So in Japan

I wasn’t planning to write a post like this, mainly because you would hope to not be compelled to but since I have a high esteem for the work of street artist Clet Abraham, his wonderful partner, and the people he works with that have become friends. I had to share this ongoing story that we still don’t know the ending to. Clet’s work using peelable stickers to modify urban street signs are pretty famous in Florence and around the world,…

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A Night at the Synagogue

Look at any panoramic photo showcasing the impressive skyline of Florence and likely you will spot the turquoise top of the great Synagogue, located near Piazza dell’ Azeglio near the Sant’ Ambrogio area of the city, a neighborhood I adore. As a student, I used to pass by this building often, marveling at the beautiful structure and one of the prettiest cast-iron gates in the city, designed by Sienese Pasquale Franci. This place is the brainchild of David Levi, the president of…

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Italy election Fever & Pope troubles

Un Gran Casino. {A big mess} That’s the only way I can describe Italy at the moment. My favorite country has been covering world headlines due to the much-heated national election where Berlusconi & Bersani faced off with a weak Monti lagging behind and comedian Beppo Grillo gaining much more than expected. What has resulted is a political mess which has rendered Italy ungovernable – you can read more about the details here but “essentially — no one has enough support…

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USA Election Fever – My thoughts

2012…. year of another presidential election in America. We headed to an festa last night at SMS Rifredi in Florence. Live coverage of the election  was broadcast along with Mama’s Bakery & American Salad Co. items for sale with fun names like “barachide peanut butter” and “sloppy joe bidens” – delicious. You better believe I ate that cupcake. As you might have already guessed I have been caught up in the USA election fever. On Tuesday President Obama was reelected to another…

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