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Discovering Rome’s Trastevere Neighborhood: A Few Finds

I have to admit, I didn’t know much about Rome’s districts until much more recently, at least in any real depth and I probably still don’t. It’s a big city, a place where most people stay in their preferred quarters and with big cities, come big opinions. The last time I visited I stayed for a week, a lot longer than normal (Florence is just an easy hour and forty-five minute train hop to Termini- hence short trips are totally…

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Two Nights In Monti, Rome’s Perfect Central Neighborhood

On my many return trips to Rome, I’ve been on the hunt to discover it neighborhood and neighborhood. It’s vast size requires that you have somewhat of a plan, the blisters on the bottom of my feet and well-worn boot heels are physical war-wounds from past trips where I would just “walk aimlessly” from A to B. Sounds like the plot to “Roman Holiday” but only if your idea of a vacation comes with multiple trips to the Pharmacy and…

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Locals I Love – Gillian McGuire

This week I am going a little further south to the Eternal city of Rome (which recently celebrated its 2768th birthday, and still looking good!). My interviewee victim is the lovely Gillian who is also a writer and social media maven who I read quite regularly. I met her on our recent Rome adventures and her husband and my Frenchy (Nico) quickly became ‘blog support’ buddies which usually means holding our purses while we snap photos. She describes herself as a…

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Weekend Break: Rome For the Third Time

Everyone loves Rome. The NY Times recently wrote this 36 hours itinerary and the timing couldn’t be better as people are looking to spring as the time to wander through Rome’s whimsical, windy and traipse romantic streets. What I love about it here, is that you can literally visit forty different times and get a completely different experience. Everything has a story and you can see it sketched on famous monuments such as Trajan’s Column. We humans are masters at creating, but…

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Locals I Love – Diana Simon

Back again with another fun edition of ‘locals I love’ this time speaking to someone I really love to read on the blog-o-sphere (and twitter) who is on top of her game when it comes to sharing tips and news all about Italy (and especially Rome). Diana manages the social media for an Italian tour company, shares her experiences on her blogs (BrowsingItaly & BrowsingRome), teaches English and plays aunt to her nieces and nephew. A global nomad who has…

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