Georgette’s guide to surviving Florence this August
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Georgette’s guide to surviving Florence this August

So you are here this August in Florence, Italy. Part of me wonders why, if after all you presumably did some research and discovered that most Italians {less though this year} escape for some or all of the month of August to various seaside locations, to the mountains, or abroad. What is left is plenty … Continue reading

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Why you should visit the magical castle of Carcassonne

Carcassonne in my eyes, is the real-life version of a fairy-tale – according to wikipedia: Carcassonne is a fortified French town in the Aude department, of which it is the prefecture, in the former province of Languedoc. It is divided into the fortified Cité de Carcassonne Carcassone was founded by the Visigoths in the fifth century, though … Continue reading


Why you should visit Saint Cyprien

If you’re looking for a beautiful mediterranean coastline mingled with some mountains, Saint Cyprien just may be the place for you (and me coincidentally). Located in Pyrénées-Orientales in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, we happened to have the good fortune to spend a night at our friend’s grandparents summer apartment. Being August, we don’t really need … Continue reading

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In Florence this August? Some “cool” suggestions

  As I sit upon my used Ektorp Ikea couch while one sad half-broken fan is struggling to keep me cool while I type, I implore you and myself to remember that August isn’t so bad.  We had the Olympics to go crazy about – in fact I just discovered this week the hilarious/bewildering sport … Continue reading