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A Walk Through Florence’s Outdoor Sculpture Gallery: Loggia dei Lanzi

Main cover photo sourced from Wikimedia Commons When I first came (back) to Florence in 2007 I was in love with the city but had one serious problem, I didn’t have any money. At the time, I was doing three to four odd jobs, mostly teaching English, and constantly running around the city getting a PhD  in Italy’s ATAF bus service. Meals were strictly reduced to eating at home, crappy aperitivo buffets and the occasional lunch with one, max two…

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September events in Florence, Italy

I absolutely love September in Florence. The weather gets a little cooler, the Florentines have returned to town and to work and there is a lively buzz around town. There are lots of events around town, cool art, Vogue’s Fashion night out, truffle sagra, harvest festivals and this girl wishes she could clone herself to take advantage of all the fun things there are to do. This is a fabulous month to be in Tuscany and consider yourself lucky! I…

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February 2013 events in Florence, Italy

panoramic view florence michelangelo

February is just upon us and according to Phil, the groundhog in Pennsalyvania we will be enjoying an early spring this year, hurrah!  As usual this year started off in a rainy, rather random temperature kind of way. It was warm and rainy, it was freezing, it was going to snow, it was cold again, then warm again. Who really knows anymore. WIthout further ado, here are my February 2013 top list of events in Florence, Italy. TEMPORARY ART EXHIBIT:…

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Osteria Buongustai – cheap & traditional lunch in Florence, Italy

truffle beans

Food tips in Florence, Italy – this is the kind of posts I really live {and eat} for. It really makes me happy to write about Osteria il Buongustai because it has been my favorite lunch place since I arrived in 2007.  While there are so many wonderful restaurants in the center of firenze, not all places are created equal. I am especially fond of various lunch places around town  that locals frequent because it’s much more affordable to eat…

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VOGUE Fashions Night Out in Florence, list of events

This Tuesday, September 18th, Florence Italy will be taken over by the awesome global initiative – Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. While other countries already had their day – now it’s our turn to have stores stay open until 11:30pm and have access to all sorts of awesome goodies and events. I think it’s also important to note that proceeds from the event will be donated to the earthquake victims of the province of Emilia. The full list (in Italian) of…

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