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11 Interesting Places to Visit When in Milan

Why 11 places to visit in Milan? Well, Like many stubborn people who have their ideas set in stone about a place, the capital city of Lombardy was definitely a place that for many years I wrote off as solely Italy’s business and fashion hub. A little flash, trendy, however, not enough of the Italy charm that I’ve fallen in love with elsewhere. Essentially, a great place to find work, a working bus, and go for fancy sushi, not my…

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Locals I Love: Elena Ciprietti

There’s some people you meet in life who you instantly click with. Perhaps it’s a shared passion, or the warm comfort of being with someone who belly laughs as deeply as you do.   Elena is that kind of person for me.   It helps that we share a very similar career in social media management, which is wonderful when you need to “shop talk” with someone who gets it. We sneakily messaging one another throughout the week when sharing…

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Photo Diary Of One Perfect Day in Milan

Milan Italy

There’s just something about Milan, everyone keeps talking about the city that has exploded in popularity this year dear to the World Food Expo, publicity for this city seems to never have ceased. Heck, when the NY Times does a 36 hours there, you pretty much know your golden. Why I was there, started as pretty much an accident. I’ll admit I have never been a huge fan of this city. It always felt a little too busy, a little…

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Locals I Love – Elena Angeli

Despite slacking a bit on my ‘locals i love’ series, interviewing cool people I meet around Florence (and Italy) – I am happy to introduce you to my latest interview – Elena Angeli whom I met via the Yelp community in Florence. A sweeter person you could not meet, she always has a smile on her face and a positive honest attitude which sometimes can be hard to find in a country where so many people have less than optimistic…

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Angles of Anghiari

I’m slightly ticked at myself for taking so long to write about my adventures in beautiful Anghiari, in the province of Arezzo. I was there during my whirlwind in Sansepolcro for the Palio della Balestra earlier this month. This small town is best known for the date of June 29, 1440 when Filippo Maria Visconti {Duke of Milan}, gave up all of his expansionist claims to the Italian Peninsula when he was defeated in a bloody battle by Florentine, Venetian and Papal…

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Locals I Love – Elena Farinelli

This week’s local I love is someone who actually was part of the reason I started this blog! When I first moved to Florence, I was always seeking out info about cool, cheap events around town and I discovered Elena’s awesome blog {in Italian} She does such a great job of keeping it up and discovering awesome {new} places in Firenze which always helps me discover the next cool place to go. Plus, she also happens to be a…

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