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One Billion Rising in Florence Italy

Yesterday I spontaneously decided to stop by piazza della repubblica to witness the Florence, Italy version of the world-wide “One billion Rising” flashmob campaign promoting awareness of violence against women. This event was started by activist Eve Ensler for the past 15 years always on Valentine’s Day. Just going myself and seeing how many people showed up was really inspiring. When I got home and did a little more research – it wowed me that all over the world – from…

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Girl in Florence published in Chinese

girl in florence chinese

Yay for fun news! After a pretty relaxing Christmas eating way too much food with my adopted Italian family and missing home, I got a really awesome surprise in the mail today. A short story I was asked to submit to a magazine based in Taiwan (with Scandinavian roots) was published and they sent me a copy of the magazine in print {also drawing a very cute “Merry Xmas” on the packaging nice!}. Honestly it was like Christmas morning for…

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2012 is the year of natural disasters

Image below by my awesome friend Erin. Hey you! Yes I am talking to you mother nature. You can just go ahead, take a xanax and calm down already. If I was the suspicious type, I might actually think the Mayans were onto something. In any case I am seriously considering having a party on Dec. 21, 2012 to celebrate the non-ending of the world. If you want to read a fun-or-scary article about possible ways the world might be instinct…

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June in Florence, my top picks

May has been a pretty awesome month, we had a great friend visiting us from Barcelona, I got yet another job, and every weekend there was a cool event. Summer never really seemed to arrive until..maybe now? Which is absolutely fine by me. With just a small hint of humidity during these days, I am already psychologically working on t-man to buy a portable air-conditioning to ease the pain. I have been writing a list of cool events around town each month,…

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Podcasts: My secret to staying in contact with the wider world

              So first things first, what in the world are these “podcasts” and how do I get them? Podcasting lets you automatically receive the latest episode of your chosen program as soon as it’s available. There is a wide range of audio and video podcasts on Itunes,  and you can take your favorite radio program with you on the move and listen wherever and whenever you like. You can “subscribe” to receive a podcast,…

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Frozen in Florence

I feel a need to comment on the freezing cold temperature icing every man , woman and child in Florence at the moment. I know someone in Alaska/Midwest/Canada/Russia is probably shaking their head right now thinking you think this is cold? But you know what it is freezing…! I can’t feel my hands when I forget to bring my gloves on the bus and well everyone else in Italy seems to be getting snow but us here in Firenze. It…

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