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19 Embarrassing Mistakes That are Easy to Make In Italian

When we flatulate, we can pray Stay with me on this one guys.. I love getting emails from people because it makes posts like this possible. When it comes to learning languages on this blog, you know I have been more than open regarding my own linguistic mishaps – this show no sign of slowing down as I attempt now a third language to further my masochistic life journey with languages. Thanks to Italian teacher Roberta who was nice enough to…

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Beware of these Italian words

When anyone learns a new language – its invariable that they will often make mistakes early on. Some are fairly innocent, after all Italian has a lot of false cognates {words that seem similar to English words but aren’t, like camera which in Italian means room.} A fun conversation I like to have with my Italian-is-a-second-language friends is all of the really embarrassing mistakes we have made in public when trying to make conversation. Example one {this is me}. In Italian you can…

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