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Permesso di Soggiorno in Italy, my experience

After a somewhat successful trip to the questura yesterday for the 65784893 time since I arrived in Italy, I don’t know how its humanly possible that I haven’t yet written about every expats place of terror…the immigration office and the process of legally staying and working in Italy. Despite all of the books and movie’s showcasing Italy to be a place where dreams are  made and visas and wine flow freely from the fountain, it actually really sucks being an…

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June in Florence, my top picks

May has been a pretty awesome month, we had a great friend visiting us from Barcelona, I got yet another job, and every weekend there was a cool event. Summer never really seemed to arrive until..maybe now? Which is absolutely fine by me. With just a small hint of humidity during these days, I am already psychologically working on t-man to buy a portable air-conditioning to ease the pain. I have been writing a list of cool events around town each month,…

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American in Italy, expat, italy, tips, tuscany, uncategorised, Uncategorized, wedding, working in italy

Updated Story of my life.. and what am I doing in Florence.. (besides selling fake bags on the street)

Warning, this post is very long I feel like in order to really embrace this blog I have some sort of obligation to provide a back story instead of demanding that people be interested in my life. I am American girl born in some random town in Texas, Grand Prairie to be exact, actually even I don’t know where it is, I usually just tell people Dallas. My family first lived in New Orleans then we moved to  San Antonio, Texas.…

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