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Piazza della Repubblica Florence

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Locals I Love – Elena Angeli

Despite slacking a bit on my ‘locals i love’ series, interviewing cool people I meet around Florence (and Italy) – I am happy to introduce you to my latest interview – Elena Angeli whom I met via the Yelp community in Florence. A sweeter person you could not meet, she always has a smile on her face and a positive honest attitude which sometimes can be hard to find in a country where so many people have less than optimistic…

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Do-it-yourself wine tour in Florence, Italy

Sometimes you just need to take the bull by the horns and make Florence your own personal tourist destination. With the recent news of my good friend Katie’s approval from the US embassy for her and husband to move to the states, a few of my friends decided to celebrate with a Saturday funday with friends, complete with wine and of course the historical center of Florence as our backdrop. The sun was shining and we all were in the…

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May events in Florence, Italy

Happy May Day everyone! While I may not actually be in Florence this May that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about you all! At the moment I am currently on a one month visit to America visiting my family and friends since I haven’t been home in a year and a half and one of my brothers is getting married in Texas. I envision myself in my bridesmaid dress taking a 2am dip in the Gulf of Mexico the morning…

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Locals I love – Amy Mancino

Today is a very special day in Italy – April 25th, 1945 {Festa della Liberazione} which marks the day that Italy was liberated from Nazi Germany. This in addition to showing respect for the Italian resistance risking their lives fighting against both Benito Mussolini’s armies as well as the Germans. In the Tuscan hills that we so much love to gaze, write and photograph – is where so many of the resistence was forced to hide risking death upon capture.  Expect…

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March events in Florence Italy

Leap year has ended before anyone can say ‘ciao bella’ and somehow it’s already a few days into March. When did that happen? I am aware that everytime I write that I sound like my parents. oops! Anyway, it’s time now to throw that gear into overdrive and enjoy the beginning of spring (and the last month of skiing) in Florence, Italy. Here is my compiled March list of events you don’t want to miss including great theatre shows, new art…

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