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On Being Half-Mexican: An Embarrassing Confession

“So what’s your heritage again?” Caucasian, hispanic..? Um I guess both..  “No you have to put something down.” Um Ok “Other” Sigh …… “You’re Mexican right, I mean your mom?” No.. I think she’s from Barcelona..  “Really.. where?” I don’t know I think some small town outside of Barcelona…  …. “Sarah…. Katie…. Allison….Dereck…. and um… George…georgetta, georgina? (the class giggles), sorry what is your name again? It’s Georgette, you know “Georgette with a ‘t’ ‘t’ ‘e’ at the end”  Ah…

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The One Thing Everyone Should Know When They Move Abroad

You are not alone.  Without trying to see like some sort of lifestyle guru or inspirational poster, I think the simplest thought or feeling is often the most compelling. I tend to get a lot of emails from you guys wanting to change your lives and move to Italy, and it is worth thinking about why you want to in the first place. Moving to a new country, one that you don’t speak the local language or know that many people…

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