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Osteria dell’Enoteca and a Recipe For Limoncello

“You know, we wanted to open a place where we would like to eat, where we would send our friends.” #NoInsalataSoloBistecca (no salad, only steak) if anything, this hashtag should make you fall in love with this place before you’ve stepped foot though the door. Over a glass of well — more like a bottle of wine with the new team of Osteria della Enoteca on Via Romana [the same location as the ex Santo Graal] and the same team…

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Il Teatro Del Sale – Best Of Florence

teatro del sale firenze

Walking inside, you immediately enter another world into the life blood of Sant’Ambrogio, a popular neighborhood with locals and foreigners alike. Teatro del Sale is tucked away on via de’ Macci, one part theater, another part buffet – half the fun is watching people around you. The wood-paneled walls are as cozy as they come, it’s the sort of place where Italians come with friends along with a sprinkling of foreigners in the foodie know. While there are so many…

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New & Noteworthy Restaurants in Florence

il gecko

I don’t know if you who live in Florence agree, but there is quite an interesting vibe right now in town. Never have I before felt like there were so many new restaurants, all with an edge on design, gone are the kitsch elements like checkered tablecloth and wine flasks to entice tourists inside. These restaurants are more about a sexy sort of minimalism, the edge lies in the details: vintage glasses, vertical herb gardens, lack of menus, more attention…

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Irene: The Sexiest New Bistro in Florence

irene bistro

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” – Katharine Hepburn   Somehow this is the first phrase that comes to mind when I think about ‘Irene’ the namesake and sexiest new bistro in Florence, located at the Hotel Savoy. A place where you can imagine Don Draper from Mad Men, sipping an old-fashioned while contemplated his latest deal or dally. While I don’t often get excited enough to write about a new place in the city,…

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Why Aperitivo Still Matters

I quickly wrote you about possibly submitting some recipes or stories for ITALY Magazine, obviously I think you are a wonderful writer and I thought this might be a fun way to collaborate. We are open to your thoughts and just to give you an example of past recipes we've published on ITALY Mag, you can check these out. Personally I like more of a little bit of a story behind the recipe or what it means to you :). let me know what you think and what you might like to submit (if you still do) and we can go from there. thanks again Amy and I look forward to reading your ideas. Have a great Monday,

For those who live in Italy, aperitivo as we say in Italian is more than just a ritual. A ‘after work’ aperitif drink with friends, to meet over a glass of bubbles or a glass of red, means you can complain about work/home/your neighbor and not be judged. Winding down the day with a little mindless chatter and a few salty snacks is more important than you might thing. Yes it is the Italian version of happy hour normally around…

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Pasticceria Giorgio: A Sweet Paradise

It’s been awhile since I’ve written specifically about any one foodie hot spot, but after yesterday’s sugar high, I thought why not talk about a place that everyone should visit at least once, or in my dreams, once a week. This weekend was absolutely my idea of perfection for staying in Florence. The perfect blend of social activities, puppy cuddles, movie watching and a fun breakfast at Pasticceria Giorgio, open since 1972 and a local favorite. Obviously after hearing about…

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