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A December to Remember in Florence, Personal Suggestions for a Great Month

December, as you might expect, is chock full of exciting markets, festive cheer and interesting events (here’s a list for all over Italy). This is why we love it. The weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the city are quite busy ones for locals looking to stock up on gifts while also celebrating the year with treasured friends and colleagues. I particularly enjoy being here at this time as the streets are sweetly softened with the…

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How to discover Florence, Italy without the crowds

Not really gonna happen, sorry.   And yes, while the headline is completely misleading, this post has a point.   I wrote it after having a recent conversation with some people I met in Florence. They liked the food but hated the crowds, with one of them saying “too touristy.” While I considered that truth, I was also physically reminded that I was in front of someone who wasn’t entirely aware that they too were a tourist. They were in…

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9 Reasons To Get Excited About Florence’s Duomo

In the leadup to the grand opening of Florence’s revamped  Duomo museum, I thought, what better time to celebrate all of the cool things you can experience near and at our most famous monument. Yes it gets crowded and you wonder when the hell down season, if there exists one, will arrive but remember — this is all for a reason. Earlier this year, I was privy to experience some of the more unique activities that I think are extremely…

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June Events in Florence, Italy

June gloom don’t despair because there are a heck of a lot of events to make this month an exciting one. June always remains a pretty special month for Florence because of the celebration of its patron saint on the 24th, Saint Giovanni, and there are so many cool activities on offer for both locals and visitors alike. Plus the month kicks off with a long weekend with many taking ‘il ponte’ or an extended holiday since Tuesday is a…

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January Events in Florence, Italy

I’m back from one of the best Christmas and New Year breaks I have ever had, basically we spent a week doing nothing in a small town in the Midi-Pyrénées in France followed by an incredibly busy week in ‘east meets west’ Istanbul. Basically my idea of heaven. While I am definitely dedicating many posts to my travels this year, home is where the heart is and in my case, that means Florence. We drove 10 hours from the south…

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Urban Trekking in The Oltrarno

Despite the fact that summer seems to be somewhat debatable in Florence these days, I thought about how much I miss using my own city as a sort of ‘urban playground’ during the summer. It’s really just too easy to lock yourself in your house, especially if you happen to be a freelancer like myself. We are all guilty of it, shuttering our windows like an old Italian nonna and hiding out until the weather gets less muggy. Since I…

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