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Vintage photo booth shenanigans

My friend wrote a great article  in The Florentine a while back talking about a vintage photo booth in the historical center . Since it was only a few euros and seemed like a pretty fun thing to do after having a prosecco or two,or three.  I decided to venture and find it myself. It’s pretty  nondescript and looks almost like any other “passport” type instant photo booths around the city, but take a closer look and you can see that…

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Want to feel “cool” for cheap? check out the “Very Vintage” fair at Stazione Leopolda

I have to admit , I am not a huge fashionista. My “style” tends to veer on the “safe” side while occasionally wearing a funky scarf ( ok I am a little obsessed with earrings.. ) and always boots.  I do appreciate vintage items EVEN if in Florence vintage tends to equal  $$$ ..unlike the markets in Los Angeles I used to frequent.. I mean honestly, I am not going to spend 70 euros for una nonnas old chanel bag…

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