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From Florence With Love, A Personal Story

I’ll never forget my first week in Florence I was only twenty-one, fresh from Los Angeles on a bustling flight with what would be my fellow students for the full academic year. Upon touch down was our first experience with September humidity and public transportation. We were put into lodging for a week in a small hotel near Piazza della Liberta, deemed a sufficient time to not only find an apartment but people you actually want to live with. I…

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When Your Love Story is Best Answered ‘It’s Complicated’

Sometimes when people ask me about my love story, I’m tempted to lie. To say yes, I came here and fell in love and that’s it. The fairy-tale everyone wants to hear. You know what I’m talking about. Girl visits Italy, is enamored by the history/beauty meets local boy, falls in love over gelato outings and shy kisses on Piazzale Michelangelo before starting on a new life together in the country of amore. Sunday dinners with the family, bonding over…

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