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Why you should visit the Toulouse Christmas markets

I am no stranger to the south-west French city of ‘pink brick’ otherwise known as Toulouse. I visited a few years ago for the first time with my then friend Nico (and now boyfriend-partner in crime otherwise known as ‘Frenchy’. he is from a smaller town called Castelnaudary that not many know about other than aficionados of cassoulet,Toulouse is the biggest recognizable city.   The first and only time I visited Toulouse it was boiling hot in the middle of…

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Local I Love, meet Alexandra Korey

We are back with yet another interview, this time by my friend Alexandra Korey. She is Canadian, an all-round communicator and an art historian. What’s her favorite drink, it may surprise you in being nature’s glory – water. I met her while working at The Florentine and we often see each other at various Yelp Firenze events. Truth be told, If I ever need some real advice, she is the one of the first people I run to :-). She works…

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Truffle sagra in Girone, the emergence of the ‘food baby’

Yes, I really did use the term ‘food baby’ in the title of this blog post. That alone should convince you that I don’t use this blog for SEO purposes… but instead as a vehicle for my twisted agenda to convince everyone to visit the Truffle Sagra in Girone which lasts almost the entire month of September. I first mentioned this annual event in my september list of events and my craving got the best of me resulting in having to…

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Making friends in Florence, Italy

 ‘Where do you meet people’ in Florence, Italy?’ It’s a subject I have touched on before but I really thought it worthy of its own post. It is true that The Florentines as people have a reputation for being very closed and I really don’t have a ton of Florentine girlfriends, more acquaintances. Instead I personally find it easier to form friendships with Italians from other parts of Italy since they too have had to move and make new friends. People here…

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Locals I Love – meet Gina Baxter

This week’s local I love is Gina Baxter – California girl turned tour guide, study abroad office assistant, waitress extraordinaire. She is a hard worker and a lover of animals, especially now that just got an adorable new {rescue} puppy! I met her a few years ago through my friend Gianna, another local i love :-). She has an incredible wit and is a great writer , plus … she makes a mean salsa dip which obviously is the number…

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Italy blogs I love

When I first came to Florence, Italy – long before I ever decided to start writing this blog, I used to absorb myself in different blogs based here as inspiration. While now I tend to read a variety of both Italian and English ones, at the end time my Italian wasn’t so great and I was looking for perspectives similar to mine. Namely combing through stories of people who had started a new life, new job, new love in Dante’s…

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