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Locals I Love – Pietro Cataudella

“Photography is a love affair with life.” – Burk Uzzle. Mix that with the simple act of drawing, then you have pure magic. One such person who blends the two in a way that I can truly appreciate is Pietro. A young Italian student from Sicily that I spotted on instagram a while back, he is part of the Instagrammers Italia community and is well known for a fascinating project titled ‘CityLiveSketch’ which I will let him tell you more about.…

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41 Tips For Studying Abroad In Florence

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What could be better than studying in Florence? Well, surely that is debatable, I am sure that there are plenty of other great places too but this happens to be where I call home. Living abroad for a period is an incredible experience and hopefully for those coming here, they will be interested in soaking in some culture (and limoncello – why not) while doing so. Florence is famous for the thousands of students, many of them Americans, who choose…

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One day in Toledo, Spain

Until you’ve seen Toledo, you have not seen Spain {a famous Spanish saying}. Ah, Toledo – I only got to enjoy walking around your beautiful cobblestone streets for one night and one morning but one thing is for sure – you certainly know how to leave a great first impression. The reason I happened to be in this UNESCO heritage site in Spain only 30 minutes from Madrid was due to it being the perfect stop during our #winteroadtrip from France to Lisbon,…

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Locals I Love – Yasmine Hassani

It’s about time for a little session of ‘Locals I Love’ and this week’s protagonist happens to be a good friend of mine, Yasmine Hassani. She’s French, fabulous and living in Florence with her boyfriend Svebor teaching French around town {including helping me – god help her}. We met through mutual friends being that we have a pretty international group which I love. Like me, she runs around the city during the day teaching various clients – we both have…

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Discovering Forte Belvedere in Florence

Famous Forte Belvedere, an impressive fort designed in the 16th century by  Bernardo Buontalenti for Grand Duke Ferdinando I with the additional purpose of protecting nearby Palazzo Pitti and the Medici family rule {you can also see the Medici family coat of arms above the main doorway}.  I have always heard about this place for its impressive panoramic views of the city but until very recently it was closed after two deaths in the fort. Something tells me its the mystery surrounding…

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Why you should visit the Gulf of Baratti, Tuscany

Ah, the art of the ponte – or ‘bridge’ which in Italian refers to taking an extra day off to make a long weekend, a not-so-uncommon occurence in the world of work in Italy. This past June, I had just the opportunity to partake in this most wonderous of Italian traditions during the Festa di San Giovanni – a Florentine holiday that falls on June 24th. Since I had that Monday off, me and the Frenchy {my very creative nickname…

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